March 07 2011

Dear PC,

We’ve had a good run together. Ever since my Gateway P133 back in the day– I’ve stood by you. Upgraded with you. Played thousands of hours of games with you. Went from Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, Vista, and now 7. And all along I’ve defended you– because I felt comfortable with you. And we basically got along.

Sure you’ve betrayed me from time to time with a blue screen collapse. Or some naggingly unfixed bug that migrates from OS to OS. At times you’ve been infuriating. Idiotic things like your cap on the size of my Outlook Inbox (3gb?). Your Folder Options selective wonkiness. Your suspicious programs in Startup. (Do I need “Adobe Gamma Loader” or not???) And always lurking– your overloaded filthy Registry.

But all in all I’ve appreciated the control of PC. I like Drag and Drop. I like knowing exactly where my stuff is. I like the fact that you’re a better gamer. And in recent years, I’ve enjoyed Microsoft repositioning itself as an underdog. Gearing for a fight. Windows 7 is a a worthy effort and absolutely stable etc.

But your side-projects have been embarrassing. Zune, whatever that Twitter device flop was, your mobile OS disaster situation, the bad ball drop on tablets, even Hotmail is still a mouthbreather. I don’t even use IE at all anymore. All that crap is like growing a third leg only to kick yourself in the nuts with it. And it makes long-term faith difficult.

On the other side of things. I now own an iPhone and an iPad. And I love them both. I despise iTunes because it’s an overly complicated assholish program (stop erasing shit!!)– but lately that’s the only thing truly off-putting. iTunes is undeniably horrible and dumb. But, for years I’ve pushed back hard against annoying Mac people. Kool Aid drunken dweebs popping boners over their prancy Macs and mocking me as if I’m some oldster stuck in his ways.

But over time PC, you simply haven’t fixed the basics. There’s still crap laying around everywhere. Your nagging Firewall and Critical Updates are wonky and forcefully suspect. Your BIOS is hasn’t moved an inch to be ‘nicer’ to normal people. Your Sound cards are always mildly issuematic. Microsoft Media Player is, continues to be, and always has been a garbagecan dumped all over toiletbowl. And can you at least figure out a way to just giveaway friggin Microsoft Word already!?! Throw a brother a friggin bone here…

And I’m bored of it PC. I’m tired of your PCness. I’m sorry. My shiny new iProducts do without question kickass. They’ve earned my loyalty by keeping me interested and not getting on my nerves. And although, I won’t be buying a new computer any time soon. When I do. I will be leaving the nest unless you flip a secret PC switch.

So some point soon I say with a heavy heart (sorry pc people) that I will be joining the blank grinning Mac dickheads– because with PC I just don’t have the ammo to argue back. I held them off as long as I could. But now it’s down to trigger clicks. And realistically, I’ve been fighting back that way for a couple years.

ok bye!

PS. Apologies PC people. It does help my decision that I need to edit video more and more as well…


Benedict says:

Most disappointing to read Odd tOdd I have to say but some of it rings truth

tainted says:

lol..its a a myth that macs have better “graphics” and stuff. theres really so much better reason to use a pc.

you know what i smell? i smell the girlfriend weighing heavily in on this. the girlfriend probably is a mac fanboy. i can see it. “ooh, get a mac, theyre so much better especially since you do all that artsy graphics stuff!”

sheesh, give me a’ll be sorry after like a day of switching to a mac. whenever i get to use one for a while i think “this is just absolutely horrible, why would they do that?!?!”

something as simple as changing your background is rediculous..and whats with the one mouse button? now they are just pretending like their one button is better..theyve invented an alternative button thats less convenient.. they wont give in because it wont be “hip”.

bah, macs are just terrible.

Anonymous says:

To tainted: One button? When was the last time you used a Mac, Grandpa? Here in the 21st century we have multi-touch pads that become second nature very quickly and make the mouse basically disappear. Face it: Macs are just better. They’re intelligently designed, and as soon as you get over your PC withdrawals you realize they are actually much more intuitive to use.

And changing your background is not hard at all – if you have any questions, just ask the nearest 9-year-old.

ren says:

You do realize that you called yourself a dickhead, now that you are on board the Mac train? Before one of my colleagues left the organization where I work, he mentioned Macs were more stable and Windows PCs are loaded with crap that the average user doesn’t need. You put up with PCs for a long time and I understand that you want a change. You are tired of fixing stupid stuff that should of been fixed in the first place.

If you are eager for a Mac system down the road Todd, you could go with a mini Mac (a little box that has Mac OS X installed). All you have to do is plug-n-play your PC keyboard and monitor and you are good to go. Check it out on their web site and see what I’m talking about. Hopefully with a Mac computer , you’ll be able to complete your projects with ease.

mk says:

Agreed, I’ve heard good things about the Mac mini thinger from folks who were tired of PC shenanigans but didn’t want to buy a whole new shiny obnoxious Mac or Macbook. Might be worth looking into if you haven’t already.

Really though, as a non-evangelical Mac user… PC or Mac, they’re all just computers, yknow? Same internet, whatever. Use whatever works better for what you need to do. It’s not a definitive part of who you are unless you make it one.

