Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Ow! Long time did not chat to you my friend! Everything is good on my end with that baby and wive. How is your life in USA??? Do you still get that bigdog inside your house?

Tell you I am exciting now becase I will open one small restarant with one man from my factory! Now the housing price in China is downing so we can buy that!

You know the animal foods people can take home to eat immediately. Like beef, chickens feets etc… they are very delishus and people always get the hot interest in that kind of food !! That kind of the shop need to be located in the allowed residency compound. Wish me success to it !!!

Have you seen the Olimpic Paralympic opening event? Everyone is so happy even that kind of half man can climb the rope.

I put that photo here to you again. Look to it !!!!

In Suzhou you can still see many old mans that want to play mahjong or carding or smoking in this place. They are not so useful .

The 2 bus on Renmin Lu always have many people inside it.

My wive is buying one book at the book and pencil store. It is kind of simple store. This one is not so beautiful.

This farmer can clean your shoe. Now these day you can see many such man and they are very useful for umbrella repair too !!!

One old bridge in Suzhou.

One old house on Taihu lake…it was when a very rich family live it in and always selling the silk to the forgeiners but now all is dead.

Later my restaurant for the food will be nearby this shopping street. You can also buy many dry plant on this street!

It is very cheaper to buy the snale in this place. It is very delishus to drink that snale!

The old rock temple near Taihu lake. You can ask god for money in this place!

Later will chat more to you. Wish you can come to China then you can eat everyday in my restaurant and you can teach the kids English in the restaurant during after the lunch, I think there must be lots of kids want to learn English. You can get a lot of money from that! Ow! I am exciting myself! Tell you that my family already regard you are one family member!

-Mr. Deng