April 01 2011

eBay Auction Test – oddtodd.com (APRILFOOLSESSSSNESS!)


So yesterday, I started googling around to see what this website might be worth (procrastinating basically — see yesterday’s post)– and I posted some random links from various places as to the ‘value’ of this website.

By the early afternoon, via email I did receive an inquiry if I would actually consider selling the URL oddtodd.com. This website acquisition group gave me an initial offer in the low 5-figures for this website which was kind of surprising. (btw I wouldn’t consider selling to this particular group because they also own oddtod.com which is owned by ‘Mr. Skin’ — I obviously have no affiliation.)

Anyway, it did get me thinking. As you know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new Laid-Off cartoon here and for the most part my animation work has shifted into the freelance world featured at oddtoddstudios.com. Truth of the matter is– if this website is indeed worth something substantial– it might be something worth exploring.

So as a test phase of sorts– I’ve posted an auction on eBay for this website just to see where it goes. There are legal details in the bidding listing if you click over but basically it would include the Domain Name, all content (including rights to the animated characters), copyrights and trademarks.

I do have a set price in mind for what the true value is there– but I figure I’d test the waters a bit. And if a sale comes through– then I’d transfer my focus/writing/features to oddtoddstudios.com.

If you want to consider placing a bid and have questions you can write to me at oddtodd7@hotmail.com .

I posted an initial legal contract outlining the agreement at eBay but my lawyer informed me there will be a total of FOUR (4) contracts to be signed to complete transfer. 1. domain transference 2. animated characters. 3. liability 4. the purchase itself

I know this might be disheartening to some if this website does indeed get acquired– but just keep in mind I’ll be only six additional letters away if the bidding gets up there! oddtoddSTUDIOS! And if the money is what I think it might be– you might find a guy at oddtoddstudios.com with a big smile on his face 🙂

Anyway, here’s the link on eBay if you like to consider bidding!


ok bye!


meg says:

whatever Todd, happy April Fools. 🙂

A/G says:

Yeah it’s a sucky mcsuck a lot april fools trick you suck todd.

Anonymous says:

Lot of work if it is…

KOOOL says:

bla bla bla…. happy ! April FOOLS…TODD ;p

the REAL weeze says:


Anonymous says:


SS says:

Every April 1st, I always get upset with your posting. So very believable, I forget who I am dealing with…

ANon says:

wHY do i fall for this FUCKIN BULLSHIT!!!

Jeff says:

I came specifically lookin’ for the goof! Seriously though…why no cartoons for us hater?

Odd Todd Fan says:

Nice. 🙂

Good one Todd.

Anonymous says:

Click on his feedback at eBay to see his recent purchases! What the heck is a “dildometer”?

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Interesting fake ebay ad. Really had me terrified at the thought that this site could be owned by Mr Bukkake from his Mom’s Basement, or God forbid, weeze.

Then I looked at the calendar.

Anonymous says:

or worse yet – Ginger. I’m not voting for her.

Anonymous says:

Your site is only worth 2 bux. You have gotten fat and lazy. You make nothing new and do not even post movie reviews. You are no longer ODD just ordinary TODD.

Post something new and maybe just maybe you can get $3.50 for this site.

Guest's Penis says:

I went on your ebay listing and drew a weiner, balls and a geyser on the Blue Robe Guy. So there.

Skippygrrl says:

I was srsly burned by your Roscoe giveaway a year or two back, so I didn’t get fooled this year. Nonetheless, a well-executed prank, sir.

Anonymous says:

You might as well sell, you haven’t made a cartoon in 37 years.


papa zook says:

$2550!? Are you gonna have to write yourself a check?

Anonymous says:

Up to 6 figures now!?!

JV says:

This is quite an elaborate April Fools joke you have going on here. While enjoyable, I’d love to see an April Fool’s cartoon.

Regardless, good joke. You most definitely got me.

VP says:

In soviet russia, April fools you!

Earp says:

Poor replacement for a cartoon… Kind of like replacing sex with jerking off. Thanks for the hand job tOdd!

Anti-Earp says:

Just be happy that Todd allows you visit the website free of charge. Jerk!

Anonymous says:

Are you Kidding? If someone actually PAID to go look at this site they really would be a fool.

goats says:

DICK! Good one…Nicely set up.

stef says:

ARRGHH I was about to bitch you out then I remembered…

Ash-lay says:

Very well played, sir.

KOOOL says:

I AGREE ! …. Anonymous – You have gotten lazy. You make nothing new and do not even post movie reviews. You are no longer! …ODD just ordinary TODD. !

I would look foward to toons on the holliday suff every year ! and in the past 2 years …..NOTHING ! 🙁

Your just plain every day guy now these days!

Ordinary TODD

Anonymous says:

Oh God, you got me AGAIN, Todd!!!

I don’t suppose there’s a magnet in it for me this year?

XR9 says:

The citizens are restless Todd. What are you going to do about it?

Anonymous says:

cut the guy a break. He seems to have a steady thing going with the toons and he’s finally shacking up with a girl. The man’s got bills to pay and a life to live.

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