February 01 2011


Hey! Finally made it home! Full site update Friday day because I gotta crash out because I took the red eye back and didn’t sleep at all because they dude next to me kept shuffling around in his seat and it made conditions unsleepable…

The Annual Oscar Pool will launch over the weekend and I’ll type up some typings later as well! Thanks for your patience. I know it’s been slow this week with the west coast runaround but next week I’m back on it and then some times 5…

Good vibes all y’all to all!



Draw On The Thing says:

Great- another day of kids drawing weiners and huge horse wangs on me.

Artist Guy says:

Let the censorship wars begin!

Artist Guy says:

6:21 pm EST. Go to Todd’s site and what do I see on the Drawing Board – a red penis. Gee – we have such children on this website don’t we?

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Who gives a shit. If nobody paid any attention to them they wouldn’t have any reason to act that way. And quite honestly since Todd draws penises on his stuff nobody coming to this site should have issues with anything being drawn. BTW, I don’t know what horses y’all have been looking at but on my monitor the DOTT screen is maybe 4″. There ain’t nothing huge being drawn on there.

Artist Guy says:

Wait til after dark.

Horse Wang says:

I have arrived

Artist Guy says:

We don’t want “Concerned Parent’s” daughter on the Drawing Board now do we?

Draw on My Thing says:

Finally, something other than weiners. Naked chicks and dinosaurs. My kind of art.

Dick Drawers Unite says:

You can not stop the dicks. With each one erased 2 more appear.

Truth about 'Dick Drawers Unite' says:

There is no shame in being gay.

free software download says:

i like it DRAW prep ceasing THE THING daytime! WITH pass between the wind and! OSCAR plash TOO! « oddtodd.com at this moment im your rss reader

Feminist Dick Drawer says:

You don’t think women can be dick drawers too Truth?

Truth about 'Dick Drawers Unite' says:

I have no problem with women drawing dicks Ms. Feminist. Whatever makes you happy and horny. I’m just saying that the majority of peeps drawings dicks and stuff are the dudes.

Radical Dick Drawer says:

When you erase dicks you get swastikas

Anonymous says:

You are NOT a radical. You are a retard – plain and simple. Thank you and goodnight.

Truth about 'Dick Drawers Unite' says:

GOD DAMMIT!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! I swear, 90% of you are probably gay.

Homosexual Dick Drawer says:

Why do you hate gays so much?

Truth about 'Dick Drawers Unite' says:

I don’t. I’m just tried of seeing the same sh!t on the drawing board.

Manga Freak says:

Ahhhh..its nice to see normal drawings for once.

Clarifying Dick Drawer says:

We draw dicks not sh!t. You may be looking for the sh!t drawers.

i also saw a horsewang at the gym... HELP! says:

i had just read your sauna/horsewang post the day before… and then i went to the gym the next day… lo and behold, some dude was walking out of the shower with his wang just hanging in the wind… it’s not like he didn’t have a towel… but he chose to drape that towel over his shoulder while he walked from the shower to the locker-room… ewwww, gross!… why couldn’t he just cover himself with that towel, instead of showing all his goods?..

while i am on the subject, why do people think it is alright to walk around naked in the locker-rooms of gyms anyway… nobody wants to see your nakedness… my wife says the same thing happens in the ladies locker-room… with saggy boobs and stuff… why must you people walk around naked… NOBODY wants to see you walk around naked at the gym… EVER!… stop doing it!

Cinematic Dick Drawer says:

Todd should pitch a Dick Drawing movie while he is in LA.

Jessica says:

That’s a cute bear! or is it a hamster?

ASCII Dick Drawer says:


Natural Skin Care says:

I’ll take some of your suggestions and try to apply them.

Gentleman Dick Drawer says:

Cock o’ the mornin’ to ya!

seaslug says:

I remember the good old days when this site was updated on the regular. It was fun to check it out, and it was always good for a laugh. Now…..my attitude towards it is meh. Funnier stuff out there (the lack of updates is killing this thing).


Yeah, well– before he was unemployed. Nothing else to do. I think it is great that he has a gig going now, and still makes time to update this site. Stop coming here, or just come once a week instead.

Agent Evens says:

tOdd is getting old. But I agree there is funnier stuff out on the Interwebs, but OddTodd will always have a special place in my heart.

Welcome back from your vacation Todd.

free software download says:

i like it for good and all BACK HOME! 🙂 « oddtodd.com it being so that im your rss reader

WillSmith says:

i7q3QI Hi! I’m just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i’m thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me pls

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