August 16 2015

Song of the Week!


Anonymous says:

I would rather die a slow painful death from the flesh-eating disease than hang out at the daily facts bored. I have never posted there and I never will. Good peeps? Hah!

jtt says:

Wow, why all the hatin’? I come to OT to get away from the negative side of the news (N. Korea, unemployment, etc)…..

Thanks for that OT! Bestest to you, the Mrs. and the doggies!

Anonymous says:

You don’t want any hatin’? That is exactly why I say stay away from the Daily Facts Board. Todd has been trying get sell the board because they have lost a bunch of people but they are not ‘nice peeps’. They are nasty to each other and twice as nasty to new people. There are hundreds if not thousands of better places if you want a nice normal conversation.

Emil Khan says:

Daily Fact Board should be called the Jaded Fact Board. There are better boards on the Web where meeting new people won’t ruin your day.

Brandon says:

Mmmg cklllp gugggglll glllmmm mmmpffff gllluuggg mmm…gulp.

Awakened Man says:

There is no god.

Leroy says:

Dat fortify my ap was some ol skewlz OT fro bak in the day yo. Howz that bitch wife handlin yo crazy axe shit fo realz

Anonymous says:

Love the video of the hot Jewish chick playing Metallica. Especially around 4:30 when she tries to spin her sticks and fixes her hair.

Stan says:

Some of the peeps are okay, others…are severely jaded. Best to stay away from that bored.

Anny says:

Hi Stan!

I think you should list the people that are “okay” and the ones that are “jaded”. That way I will know who to take off my xmas card list. 😉
Thanks in advance,

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Truly Scrumptious says:

Yeah, becoming great friends with a bunch of cool people who care about each other has made me super jaded. I better quit the DFB and go post on 4chan or reddit.


Anonymous says:

Birds of a feather…You and your clique are very very far from super cool. You can see that here already, now that your group has found these comments (surprisingly, the DFBers rarely visit and are jumping in to complain. I mean how dare other people not want to associate with you. You are mean unpleasant people and all it takes is a quick read through the DFB to see that.

Anny says:

I read the home page all the time, anonny. It’s people like Brandon that make it not worth commenting.

Someone like “Brandon” who causes Todd such annoyance that Todd creates a crap page for fighting wouldn’t work on the DFB – you are totally right about that. Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be just fine.

Davis says:

There is nothing worth reading from the DFB. You people are boring.

Jason Ma says:

DFB members are rude people and hate change.

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Jack says:

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King Kacapeeka says:

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Yuri says:

I’m soooo happy that douche-bag Brandon is gone. What an asshole!

septik says:

I’m curios if I will manage to build a bigger audience for my Windows Vista for Beginners portal.

Yuri says:

Todd! Any new “What’s Happening” stories in the works?

sarah says:

Congrats on the your latest project for National Geographic Todd.

system says:


Max Power says:

Just another day on Odd Zzzzzzzzz.

Jack (not that one, the other Jack) says:

I like the old “Danger Island” better. Back in the 70’s, it was a 5 minute short as part of the Banana Splits, with a very young Jan michael Vincent. “Uh Oh, Chongo!!”

Jack (not that one, the other Jack) says:

Um, Todd? Are we ever gonna see some new content on this website besides Instagram photos and other people’s work? The last time you actually WROTE anything on here was “The Weird Economics of Electronics.” That was frickin’ APRIL of 2013 dude!! And the Jan 2014 blurb about how you should really write something don’t count.

The iPhone is Overrated! says:


I have a dream... says:

… that America will become a secular country and end the stupidity of monolithic religions. Logic and reason needs to grow.

naga says:

waza had be dat cokking sucka mehzta denngh been ?

ding says:

wer has dit cawk sukka mr dehhng bin ?

Some young guy says:

Looks like this site is dead. Just wanted to say that it was one of my daily go-to’s back in the old days, and I wish Todd the best.

Some young guy says:

oh and PS, I hope that “the REAL weeze” guy died a fairly horrible death.

gunfever says:



He’s not even trying anymore. Todd, just turn this site off.


lambert says:

ten years is enough for a blog just ask Andrew sullivans

nooza says:

wadawuz haba det cooka sukka mazata dhennngh bun ?

Christian Walters says:


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