I'm a PC says:

I think the person with the mac mini idea is really quite dumb. Who in their right mind is gonna use a mac mini to do half the stuff Todd uses his computer for? That little shit box is nothing more than an oversized paperweight. Switching to a mac is probably the worst idea you’ve had in awhile Todd. I promise your not going to like it. Spend that money to get a pc that will end up costing you the same amount and you will never have any difficulty. I’ll build one for you that will blow you away and any lame ass one button uptight insisting on itself mac. P.S. i’ve used a mac as a home user and also in video production. I wanted to put a drill through my head using it either way.

Wayne says:

Ah ha! So the man comes to his senses! Good move! – as once you go Mac, ya don’t go back. The extra cash, is definitely worth it! And it’s trouble free!

Alon says:

Welcome to the Dark Side, child

ren says:

Apple is the dark side? I wonder what side Linux is in all this.

me says:

does microsoft really have anything to do with the BIOS? i don’t think so

Anonymous says:

With the one exception of gaming, I never see anyone claiming that PCs are better than macs…only that they’re “as good.”

As someone who’s had PCs at work forever (since the early 90’s), and macs at home (since the late 90’s), I can say without the geeky fanboy baggage (i don’t own an I-pod or any other mac products) that macs are clearly superior.

And while I don’t do any video editing, I have a number of friends who do it for a living, and every single one chose a mac as their home computer.

It’s not a brand loyalty thing as much as it’s a “wanting to get shit done easily” thing.

And drag and drop? I’m pretty sure that was Apple before it was Windows.

JT says:

I’ve had pretty good luck with iTunes so I’m curious as to the issues tOdd has come across with it.

I too, have a PC and have been thinking of going (back) to a Mac, mostly due to the fact that Macs are less susceptible to viruses. I realize that’s not Microsoft’s fault but it seems like PCs are having to use up more memory and processing power just for virus protection and firewalls.

On the other side of the coin, I can get a PC laptop for, what, 1/2 the price of the equivalent Mac??? As far as one being better than the other for music production or graphics, I think that gap has closed quite a bit in the last 15 years.

Just my 2 cents. I’d be interested in others’ experiences with this.

btw, tOdd, I always *love* the drawings you put with your pieces! Makes me miss the ‘toons…..but I know you’re busy so I can wait!!


Ima PC says:

Give me another chance Todd, I can change!! Remember the good times we had?! Marathon sessions of unreal tournament, doritos and mountain dew? My mouse still has the sticky reminder of our nights together. Don’t act like the time we had together meant nothing to you! You think SHE’LL treat you any different?! NO! She will DELETE your files when you are not looking. AND, and, she won’t love you!!

Jer says:

Something every Mac user knows- the PC is clunky and glitchy beyond belief, but you will never know it because it’s all you’re used to.

Once you get into the groove with the Mac, you cant go back to PC, and wont want to.

Hope PC users dont take offence, Its just the way it is, and i went through it that exact same way too. Mac users are happy with their units.

Enjoy the Mac when you get there Todd!

I'm a PC says:

Jer. I’d love to know what you use your mac for?

trey says:

You bitch about PC now because of it’s unfriendliness and whatever else loser Mac people like to claim is wrong with Windows, but in a few months, I guarantee you’ll be screaming “JUST LET ME FREAKING SAVE THIS POS DOCUMENT ALREADY!!” The problem with Mac, while they look cool and shiny and all that other useless BS is that they never actually DO anything. It’s computing in a freaking box and the Apple gods decide how much you are allowed to do. Where PCs are customizable, usable, and open, Mac is autocratic and locked down. You will rue this decision, mark my words.

Penee says:

My iphone is great and it does make me wonder about being a apple persn as well

Ralph says:

You sound stupid talking about the bios. Dont talk above your paygrade, junior.

Todd friend says:

Get a girlfriend and get a mac. Thar she blows.

oddtodd7 says:

Actually what set me off today was RoscoeCam. I bought a Microsoft webcam recently and besides the fact that the camera sucks (its always too dark or too bright)– it installed this LifeCam software which is all sorts of heavy handed and fullblast in my startup programs and unshutoffable and seemingly unnecessary. Plus, it wants to ‘update’ often– (It’s a webcam wtf!) and even that update seems to stall out or not fully install. I was just like WTFFFF!!! I can’t afford to get a mac any time soon but I’m gonna get a feel for one and see if it feels right etc…

I'm a PC says:

You can’t blame webcam software on the PC itself. Thats a silly addon, plus you COULD have opted not to install most of that bs that comes with them anyway.

Steve J. says:

PCs are horrendously inefficient and retarded. It takes my work computer ten minutes to crank up every morning like some ancient machine from a steampunk comic. My macbook pro? 20 seconds. Don’t get me started on the massive ball of wires that nest around my work computer. Apple is clean, efficient, and fast. You’ll be happy, Todd.

I'm a PC says:

Tell your people at work to upgrade to a computer within this century please. I’d love to find out that your Mac is as old as your pc at work because if it was it would take just as long to boot up. Try again thx.

the REAL weeze says:


ren says:

Todd, have you considered cleaning out Windows registry? 85% its the cause of the crap outs on Windows based PCs. Macs (particularly their OS), are just modified Unix machines.

amused says:

“It takes my work computer ten minutes to crank up every morning like some ancient machine from a steampunk comic”


Nick the Prick says:

haha You’re gonna praise the iPhone? That doodad that couldn’t give you directions to help the old man on the street? Windows Phone 7 is NOT Windows Mobile 6. WP7 is an awesome mobile OS. You found something wrong with Windows 7 (yeah right)? You think Zune is just a device? Have you looked at the Zune marketplace/software (it’s great)? The Zune HD is hot too. Have you used Windows Live Mail 2011? Microsoft has done some remarkable things lately.

