Hi Oddtodd,

First of all I'd like to tell you that your site is so funny and ingenious. My sister told me about your site a few months ago and I checked it out and laughed so hard, it really made my day. I told 10 people that day here in my building when I went down to get some coff-ay since I too don't have a 'job.'   Anyway, I check it out as often as I can but since I have sssslllloooowwww internet connection it takes awhile to download your cartoons. But I do read all the other stuff.

Anyway, the issue at hand here is something
free for you. One of the things I do to make mon-ay is dream interpretation. So after I laughed my ass off at your Annual Report I thought I would tell you two interpretations of your sugar-rushed-cupcake induced dream you had during your nap.  So here goes... the first interpretation will be more from the 'psychological' point of view and the second will be from the, well, fun 'psycho' point of view.

Interpretation One
You are on top of the world feeling like a superhero (you wearing the superman cape and your sidekick there).  A far out, unexpected, 'odd' idea (Saturn) comes from being 'laid' off (bird dropping an egg) and then what was born (hatched) was a personality (website) that despite and inspite of the assholes, and fears of being jobless(snakes) you touched the world in ways you never could have imagined had you not been alienated from the 'workforce'.

Interpretation Two
Ok well, wearing a superhero cape with your animal friend (animal instincts) you are feeling on top of the world like you just got laid (snake) and maybe so or your subconscious is expressing your inner desires for more sexual activity other than just looking at boobs!  

Hope those gave you a laugh. If you would like a serious interpretation to one of your dreams I am giving you one for FREE which normally I charge $60.00.   
Just go here www.abeautifulsoul.com and click on dreams, to check out my background and cool ass site that is all about living a cool and prosperous life without working your butt off for snakes.

Take care and thanks for your fun and ingenious site.  Congratulations on your unemployment check deal too.