Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Ow! Hi thank you for that gift to me for the 100$ USA money for the webbing!. You are so kindy and lovely but you should stop your gifting to me because I am really the rich man now !. When you see my new rich man house you will be surprise and then your hat will go up and you will fall down! !!!.

Please try to visit my new house when it is finished becase that house will have one USA room for you so you can feel more easeful when you visit to my house!.

Tell to you that my boss must pay the fine to the police becase he take the bribe money from that USA company. My boss must buy many crabs to give to all the police mans at the Suzhou Public Security Bureau so they can forget about the bribe of my boss from that USA company. Now my boss is so happy becase he can keep all the money .

Here is more photo for you of this place. Hi, remember to try to remember that everyone like you.

The stove to burning the foods. You can buy this kind of coal it is very cheaper.

At this place is one small store that you can buy the old wood from the old house. You can burning that wood to burn the foods.

The door of the rich man house is very old. The rich man is died now so it is closed so no one can go in that house.

The door is very old. When the man is died then the family of that died man will put the died man into that building and close the door with the brick. It is kind of house for the dead mans.

The glass will stop the Villian to climbing into the window. These days there is many bad farmer that want to go into the apartment to stell the things.

The old temple for the budist. You can go into that building to ask the god for anything you want to get.

The man can stand on the boat and collect the garbage that you will throw into the water.

These days many old canal is being closed in so there can be more stores there.

The canal water is gone away now so the bridge will be smashed down becase it is useless.  It is 900 year old so it is terrible.

Later you will get one crab gift from me.  So you should not be sad in your life.  Remember to try then you will be the sucess!

-Mr. Deng