Todd, obviously you have a woman now and she’s telling you how to think. Man up and grow a set. Don’t be so whoopped.

Apple devices are nice and all, but you o

Nick the Prick says:

As I was saying: Apple device are nice and all, but you ought to stick with Windows PCs, because with a Mac, you’re paying more for a name.

Justin says:

My Coleco ADAM boot time is 1.5 seconds, but I can’t go on the internet with it πŸ™

My Butt Here says:

It’s really the OS that is the problem. I’m getting sick of all the crap the goes into Microsoft just to keep it up and running. The updates, anitvirus, malware,registry cleaners, spyware, thisware and thatware all over like drippy crap in my underwear. If I had the dough I would get a MAC no question.

Matt Stone says:

I think Macs are and always will be pussy

Sandy says:

I think you should work on your grammar Matt Stone. If you are those who are tired of updating your system with fixes – then Mac is the way to go. No question. But whatever, you’re entitled to your opinion.

Colourless Green says:

Is there an internet law about the Mac/PC debate similar to the all-forum-chat-arguments-devolve-to-Nazi-name-calling Godwin’s law?

If not, can we make one right here and now? Can we call it the Jobs/Gates Tension Principle?

I’m happy to learn that I’m not the only one who has trouble with iTunes. What, though, is my recourse? Does anything else on a PC work with an iPod?

caligula says:

who cares about zune, it is not part of the OS.

and bios are controlled by the motherboard, so that has nothing to do with it either.

i use both, and mac makes things look pretty (font rendering) and is a pretty easy experience, however no right click and the must close through menu, vs closing window, for apps, is a pain.

windows 7 is pretty good, pcs are way cheaper, more upgradeable…but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a mac either.

tainted says:

i dont know what all this talk about “fixes” and “updates” are about. honestly, i run one antivirus program, and I never notice it update.

as long as you arent some nub at the internet and you dont open the email that says “FREE SCREENSAVERS” and open up random .exe files all the time, you will rarely ever get a virus. also, you only ever get this ‘baggage’ software when you install other things, and im sorry, but that is just your fault. almost EVERY installer has custom options when installing and that is just a clear consequence of you not paying attention while installing.

its quite easy to look at the check boxes you want or dont want when installing software. sure, its not like you need to read the ToS or anything, but the extra 15 seconds it takes to go through “advanced setup” is really not very advanced at all. seems like mac people are saying “IM 2 STOOPID TO NO WAT IS GOOD AND WAT IZ BAD. I WANT 2 B I MINDLESS DRONE CLICKING NEXT!! RESCUE ME APPLE AND TEL ME WAT I CAN DOOZ! OOOH! LOOK! A FREE ANIMATED SCREENSAVER!!!”

stef says:

the world is becoming more and more obsessed with ease and speed. the problem is that macs give you that at the expense of being able to have things exactly as you want it. I can customize my pc right down to the physical hardware. I can open it up and poke around inside of it. I can have super obscure, nerdy upgrades or I can keep it bare bones and basic. I can take a 20 yr old unit and have it run the latest operating system. you can’t do that shit with a mac (my boyfriend had issues when he tried to use a new mouse cuz his os was only one step away from the newest snow leopard!)

CaptainBob says:

Don’t resist change and innovation. There is only growth and decay in nature.

Earp says:

tainted said it perfect; Windows 7 boot time for me is never more than 30 seconds from pushing the button. Never had a virus issue; not once. I have had no formal computer training or education. I do simple manual labor for a living. My PCs run flawlessly, each ones hardware safely pushed to the max. If you can’t handle installing software w/o being able to hit “expert/advanced/custom” install, then step away and let a grownup install your shit, you tard.
Finally, it’s real easy to play make believe that Mac is so great because of less updates and security holes, much like it’s easy to boast about being the toughest guy in the room when the only other people there is a small child and some poor guy in a wheelchair.

Brandon says:

People like Trey obviously know nothing about Macs in the past 5 years. I hated the old macs as well – the ones where a smiley mac was seen on boot up.

I had Windows 95/98/XP for about 10 years and was frustrated with all the Windows annoyances like the registry, all sorts of programs running at startup, viruses, firewalls, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ prompts, etc. I went to a Mac 3 years ago, and after a month of learning-curve frustration, I would never go back.

The Macs of the past few years are now linux under the covers. Basically, Steve Jobs after he was ousted by Apple in the 90s started a company called NeXt. When he came back to Apple, he got rid of the old Apple OS, moved his NeXt operating system to macs, and changed to Intel chips.

You can tweak the mac more than a Windows box if you’d like. Or, you can take what Steve Jobs gives you. Your choice. There is no longer just ‘one mouse button’. Macs for the past 2 years have come with 2 and 3 button mice. Things on a mac like setting up a network work better. Things are where you think they should be, not haphazard all over the control panel. One you use a Mac for a month, you’ll get frustrated at how windows is organized.

