Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life with that Dog! Long time did not chat to you! Time is flying.. Soon my wife will get one baby. another news from my side; I am now learning to get a driveing lience to drive the car! In china, we need to test for 5 different exam.s to get it. My boss want me to also drive the shoe car so when I get that then I can help my boss my every night to deliver the shoe to the store!

Also want to tell to you that one Germen forgeiner at my company go to the hospital to get one prick in his arm. So I help him to do it. Tell you he is so strange. He want to pay more money for the new needle not the old one that is cheaper. His English word is very hard for me to know his meaning becase his sound is bad. He is always yelling at the Worker and is always angry so no one like that man.

Tell you that I make one video for you here from the film on my CPU:

My friend at my company help me to make it and to put the beauty koree music to it. Tell me if you can see it !

I put the photos of the food in this place here to you! Now look at it !

The noodel restaurant always have that kind of man. He is from the west China place. His word is so strange.

It is very cheaper in this restaurant so everyone at my factory will eat there to save the money! Only 3.5 RMB for the noodel!

Also there is KFC but it is spensive. The man and small child always want to eat that!

The old farmer woman can selling the fruit to you!

I do not know the English word for it. In China we say it is like horse testicle.

The store for the fruit. You will want to put all the fruit inside your bellow becase it is so delishus !!!

The red plant food to you. You can yelling to the store owner to get it cheaper. My sister is very good to yell for a long time to forcefully lower the price!

The camel foot. You can eat that but it is spensive!.

The tong of the duck. It is very very delishus! The forgeiner always hate it but it really is good so you should eat it.

The snake food is also good. You can put that in the hot water and drink the blood. But it is also very spensive so only the rich man can get it.

The farmer have many plants on his bicycle. He can take that to the selling place to get the money for it.

The new Western stile toilet in my house! Everyone want to use it becase it is so modern and good.

The USA man Ronald want you to eat in this place. The child always want to eat that kind of meat and bread food.

Later will chat more to you so do not be so sad in your house today!

-Mr. Deng