Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life today? I wish you are happy in your house with that dog. You should get the wife and give to the wife the Sperm then you can having one baby. Then you can be more happy with that. Everyone love baby. Later I will show you the photo of the baby of my sister. That baby is more lovely now.

My job is the same. Always working to make the shoe but these day the quality is of the shoe bad becase that USA company lower the price so my boss said we should make the shoe faster and poor. But I am worry that if that USA company does not like the shoe then they will say Mr. Deng is a bad man and I will be the escapegoat of my boss !! !

Hi, also tell you that I go to Shanghai to see my brother at the White Elefant Battery Chemical factory. My brother is the same but he is more fat.

I show you some funny photo becase in Shanghai I see one fat man and one Lunatic woman yelling very strange! I take my camera and make the photo to show you.

Look at it!

That fat man is yelling at that street cleaner man. His say is very yellow. The fat man is mad becase the cleaner man smash to the fat mans motor cycle. The Public Security police man is yelling at the fat man.

Now the wife of that fat man is yelling to the street cleaner man.

Then the man and woman yell to the street cleaner man. He is very scared that the fat man will bung him.

The police man say that the fat man will not get the money so then that Lunatic woman is very very mad.

Now everyone is yelling forcefully to the woman to be quiet and to not acting so different .

Soon many people are watch those mad people yelling. Many Public sercurity police try to stop the yelling fat man.

That woman is so terribl. Then she yell to me why I take the photo of her so I must run away from that woman but she run to me and want to smash on me !

Later I spy this dog that eat the rat. You love the dog so much so I make this photo of that dog but my camera is conched.

Then that dog bite the rat.

It must be very delishus to the dog to eat that rat. Everyone watch that dog and laughing.

The sine to cross the rode.  That Canada man at my factory said that photo  is very funny but I think it must be very simple.

Later will chat  more to you.  Hi, you can read this English story from the website to learning English.  I put it here to you.

If you feel tired becase it is tooo many words then you can not read it.

Wish you are always happy now at your life! 

-Mr. Deng

The Story of I am Coming

In the Song Dynasty about 1000 years ago there was a famous thief in Suzhou by the nickname of I-am-Coming. Each time he committed a theft, he left no trace whatsoever except for his nickname on a wall.

The residents of Suzhou were upset because their houses were often broken into. An all-out search was launched and finally the man was caught and brought before the municipal magistrate.

“Do you have any proof to convict him?” the magistrate asked the police officer.

“There is no mistake,” the officer replied.

But the man denied the charge strongly.

“Your Honor, you have the wrong man,” he protested. “The police have no proof.”

“We went through a lot of trouble getting hold of him, Your Honor. If you let him go then it will be difficult to catch him again,” the police warned the magistrate.

Although there was no evidence against the man, the magistrate ordered him to be taken into temporary custody pending further investigation.

Upon entering the jail a prisoner had to give some money to the prison guard, as was the custom then.

“I have nothing with me now,” said the man to the prison guard, “but I have some silver in the temple of the Mountain God. I’d like to give that to you. I hid it under a broken brick inside the shrine. Go there, pretend that you are praying and then just grab it.”

The prison guard was not sure that the man was telling the truth. Nevertheless, he went over, and found twenty ounces of silver. He was pleased and began to treat the man like a friend.

A few days later, the man said to the guard: “Thank you for being so nice to me. I have another package hidden under the bridge. I’d like to give it to you, too.”

The prison guard went there and found three hundred ounces of silver in the package. He was grateful and bought some wine back to the prison for a drink with the man.

“I want to ask you a favor,” the man said. “I would like to go home tonight. I’ll come back before daybreak.”

Seeing the guard was concerned, he said again: “Don’t worry, my friend. Why should I try to escape? The police have arrested the wrong man and the magistrate cannot convict me. There is no evidence. I am sure I will be released soon anyway. You have my word: I’ll be back in four hours.”

The guard thought: “Even if he does not come back, the case would not be too serious, since he is not convicted. And I can use some of the money he gave me to hush things up if the worst comes to worst.” So he obliged him.

Instead of going out through the door, the man jumped onto the roof and disappeared without making the slightest noise.

The prison guard was having a snooze when the man came back. He shook the guard awake.

“I’m back!”

“Good! You do keep your words.”

“I don’t want you to get into trouble for me. Thank you for letting me out. I’ve left something in your house as a token of appreciation. I expect to be released soon.”

The guard did not understand. He hurried back home.

“You’re home at the right moment,” said his wife excitedly. “I want to tell you that early this morning I heard a noise on the roof. Somebody dropped a packet into the house. When I opened it, I found it contains gold and silver. Heaven is shedding His blessings on us!”

“Hush!” the guard said. “Put them away. Don’t say anything about it. We’ll sell them later.”

He went back to the prison, thanking the man profusely.

That day a dozen households reported burglary the previous night. On the walls of each house there was the familiar words: “I-am-Coming.”

When the magistrate heard of this, he ordered the man to be released. Obviously the culprit was still at large.

Only the prison guard knew what really happened but he kept his mouth shut.

No alibi could be more perfect.