Good Luck! Once you get a mac, you’ll realize that you were a moron all those years judging mac without knowing what it is now. Apple isn’t selling millions of macs just because of fanboys – they were in the 90s, but not now. Apple is selling millions of macs now because people are so frustrated with Windows and Macs are actually better.

I'm a PC says:

Ok Brandon.

Since you know so much about the back end of a Mac how exactly can you “tweak” your mac? Why did it take Macintosh so long to realize that their stupid one click mouse was insanely inefficient? Another question for you is what is so wrong with the control panel? I’d love to know what Todd actually had to use the control panel for ever besides to maybe get to add or remove program. No one uses half the shit in the control panel but the whole point of it is that ITS EFFING THERE IF YOU NEED IT. God Todd if you get a mac i swear i’ll stop coming to your site. I’m mostly a lurker here but i can’t stand people throwing their money away because they THINK something is better. I can’t believe i’ll say it but Todd maybe you should try it and see for yourself. I don’t see you saying that a Windows 7 PC is worse than any mac including their new OS thats coming out.

I'm a PC says:

And another thing. People think when they buy a mac everything is soooooo much faster and awesome. What they don’t realize that if they hadn’t bought a computer within the last 5 – 7 years ANY COMPUTER THEY WOULD HAVE BOUGHT WOULD BE BETTER. Its not because the Mac is magical and genious. They use the same effing parts that are in a PC but overcharge for them.

Linux Larry says:

Good points PC Guy. You to mention that the technology that’s built isn’t using the latest processors (the Core I series). To my understanding, they are still using the Intel Core Duo series.

A+ Technician says:

You are going to put me and my tech friends out of business. Thanks a lot Todd!

Sammy says:

Buy a Mac, enjoy it. Let us know how it goes.

tainted says:

todd, you know on all those cars where you can never figure out the controls for the windshield wipers, windows, headlights, etc – and it has you fumbling frustrated?

thats a mac. thats you.

Matty N. says:

Try a Mac Mini… Not a big commitment. You’ll be surprised about how much stuff you DON’T need to worry about. Sort of a halfway house. I’ve used Macs for desktop publishing, music and video production for years. PC is strictly for work and business for me.

Tim G. says:

Great idea Matty.

Also Mac Minis aren’t going to “break the bank”. The systems retail for $699 (base system).

Spookyn says:

I remember the days of “Coke vs Pepsi”. If you drank Coke you were cool, if you drank Pepsi you were a loser. Same thing folks (pc vs mac), whatever works for you…”branding” shouldn’t be about personal identity. Marketing has become too powerful in our lives.

PC Guy II says:

Apple has been downhill ever since Lisa

Eatits says:

The main difference between Macs and PCs, the operating system, can be seen as an advantage of Macs vs PCs. OS X is a great operating system. It’s easy to use, efficient, and features a very friendly user interface. OS X is a completely different animal than Windows or Linux. Windows and Linux are both very good operating systems, but neither of them have the simplicity of OS X. I’m not going to tell you that Macs don’t get viruses, because they can. But, there are far less OS X exploit viruses out there than Windows viruses. If you run a lot of programs that are Mac specific, and very few Windows apps, obviously having a Mac is your best bet.

I'm a PC says:

Tell me what is more “simplistic” on a mac? What exactly makes it easier to use? Do people really think that after using a PC all their lives that once they get a mac and they go to change their background they will be like, “Hey, Changing my background a mac is so much easier!” or “Hey surfing the net on my mac is so much easier!” or “Hey, opening finalcut pro and adobe flash on my mac is so much easier!” Get over the “easy” phase of the discussion. I can do anything on your mac just as easily on my PC. Oh yea. I KNOW WHERE THE HELL IT IS ON MY PC TOO.

Ginger says:

My god! Todd’s current topic is extremely popular. Almost as popular as my campaign.


Personally I’m a PC gal. I believe everything comes down to what you feel comfortable with.

Tim G. says:

Reading your rant reminds me of the 2006 April Fools cartoon where ELf Up and Mep and getting jiggy with their Apple products.

Adam says:

MUAHAHAHAHAHA, welcome to the dark side, tOdd! Soon you will be learning how to use Final Cut with the money you save on antivirus software!

Confused Jedi Master says:

Young one. How does switching to Mac make one turn to the dark side of the force? Even Yoda is puzzled from what you said.

Anonymous says:

Darth Plagueis used a Mac; Sidious too. Vader as well.

In fact, C3PO is Mac based. That’s why he’s so effeminate and ineffectual.

WTF?!?!? says:

Wow, more posts in one day on this topic than in weeks of the “Finger in the President’s Butt” one.

Guess that says something. What, I don’t know- but the phrase “GET A LIFE” springs to mind.

Tim G. says:

True, WTF, but this topic does relate with everyone. I have used both Mac and Window OSes for years. In fact, I have been using Mac since my grade school years (Mac Classic, Mac LC 475 with OS 7.5 and Mac OS 8 in high school). Macs are easier to use, but so is Windows if you know what you are doing.

Todd if I were you go with the Mac Mini,

Tim G. says:

Clarify just so everyone knows I used to Mac Classics in grade school. Good times.

Joe says:

They made me get a mac at work, my boss is an apple head. It’s a pain. I’m sure it’s great if you want to read email and surf the web, but then again so’s a PC. But I need to do more, and while a PC hides the advanced functions a little, on the mac I have to go all the way to command line a hundred times a day. I find myself opening terminal and writing “sudo /usr/local/blah restart” all the time. That’s not easier, that’s a huge pain in the ass.

