August 23 2011

Earthquake Day!

Wow! Brooklyn just had a real life (mild?) EARTHQUAKE!!! It was all shaking my building and stuff. Shaking just enough where I was like, ‘Huh?’ No big rumble noise. It sounded more like low-end cloom cloom cloom noise. I wasn’t crazy about it but in terms of shake it was the right amount. Like fribble shake. Car alarms didn’t even go off…

PS. I wasn’t sure what to do! I’ve watched 1000 disaster shows and drew a blank on earthquake caution. Get in the bathtub? Wait… no… I don’t have a bathtub anyway? (get in shower?) Put on my bike helmet and stand in a doorway!!! No. Dumb dumb. Go downstairs and run into the street naked and screaming? No. Over-reaction. Umm… How about stand here and shimmy and stare at the dogs all bugeyed waiting for the possible end if it gets worse? Check.

PSS. Btw the dogs didn’t give me a headsup neither with their special disaster precog situation. Stupid lying interwebs.

PPSS. I guess there was earthshaking going on all around. I go to TV now…


PA Guy says:

We just felt something here in Williamsport, PA! (about 200 miles away!) Just a low thumping like someone stomping on the floor, and a saw a perfume bottle sloshing around. Thanks for letting us know we aren’t crazy!

Anonymous says:

I felt it too, I called my boyfriend who was out of the house, when I suddenly saw all the pots and pans hanging from my ceiling start clanking together. I thought it was the window open or the fan, and then the floor swayed.

Scary!! I did some googling and found out that last summer 2010, was the first time in 18 years that this particular fault line has been active. I hope things are not revving up for future stronger shakes!

But my dog did nothing, didn’t even roll over to a new I felt like the quake was so mild that there was nothing to worry about.

Anonymous says:

Mt girlfriend was sucking me off at the time and near bit my cock off.

Anonymous says:

I felt the same for some seconds in Roscoe NY

Anonymous says:

Totally felt it in bay ride, brooklyn. Came online to see if anyone else felt it and came across this. It felt more like a mild swaying I found. It was strange.

markev says:

In my office near Grand Central in NYC and was sitting at my desk with my feet under me and since my chair is on wheels, it started moving on its own. Much like Todd, my catlike reactions meant I just sat there and waited for the ceiling to fall on me.

PA Guy says:

Yeah, we’re all ready for disaster! When the nukes go off we’ll be sitting on our couches wondering if we farted.

Guest says:

The 1980’s called and they would like their global nuclear war paranoia back.

Andrew says:

The interwebs weren’t completely lying about the animal precog effect. I went through a quake in california one time in the middle of the night. I woke up with both my cats sitting on me, which they never do. I was “What’s up kitties?” just as the quake started. They had a 5 minute lead on it.

Yellowdog says:

And now comes a hurricane. Whee!

PajNter says:

Wheres that cocksucker weeze

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