Dear Mr. Odd Todd ,
This is Mr. Deng. Are you forget me? How are you? I really want to see you when we are a part.
 Tell you my boss need to get the sergary for the blatter becase his urine is red. Everyone is worry he is sick but then the doctor said he should get the operation so his body condition is more good. He say he should eat the healthy food before but time can not be backed….
Aiya, now the baby of my sister only want to say bad words. She can say bra ! Everyone want to gifting to her of the toy so she is sometimes nauty. It is kind of problem in China now becase The One Child Polocy so the grand parent always want to gifting to it so the child is bad becase always get the gift.
At my job I am more sucessful these days. My salary will be upped again becase the factory is get more money for the shoe.
I put the photo of this place here to you again. Now it is warmer so can feel more easeful !

The tree for the rode is so green from the leef. Here it is spring season now so warmer then USA snowing !

Now in China we have the USA corn plant food. The farmer can selling it.

Very nearsome to my factory is the small canal…it want the people to look at it.

The temple of mistery is so loverly now becase the flower. You should also look at it.

Now there is one new building for SZ Eye Hospital . Now China is so rich you will not believe to it!

The flying pigeon car is useful for the farmer.

It is the funny thing again for the small child. The forgeiner always want to laugh at it.

At the Civic store on Bao Dai rode there is this is the game for the child to grab the toy. The child and the simple farmer always want to do that.

Now in SZ there is many new hotel. My boss say there is many massage girl for sexing the man .

You must inning that gate to go into Suzhou city and also to outting. It is when there is a wall around all of Suzhou city but now it is smashed down.

The small farmer market again. Everyone want to buy the food in this place becase it is cheaper then the Trust Mart.

The farmer can sell the animal and plant foods to you.

The truck is smashed down on the motorbicycle. The men must yelling to get the money.

The arch to the temple of longevity. It is the place for the old man to sit and chat.

At my factory is my friend Wang. He is poor and is very old but he is good becase he is always so happy.
Try to enjoy your life over there in that place my friend. Later will chat to you more!
-Mr. Deng