Enzo says:

Joe is right. Windows has built a GUI for almost all management tasks, while Mac OS X only has a GUI for the most basic tasks, thus necessitating often trips to the terminal window. It is pretty annoying and makes the OS actually feel older and more of a kludge than Windows. Most people never have to deal w that–so for them it doesn’t matter.

Anonymous says:

I use both a WindowsDesktop PC and a Macbook Pro. I have likes and dislikes in both platforms. The one difference is that I have never had to reboot from a crash any mac platform based machine in 8 years. I am not saying one is better over the other, just that you must chose what you prefer and what meets your needs. My needs are always a crash proof operating system.

Also one of the advantages of owning a mac hardware wise. On December 6, 2010 my MacBook Pro made a strange buzzing noise and failed to start. I took it to my local Apple store, had it diagnosed and was told it needed to be sent out. Dreading how long it would take I was impressed by my receiving a call on Wednesday December 8, 2010 saying my MacBook was done. Under warranty they sent it to Texas for repair and it was back in two days. Video card died. Now that is service.
Use what makes you happy and makes you happy. No need to bash anyones preference.

Anonymous says:

Whoops. Use what meets your needs and makes you happy.

ren says:

Hmmm. I didn’t realize that you don’t have to reboot after a serious crash on a present day Mac. Todd’s rant got be curious of Macs two days ago, so I surfed Apple’s website and read info about the MacBook. The company sure makes configuring your system simple: either 2GB DDR3 SDRAM or 4GB DDR3 SDRAM; 250GB, 320 GB, or 500 GB Hard Drive; your choice of Mac created software for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Graphics/Photo editing, Video editing, Database, and Microsoft Office suite. The bare bones system of $1049 is a pretty good start. But my god; I added the specs that I really wanted and the system comes close to $1500 ($1600 with taxes included). Why are Macs (regardless of model) more expensive? No offensive, but you get a better deal with a Dell Insprion 14R laptop (their specs are similar to the MacBook).

tainted says:

macs are 3 times as expensive, and you dont have the freedom to upgrade it yourself – apple loves to come out with new versions of all their products to make you buy the new version, which also costs more in the future.

you can get a decent PC nowadays for like 400-500. add a $100 video card and you got yourself a pc that can play just about anything. same goes for the can own two to three PCs for the price of one macbook.

i cant even remember the last time i needed to reboot because of an OS crash. this isnt 1995 anymore..

plus, MAC always pushes their bullshit programs on you and makes you pay for them. in addition, it amazes me when people buy a mac and then they buy microsoft word and countless other windows programs, and then they say by using “bootcamp” you can switch to windows if you need to. why would i want to do that when i could just get windows itself!?

its like, “ooh for 3 times the price a mac can run all of your windows programs for a hefty additional fee and you can even buy another program to boot into windows!!!!”

why would i want the cheap imitation when i could get the real deal for less?

anyone who cant see though apple’s bullshit method of coming out with a product, making it notoriously hard to replace/upgrade parts, and then coming out with countless new versions to replace the old ones when they could have just done that shit in the first place. look at the ipad.. they very well knew they would come out with a new version with the cameras and what not.

the fact is that they are a dishonest company who intentionally gives the shaft to their consumers to make more money.

ren says:

Great perspective on Apple Inc. as a whole tainted. My question is why is Macs still using the Intel Core line processors when the “Core I” series are the standard? I wouldn’t be surprised if the iPad 2 is able to run Flash apps now.

grif says:

crap site

Anonymous says:

Awesome site. πŸ™‚

Julio says:

n00bs ^

MsM says:

Just so you know, Apple is still resisting Flash. I read that on the internet. ITunes permanently blue screened a dell here with an update. Well, maybe not permanently, but it’s going to take me a while to figure out how to fix it.
Most of the parts in Mac & PC are the same, like hard drives, CD drives. It’s the software installer that makes them different. I worked on Macs 4 years in school, and on the Graphic designs jobs I had For me it’s like being totally bilingual. I can do either or. But I have 4 or 5 PCs to play with here, and if I got a mac the way I would want it with all the bells and whistles and as much memory as I could stuff in with the best processor available, I would have to try to sell my house & move into my van. Not real comfy with a dog & 5 or 6 cats. I can’t even afford an IPAD, which would then cost more money to buy apps. What’s with having to buy everything separate? What happened to the good old days when every program had a free clone? Oh yeah, on PC, they still do. Todd, try for the Word clone.

Anonymous says:

I’m a noob for saying awesome site? Whatever! PCs rule.

Anonymous says:

It doesn’t matter if you get a mac or not. You haven’t produced a toon in forever. I suppose Macs are as good as anything else for typing.

The Other Guy says:

Oh snap! *high five* That’s what I’m saying!

Anonymous says:

Seriously amazing that a post states that be happy with any system that meets your needs and you all still post negative comments.

If anyone buys a Mac over a PC and it meets their needs great.
If anyone buys a PC over a Mac and it meets their needs great.

Why is that so hard to understand.

Anonymous says:

…because the Internet makes people stupid. Western society is going to be destroyed by Generation Y.

Ohhhh Shiiittt.... says:

What comes after Generation Z?

