September 04 2010

Some Emails and Letters (and Invitation) and Happy Long Weekend Y’all!

Hey! Here’s some stuff to read and look at!
Send me something if you wanna!
Odd Todd – PO Box 23133 – Brooklyn NY 11202

Good vibes to y’all this weekend! Don’t drink and drive…




Thanks for giving me permission to publish some pics for my mac and cheese article. As things tend to workout, my editor did not use the cool-i-o pic from the odd todd, but I do provide the Odd Todd exclusive recipe.

Here is a link to the article.

Don’t forget to celebrate International Talk Like Pirate Day Sept 19th (ARRR!)

Thanks again

Brian Steinberg
The Washtenaw Voice
Ann Arbor, MI

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 22:15:04 -0400
Subject: hello todd its me paul again

i wrote you a while ago and asking you for a autograph, i dont know if u lost me address, you posted my letter wich was nice.

thanks again paul

I figured you’d moved on to a corner office or died or became a youth ministry leader or something. I had NO idea that THE Odd Todd continues on. Wow. Memories! Must fill my (diswasher-faded, thanks Cafe Press!) Coff-ay mug tomorrow in tribute. Seriously, hope all is going wellish for you.



i’ve been following OddTodd for the past 7 years (since i was 11, i’m 18 now), and you are just an amazing person. i can always rely for your website to put me in a better mood when i’m down in the dumps. you are hilarious, and i hope you continue to do this website as long as you possibly can. always love the pictures of the week and the stories about new york, i hope one day if i can visit new york that i can meet you, you are my hero!

with love from california, greg



Mr. Odd,

We don’t speak that often, but I’ve always been fond of your sincere ( and non-automated ) replies to my e-mails. You sent me a coffee cup once that was lost in the battle of 2009 when my girlfriend kicked me out and I was homeless. How I miss that cup with your image so boldly portrayed on its exterior, the shiny coating protecting it from unintentional disfigurement.

I’ll have you know that among the geekyiest of circles , you are a legend. A man to aspire to, a true patriot to living a virtually penniless existence in today’s modern society; stick it to the man! Success for allot of people is based on their misfortune. My misfortune is based on my misfortune. Sitting here, in Heidelberg Germany, an ice cold white Russian in one hand, cigarette in the other, I can’t help but notice all the astonishingly beautiful women walking past, that astonishingly have no idea that I exist. It’s just as well, because at least that way I can look at their boobs and not have to worry about them catching me! am I right, hu, hu??

Regardless, keep up the good work

Love, cookies, boobs, coffee, and tv


Sorry I can’t send money I’m laid off too -been up all night- you were right
about everything in the video.- I am a 60 yr old woman- not likely the find
work. I have applied for 28 jobs, 1 interview and they did not even bother
to tell me I didn’t get the job. I even applied to be a Sears Santa this




R N says:

Coolio letters. In response to the postcard from that Texas guy — Davy Crockett gay? How is that possible?

The Great CaptainTaco says:

dunno, but the raccoon cap was “FAAAABULOUUUSSS!!”

Anonymous says:

Fuck odd todds autograph. Fuck the Alamo. Fuck your coffee cup. Fuck new york. Fuck your wedding. Fuck sears santa AND fuck hot dog buns you fucking cock suckers.

Doctor Mep says:

You seem to have a lot of anger issues. Seek professional help.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

I just took a dump so big, I dropped 3 pant sizes and 1 hat size!

Rae says:

So are you going to go to that wedding?

goats says:

Don’t go to the wedding todd–they might try to eat you! I hear there are cannibals out in San Fran~

Medusa says:

ok so this year we only worked monday made half of what we did last labor day weekend, last year we worked all weekend as well as monday and made only double this one. So my question is what is wrong with you shoppers, why do you want sales when you’ll spend as much anyway.
I feel like I totally wasted last years holiday now…and here I was worried that we didn’t have any special deals for you holiday slackers who get the 3 days off.
Fickle shoppers.
And to you part time posters, get lost go log into some other blog and quit wasting our space with your drivel and nonsence, tOdd is awesome and deserves your respect not your insults!

Z says:

Dude, love the publicity, tOdd!


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