June 07 2013

Every time I leave the house he guilts me..

from Instagram
Every time I leave the house he guilts me..


Spoodats says:

He’s waiting to make sure you are leaving long enough to go get some of that tasty toilet water and then lick you when you come home again.

DeeJay says:

That is so awesome! Olga sits on the back of the sofa and I can see her watching me as I pull out of the driveway.

Kevin Chan says:

He is just happy you are leaving so he has a break from your neurotic behavior for a little while.

Sarah says:

How is Todd neurotic?

KOOOL says:

I know that LOOK! Please don’t go Please don’t go!

My cat does that to me! in my window! When I haft to go to work ! 🙁

Anny says:


Mellie says:

You can always tell an epxert! Thanks for contributing.

Roscoe says:

I know what you did Todd. You can’t hide it from me. I know you too well. I will stare into your soul until you admit what you did.

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