NOW I’m freaking out, man…

Silas Mortimer says:

Geez, people can be such idiots.

Before personal computers became a common thing, we had a really good thing going. There was the IBM PC, Apple computers, Atari, Amiga, TI, Commodore, Coleco, even Tandy. I remember that I loved to go to a certain store as a kid because they had Laser computers on display that you could play with. I’d mess with them while my mother shopped. It was an exciting time.

My first computer was a Tandy Color Computer 3. I loved that thing. My first PC was a 486. I had Windows 3.1 on it and hated it. But I loved DOS. I loved the variety of software for it. I loved Desqview. There was so much diversity. I installed OS/2 later and loved that.

Then everyone was buying computers and it all got stupid. Good software lost out to crappy software that had better marketing. Microsoft convinced everyone that their crap was better. Apple kept its enthusiasts, but they were part of the problem, too. Now we have this situation where there are two main platforms, both of them crappy for different reasons, and you people keep it going by dividing up and insisting that the platform you use is the best there is.

I can’t stand Windows. It’s simply terrible. Every time they come out with “the greatest version yet”, it’s only great in comparison to the last crappy version. I get frustrated every time I use it because there is so much simple stuff I can’t do without buying a piece of software that’s really not worth what they charge. I also can’t stand Macs. They don’t give me any choice. I’m stuck with whatever THEY decide I need. I understand a lot of people don’t like choice. Great for you.

I use Linux. It’s not perfect, but I don’t have to use Windows. I don’t care what others think about it. I like having that choice. Frankly, I wish there was MORE choice. And there is, but not enough to break the hegemony. Whatever. Make your rich guys richer by having them tell you what you need, all while they use the dirtiest tactics to stifle competition. I just hate that the promise the computer industry once had is pretty much killed.

Nick the Prick says:

Shut up you closet case Apple lover. You don’t use Linux. You’re just a Windows hatin’, Apple usin’ troll. You probably never even touched Windows 7.

Dwane says:


Earp says:

tainted says:

i challenge anyone to name software on pc that i can’t find an equally as good free version.

the microsoft suite, for instance. openoffice is producted by sun microsystems and has all the features that word, excel, has etc for free.

my backup software is free. my antivirus (avg) is free. my IM client, browser, image editing software (gimp) is all free. anything you need can be done for free. of course, macs simply come with mediocre versions of these type of free programs, and since the basic user has no idea where to look for free software, they think their macs are so good and come with stuff.

meanwhile, my aunt just bought a mac, and they hound her every day to buy this or that, she got conned into buying a $40 image editing program (HELLO!!??! google has an excellent range of software) and they stole $100 for “computer lessons” where they actually take advantage of her – (last time they pretended not to know how to reset her email password for the whole hour session. now they want her to buy into more group lessons. typical lazy employees..)

as far as im concerned, theres plenty of adware on macs. it just has the apple logo on all of it.

Nerd Rage says:

79 comments! Geez! This topic is popular!

Truther says:

The only thing wrong with PCs is the users. Enjoy the safe stylish bubble that is Apple.

The REAL Truth About PC versus Macs says:

bubbles are for wusses and you know it. If you know use to use PC properly, then you won’t have any problems.

Amy says:

impersonator says:

I’d hate to pick you apart t0dd but your brain has turned to mush from your mac shiite; which is evidence after this little transcript:

“Your BIOS is hasn’t moved an inch to be β€˜nicer’ to normal people.”

t0dd you freaking twat waffle! Windows and the systems BIOS (basic input/output system) are two completely seperate pieces of your PC and I can’t help but notice that everyone seems to not give a crap about re-reading what they’re posting. “is hasn’t move an inch”???? Really t0dd?

That movie idiocracy is coming true! WTF!?! The amount of sheep in this world is growing and I blame it on Macs/Disney/Religion and the weak minded that can bring themselves to indulge in any of the three.

Phuck you t0dd for slacking on the site, you’ve gone from helping unemployed people through a rough time with a little bit of laughter and you’ve turned the site into some sloppy collaboration of your thoughts where other mac loving half-wits share their brain mush with you. You usually don’t care to participate in the crap that you start either.

I’ve been coming here since about 04′ and I dug the toons and the people that were posting, I even got a kick out of the whole Gunfever thing that came around but I find myself coming here less and less. Now that you’ve gotten yourself a Mac, well, I think it’s time you shut this crap shoot down. Do the honorable thing and let this site die t0dd before you taint it even more.

Mick says:

hear hear!

Tim G. says:

Geez!! There is no need to get upset. Sure Todd has dropped the ball sort of speak with regards to toons about being unemployed, but don’t forget that was almost 10 years ago. Todd himself has changed since. He is now a successful entrepreneur and earned himself a worldwide fan base. In the end, Mr. Rosenberg has never forgotten his beginnings. I am surprised that people like you are still whining that you’re not getting your cartoon fix. Grow the fuck up! Please. It’s getting old.

I am aware that the BIOS and Windows OS are two completely separate entities. In the end it comes down to choice.

But there is one thing I will agree with you impersonator the world is getting retarded. It seems that people nowadays can’t think for themselves. I grew out of Disney a long time ago and am an expert when it comes to Windows. Religion, if you really think about it is all about total. More specifically, control of your mind.

