September 22 2011

Crazy Computer Problem *FIXED! guy at verizon reset the IP address of my router or something and it knocked it up! Update in a bit!*

Right now I’m updating this from my iPhone because somethings gone nutty on my pc. I can’t access my own website. I can access everything other friggin website on the entire www but nope on mine. Can’t get into my FTP or wordpress or nuttin.

Its crazy. Have geek friends looking into it and I called Verizon but everyone is wtf… It’s extra weird bc it’s not just my computer. It’s in the router somehow because when I connect wifi via my laptop it can’t connect to

So if my updatings is worse than usual it’s bc of that. And if you have suggestions pls let me know. So far I’ve restarted modem, virus searched, ran system restore, reset my dns, ipconfig renew etc… All that mess…. Wtf!!!


S says:

Something similar happened to me, turned out my router’s IP tables were corrupt.

– Have you tried a hard reboot on your router? (unplug, wait 10 secs, replug)
– Have you tried bypassing the router and connecting your PC directly to your cable/dsl modem? If so, did that fix the problem?
– When pinging from your PC, what IP address does it resolve to? Does it look accurate?

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

Maybe it’s Chinese hackers.

YouBoy says:

Dude…tOdd, buy a new freekin computer. Pull out your old drive and have it stored on a external. Done and done.

geek says:

clear arp cache

chinbongthai says:

I have been dealing with this type of situation more and more as ISPs are preparing themselves for the full adoption of IPv6.

2+2=? says:

The Verizon guy knocked up your router?

Angry Man says:

Figures that the Verizon guy would knock up your router. I would rather try to knock up the T Mobile chick.

Andrew says:

She can’t take it captain. The dilithium crystals are gonna blow.

DAMMIT says:

You still use FTP?

Angry Man says:

Lots of people still use FTP. It is the standard in File Transfer Protocol. Stop being stupid.

Red Bull is Awesome! says:

Geez Todd. That sucks and after your birthday too.

Well, I hope you get the matter solved soon.


tainted says:

you couldve probably used a proxy to view your site, or web based ftp service

Reset router? says:

You may have already tried this, but just in case, on your router, look for the pin-sized hole to reset. Use a paper clip to depress the button, hold for 15 seconds, release. That should restore factory defaults. Once it works again, you’ll have to update the latest software on it, set your security settings, etc.

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