October 21 2011

Draw on the Thing Monday!

Draw something on the thing!


I like fun stuff! Yay! WooHooooooo! says:

Am I commenting now? OK, cool. This is too fun! I love the draw on the thing weekend.

TorresVirginia20 says:

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Ms. 72 says:

This is cool- way cool.

MepFan90 says:

I drew Mep, and some a$$hole totally blacked it out!

WTF?!?!??!? says:

Another session of pre-teen boys drawing weiners, balls, and the ever popular weiner-and-ball combo (ejaculations optional).

Although I see that somebody can spell the “F” word. Wow.

Jessica says:

Cute Solar System! Very accurate with the color choices too! Impressive.

It makes me feel….nostalgic.

WTF?!?!??!? says:

I want my crayons back!

Person who drew the solar system says:

thanks Jessica 🙂

Jessica says:

BP Earth – Political..with a dash of whimsy. Good job!

It makes me feel….aware.

/am acting like I know about art, but I just really like it. 🙂

Katie says:

I love this!

WTF?!?!??!? says:

It’s cool until that birth defect shows up and starts drawing dots. I’ve taken dumps smarter than that guy.

Contest? says:

There should be a Draw on the Thing contest. Rules and everything. No dots. No words. A real drawing face off. I don’t think Todd has even considered it.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

And absolutely NO WEINERS AND BALLS.

Something to Say says:

I have to agree with WTF!?!? I hate some of the people who draw or try to draw on the Draw Thing. Others I don’t mind. Tonight some guy was writing hate speech. Not cool.


Jessica says:

“Come down now” they’ll say.

Adorable ladybug. 🙂

More Designs says:

Todd, this is off topic but I believe you should update your designs in your Cafe Press store. I’m surprised that there isn’t a design for Boobs in the Face or scenes from your cartoons. Dancing Monkey from the 2003 Holiday Special is another design you should include. There are probably others to include in your store, so I suggest asking your fans.

Spazo says:

so right now there are 2 idiots using this thing. One draws dots and the other erases them. They keep doing it over and over and over. really? you are that f*cking stupid and that is all you can do? talk about a strong argument for post-birth abortion! i guess we should just be glad they are on here being total jackasses for hours on end and not out in the general public.

Waterbourne Landshark says:

The idiots always ruin it. You got the group of adolescents drawing penises and breasts(which given that this is OddTodd.com isn’t all that out of place), racial things, and swear words. They do it just to get a rise out of people so the best thing its to ignore them. But then you have the second group of idiots – the self appointed drawing police. They sit there and erase anything they don’t approve of. They are too stupid to understand that if you erase the little kid’s penis drawing, they will either (a) keep drawing them which leads to a vicious cycle of drawing and erasing or (b) they sit there for hours erasing everything drawn. I used to draw on this thing a long time ago but the morons have taken over. My suggestion is if you really want to draw on the thing go to flash-gear.com and you can get your own drawing thing that the drooling imbeciles can’t get to.

police says:

not erasing garbage = leaving garbage for everybody to see = encouraging garbage

Jessica says:

Awesome pic of guy at laptop. Cool idea.

Guest says:

Comments from 2010, really??

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

It’s like a time machine. And shit.

Mr. Guest says:

Yea, except without being able to go back in time, affect the future of kill your own grandfather. So basically it is nothing at all like a time machine…and shit. Moron.

police says:

to the guy who just does grey lines, no shapes, no thick lines … you know that circle above the “2×2” thing, that’s where you can make your drawing thicker

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