Tim G. says:

Sorry about that. Brain fart. Religion is all about control.

impersonator says:

Damn right I’m whining about the lack of toons being made. That’s why I came here in the first place and that’s why I check in randomly when I’ve run out of things to search for and I have my fingers crossed that he’ll have some new toon up. What’s the aim of the site now? Sell t-shirts? Given some of his periodicals have interesting views but what draws the masses are his toons!

When you were saying “In the end it comes down to choice” I hope you’re not talking about making the choice between a PC or a Mac. We can figure out so very much by asking the question “Why?”. Why would I choose a mac? I hear that they’re virus free. Wait, why are there anti-virus’s made for Mac? Why does Mac make everything for their machines proprietary so I’m stuck with buying over-priced pieces of hardware?

A child that’s in the cereal isle of a grocery store is often drawn to the most colorful box with the sweetest looking cereal, they’re so drawn to these vibrant colors that they fail to see the exact same cereal in a bigger bag at the end of the isle for MUCH less than the big colorful box, and they get more in the bag too! Our situation here with Macs is no different, they’ve dumbed downed the OS with big vibrant dancing buttons and what’s more they make you feel like you’re some part of an elite cult filled with black turtle-necks and square frame glasses.

I will give it to Mac on this one, they have some beautiful hardware. Save the dumbed down OS and just sell me your hardware at a reasonable price.

Drew says:

Alas, I feel myself coming to the same Mac/PC conclusion.

Tim G. says:

Good points impersonator. I was just talking with one of my Computer Science colleagues and explained to me why Macs are priced the way they are. All the hardware are manufactured right here in the U.S.. Everything that is built into a Mac are made of quality parts.

Most PC companies (HP, DELL, Acer, Compaq, Sony, etc) use second hand components made in China or Malyasisa for that matter. That being said, the parts are being made with a cheaper workforce, and therefore the cheaper cost.

As for anti-virus software for Mac OS X, the only one reason why they are being developed is because of people choosing to run Windows separate partition. Windows (retardless of what version) is alwats teh victim to malware.

The core of Mac OS X is a UNIX kernel and that structure has been around since the 70s. It’s stable and it works. Also have you heard from users having malware problems with their distribution of Linux? The answer to that my friend is a simple ‘no’.

Please understand impersonator I am not saying that PCs running Windows suck. All I’m saying is that there are different types of computer users. Heck I used Macs in grade school (of course this was waaaay before Apple re-vamped the company and their OS). And no I am not a Mac fan boy.

Another thing, I know tech savvy people who buy desktop or laptop running Windows and don’t bother upgrading the hardware at all. Those people just get rid of those systems and buys something else. My guess with a Mac systems you keep them for life.

Also with regards to software, you can just download them from the Net without worries of getting spam and crap from bit torrents.

A. Luddite from Santa Clara CA says:

It’s all crap! From toasters to $80,000 BMWs. Anything that has a silicon chip in it. There is such a race to get the next ‘gotta have’ onto the market that the manufacturers don’t bother, nor care if their junk doesn’t work (top of the list: Microsoft, Apple, HP, Logitech, all software ever made ever – and that’s just today’s list). Why? Because we lemmings keep lining up at midnight to plunk down our retirement funds to have the next great thing. Like a drug. We need more and more and have less and less gratification. I have said this ever since Windows 3.1; if Microsoft was selling cars, it would be listed in Consumers Reports BELOW the Yugo. And that, my fellow frustrated tech junkies won’t change as long as we continue buy their crap thinking there is something better.

Total BS says:

Look Todd, if you want to use Apple products so bad, just do it and stop making excuses. You want to be iCool and join the cult of Steve Jobs, no problem. Just cut the crap about how Mac’s do no wrong and PCs are nothing but trouble. I jump back and forth on both Mac and PC doing seriously tough tasks for either (including video editing and post work that would make your machine melt itself in minutes) and neither the PC nor the Mac stands out as being better than the other at any task. One may have a few cool things that the other doesn’t but overall neither does the task at hand better. The notion that PCs crash and Macs don’t is also nonsense. Windows 7 itself has never crashed on me and Macs do give me the twirling wheel of death way more than I like.

I have been using computers before most people knew what the hell to even do with them. I have used just about everything ever made by Apple, Commodore, and PCs on virtually every Microsoft system. Apple is NOT better designed, more intelligent, more reliable, or any of the other BS floating around here. There is not a single task I can’t do on one that I can’t do on the other as easy.

So if you want a Mac, buy a Mac and be happy. Don’t waste your time or ours with some long-winded BS about how torn up you are and the problems are just too great. If you are having that many problems with your PC, particularly with Windows 7, you shouldn’t be around any computer and odds are you’ll be corrupting your file metadata on your Mac fairly soon.

These noisy metal boxes are just tools and I’ll use whatever one I need to to keep making large stacks of money. I know these things backwards and forwards and neither is superior. Anyone claiming otherwise is saying more about their lack of computer knowledge and skills than they are about the two systems. That goes double for the PCers that still think Macs only use one mouse button and the iTards that still think you can’t do creative work on a PC.

