May 13 2010

Daily Scan Stuff

Hey I know I’ve been slacking on scanning in stuff that comes to the PO Box so here’s some of that and I’ll do more soon. Thanks to everyone who writes in and apologies for the magnet fiasco for the April Fools apology. Seems like only 10% of the magnets made it through the system.

Write me: Odd Todd – PO Box 23133 – Brooklyn 11202

Click HERE to read some scans!


Click HERE for more scans!

Good vibes to y’alls!


R N says:

Great! Daily Scans are back!


Android says:

Hey Todd, the “all the what’s happenings” is a misnomer at this point. There are a bunch missing. Like the most recent ones. Anyway. I asked about the Android deal for your what’s happenings. I’m willing to take a stab at it, but I also no longer see a link for the RSS feeds here: something that is mandatory to get those updates on a smartphone. Or, on an iPhone. But, seriously…

Crumbles says:

I started to read this annndd….


Drinking Buddy says:

Yup. Man down!

Crumbles says:

I was just on a cruise annnnnddd….

SPLASH! Man overboard!

British Tourist says:

I say. This fat chap I met at the cruise bar was nice to talk to. I didn’t catch his name. He said he was from New York. Then all of a sudden, he fell flat on his bloody face. Scared the crap out of me.

Later that night, my wife tells me that he was out taking a walk, when he tripped and fell overboard.

Good thing he was rescued.

But seriously, I think this guy needs to see a Doctor.

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