July 24 2012

Dark Night Rises Review! Now posted and stuff!

Hey! I saw Dark Knight last night! If you wanna read what I thought… click HERE

Neither me nor my friend were sure about sneaking beers and snacks into the movies. Maybe too soon for illegal smugglings? The local theater had a very alert looking cop outside and another cop inside by the ticket ripper…


Alfred Pennyworth says:

It was a good conclusion. All loose ends were tied up.

Appalled says:

Where has that cock sucker Mr Deng been ?

Employee of Wayne Enterprises says:

“There’s a side of me that feels I’m too stupid to understand a Batman movie.”

Enough said.

Fox says:

Who is hen?

Anonymous says:

Not that you’re dumb todd, we all love you, but Dark Knight Rises was amazing.

MufficanPneguh says:

Should be some interesting choices for Halloween costumes this year. Literally can make a killing with the accesories. Too soon?

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