Tim G. says:

Well put. Use whatever system that gets the job done. πŸ™‚

Robert says:

OK. So I get that there are no major differences between Macs and PCs, but what I don’t get is why Macs nowadays are expensive. Is it because all Macs are manufactured in the U.S.?

impersonator says:

You must have all forgoten the whole foxconn fiasco last year. Foxconn is a CHINESE based company where their workers were continually committing suicide due to being overworked and underpaid. Foxconn makes a majority of Mac products and then ships them to the USA. There is some manufacturing here by Mac but they’re still just as outsourced as everyone else.

Tim G you fucktard, the AV’s that are out for Mac are NOT from having a dual boot HDD. Please read what you’re saying and then just sit there and think about it, think real hard, then kick yourself in the face.

Total BS seems to be right on the money with the exception of still offering the Mac as a choice to be had. You summed it up already, they don’t do anything that a PC can’t. Hence, do NOT buy one period since there’s no point in it!

Tim G. says:

Did some research and I admit you got me impersonator. But in the end it’s really Todd that’s to blame for this. Man that guy loves to complain. You are going to get problems regardless of what platform you are using. I’m thinking of purchasing a laptop this year and I know hands down it’s going to be a PC. It’s not worth purchasing a Apple Mac notebook and pay the extra $550 (Dell Inprion 14R versus Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor).

Total BS says:

Impersonator, there are a few reasons for someone to buy a Mac. If you a person needs your hand held while you use a computer, Macs will do that. If need the comfort of having the Apple Store available to handle all your problems, if you have more money than common sense and don’t mind paying high rates for easy repairs to keep your Applecare valid, Mac will give you that. If you have to use Final Cut, you need a Mac. Premiere Pro CS5 is actually a bit more robust of a program but FC is the main player and so it is not uncommon for independents to need FC. Let’s not forget the biggest reason – status. If you want to show the world that you are a unique rebel by standing in lines for hours with thousand of other unique rebels, Mac will give you it. If you want to be told what you can and can’t do with your phone, tablet or computer Apple is pretty much your only option.

I would also think that if you were the type to get stoned on salvia and head to Antarctica, you would use a Mac.

Total BS says:


They are expensive because they can be. They control their market and the demand is there. Since no one company manufactures all PCs, there is more competition. It also depends on what market you are going for. Your standard Dells and HPs are going to be cheaper. If you go with a high power workstation like Boxx, my main machine, you can figure on $6-7K.

Robert says:

Alright, now I get it. Thank Total BS. To tell you the truth, I never heard of the Boxx brand.

oddtodd7 says:

Wow I’m #100! Coolio!!!

Kyle says:

Looks like you struck a nerve with your topics that Microsoft Windows and PCs sucks (which personally is not the case.)

brassmonkey says:

The Mac I just ordered for my fangirl daughter shipped from Shanghai, CH. That is no where near made in the good ole U.S. Nothing is. Damn Chinese. Used to be when something broke you got it fixed. Now throw it away and get the newest POS. The PC I built lasted ten years. I bet that Mac Pro lasts three if she is lucky. Blah, blah, blah. It’s all crap the industry tells us we need. What happened to the paperless society that computers were supposed to bring us. Jees. I think I need a Zanax. I’m leaving. Bye.

the nerd king says:

Feeling better brassmonkey? I hope your daughter enjoys her Mac. I’ve still using a Gateway 310S Desktop. I’ve been using it for 7 years now. The power supply has been replaced; upgraded the RAM to the maximum the motherboard can take; and upgraded the CPU. But with all that I will be getting a newer system – a laptop.

To add what you said before aren’t the parts you used to built your system manufactured outside the USA? At least you aren’t one of those fools that do stupid shit that cause their system to break down.


the nerd king says:

To be honest it’s sad that nothing is most of the products we enjoy aren’t made in the USA.

brassmonkey says:

My father used to say: Buy the best you can afford of what you like. If you do not, you will never be happy with your purchase. Of course when times were tough I bought what I could afford. Now that I have the means, you better believe I will but what I want. Quality. After messing with my girls laptop it is a quality piece. I cannot knock the product just the arrogant owners attitudes. My poor hp is not as glitzy as a mac book pro but has all the speed I need to compete at a $900.00 less price tag. More toys for me on a Saturday afternoon. Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one and they all stink. Buy a Mac or Buy a PC. You too will have a qualifying opinion that nobody wants to hear. I am in the process of developing code that will keep hair from falling out and cavities from forming. World you better get ready. Cause here I come. Where’s the car key’s and my phone and my wallet and……….Maybe I will start tomorrow? I will get back to you later on that. HEY TODD! Nice of you to let me grandstand for a bit. Thank you. Thank you very much, hope you enjoyed the show. The Brassmonkey has left the building.

the nerd king says:

Most appreciated Brassmonkey. Thanks.

Anonymous says:

Hey if it gets us one of these promised toons from a year or 2 ago ill welcome him getting anything! Windows, Mac, Linux, OS2 whatever ya know

the nerd king says:

It’s been two years? Ohhhhh yeah, right – the 2009 Christmas/Holiday Toon.

flowy dress waitress says:

WOW! Big news! I didn’t think it would come to this…

the nerd king says:

I know! So Todd, when exactly are you going to take the big leap and jump on board the Mac train?

The Obvious says:

Funny thing is a Mac is a PC…

The REAL Obvious says:

…an expensive PC that is.

Anonymous says: < free. Just sayin.

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

Anonymous says:

Oh yea, Linux is for losers and shut-ins, so keep that in mind.

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