August 04 2013

Hi from LA! Apartment move-in date 8-15! Santa Monica!

from Instagram
Different skyline out here yonder


We found a place to move in to 8-15 and will be out of this temporary spot. Once we’re settled in I’ll update more regular like and turn back on RoscoeCam and stuff.

All is well here. So far so good. Lots of stories to tell.

Bestest of good vibes to all y’all!



Former Angelino says:

Los Angeles is spread out. There are clusters of tall buildings that if they put them all together would be really impressive.

Monkee says:

I SO Look forward to hearing what the dealio is with the LA move. I’m sure it’s biz, but must….have….details.

West Side says:

Santa Monica is a great place. You in a sweet spot to be close to everything. Enjoy.

Wang Wei says:

Congrats! Look forward to your stories from the West Side.

Ding says:

odd todd is such a stupid phucking kunt

Austin says:

@Ding: What makes you say that?

hooper says:

nobody gives a shit what todd is doing anymore

hooper says:

I want to make it clear to everyone that I come to this site every day looking for updates and to point out nobody cares any more. I know I could just not come here any more but then I wouldn’t be the big loser I am today if I did that.

whatevo says:

@hooper at least you admit you’re a big loser. that’s the first step to admitting you have a problem.

mark says:

Yo man come play zSilencer!

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