Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life in your house? I am doing fine here … my life is quite peaceful and also boring. But a lot of Factory closed here, but to our company it is OK…my boss is mad becase now he want to get more money…but he can not get it so he want to smash his desk everyday !

I open the retarant of meat with my friend. He is very capable man and so handsome. Many girl want him to be the lover but he can not

because he already get one girlfriend! The People always want to buy the meat squares for eating at it becase it is so simple and delishus to take home for cooking. When you come you can eat it.

The Suzhou government will build one fast electicity train to Hangzhou and Shanghai from Suzhou! Now China will be more better everyday.

Lets feel more happy everyday ! Even the poor farmer can feel happy !

Look at the photo !!!

The car of Suzhou Shoe company. Often my boss can sit in that car and feel more happy becase he is so rich.

The old wine bottle from the farmers. Now many farmer want to get the money from that kind of drink but the government forbid it.

The cafeteria retardant of the meats! I open this place with my friend! It is really good business to earn the money.

You can get the farmer to cook the food for you also. It is very cheap to get that kind of scamp to do it.

Another retardant …now there are so many in Suzhou you can not belive it!

The retardant Worker can cook the food and chatting to you. This one is only a fresher so his salary must be very low. Before now his job was at Suzhou No. 14 Ballsbearing Factory but then it is closed so he now he is at the retardant.

Mr. Lu can make the noodle and dumpling foods for you. He is very brave man! One time a robber try to steal the money from him and but he is beat off.

he truck of the farmer is always very cheaper to get the vegetable food. You can always trick that kind of simple person to lower the price.

You can see many flower when one store is new to open. Then everyone will want to look into that store!

The museem of the old man. It is kind of place for the Oldster to remember the government.

This is kind of mashine to make the cloth. Now we do not use it.

The man can deliver the gas on the bicycle to you so you can cooking the foods. He can get the money when he deliver it.

It is the end of my writes. Please wait for me to chat to you again!

-Mr. Deng