January 20 2017

Email From Monkeywarhol!

Hey Todd,
You were kind enough to post my goofy “Lovely Lady” video on oddtodd.com last June… thanks again!!! I really do appreciate it!

Here is the follow-up video to “Lovely Lady” called “Don’t Tickle the Pickle“.

As expected, it’s a Dreamworks-level animation masterpiece! This one should appeal to the entire pickle-phobic population of the world. If you get a kick out of it, please consider sharing on OddTodd.com!

Thanks for your time, consideration, and the laughs!
Monkey Warhol


boocha says:

you stupid fukin kunt. this site is dead.

odd todd says:

my cartoons are old and busted

odd todd says:

i currently have a miniature wax statue of Andrew McCarthy lodged in my asshole

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