July 08 2010

Everyone is Against Me Shoving My Broken Air Conditioner Out the Window?

So of course my air conditioner broke yesterday during the heat wave. How could it not? I hold no grudges against it. In fact, I’m giving props to Panasonic for making a product that actually lasted over a decade with no problems. But yesterday the compressor gave out with a wheeze. I used all my expertise to try and fix it (which involved me hitting it with a hammer in various places). But no dice. Now it sits in my window all sad and broken. Look at…



I ordered a new air conditioner and it should be arriving by tomorrow. But now the dilemma is– what is the best way to get my broken air conditioner down four flights of stairs? How can I carry it down without breaking my back or tumbling down the stairs with it or whatever? What is the easiest way for me to accomplish getting it out of here? (it’s crazy heavy!)

And then I started thinking around the idea of just shoving my the friggin thing out the window and letting it smash all over the concrete below…


Before you roll your eyes and dismiss me as an idiot (again)– here are my arguments for the shove:

1. It would be way coolio to do!
2. I could film it from various angles and put it up on the youtubes!
3. I would make absolutely 100% sure it wouldn’t hit and/or smush anybody.
4. It would be exciting and fun!
5. It would be 100000x easier than carrying it down the stairs!
6. It’s not smashing on the sidewalk. It’s smashing in like a gated cement courtyard.
7. Boom!
8. I’d finally get to see what’s really on the inside of an air conditioner!
9. Maybe it would make a whistling noise on the way down? It’ll be like sciencey!
10. It’ll only be in the air for what…. a second?


Of course, I would make sure a friend was downstairs to make sure people stand way back. And I would have that person wear safety goggles totally in case of shrapnel. And I’d move the Vespa too (although not would be a different kind of cool). Anyway, to me it seems like an opportunity that’s too good to pass up! No?


But I’ve brought this up to a bunch of people and posted on the TV message board here and it seems nobody supports this idea! WTF?! Nobody wants to see this video of the smashdown crashdown? Nobody cares about my back? We’ve all heard stories about air conditioners going out the window– but have we ever seen one? Am I way over thinking the cool factor in this? I don’t even think it’s illegal, right?


All in favor say ‘Aye!’

ok bye!

PS. I’m only half-serious?
PPS. Yes I know I covered this here so I should know better?


Anonymous says:

Haven’t you seen Happy Gilmore? That wasn’t just a movie it was a documentary!

eric watson says:

Hell yes, let it fly, when it hitts it should make a cool thud and you will let the smoke out also. The unit still contains abou 18 ounces of refrigerant

the REAL weeze says:


the REAL weeze says:


Bob Boner says:

The hell with the air conditioner, shove weeze out the window and film that! We would all love to see that on the interwebs!

Anonymous says:

All in favor of dropping the air conditioner ON weeze, raise your hands.

I thought so.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

I vote YES. It would be like old David Lettermaney!

Anonymous says:

That poor bastard in the garden apartment is gonna get a window-full of ‘splod-y air conditioner parts. They don’t just go “thud”…they bounce and shoot parts all over the place. And if it’s old, it’s got nasty freon gas in it which will put a bigger hole in the ozone and make polar bears cry. All for your little lazy shenanegans…

Landon says:


Pookie says:

Ya that probably is kind of illegal Todd, with the freon gas leakin out and such. You have any muscley kind of friends?

Pookie says:

Can’t you get the guys delivering the AC to take the old one out?

compassstl says:

As a previous poster said, won’t the delivery-folk of the new A/C unit take out the old? Makes sense.

K Bye!

ALON says:

Dude, you’re gonna break your back no matter what! Or was it your intention to leave all that junk splattered all on the courtyard there? Just pay the A/C delivery guy something extra to carry the old one down with him. You could also call an A/C repairman who could take it for free, they use them for spares. Everybody wins, including the polar bears.

Jason says:

If you cant push it, just give the guy who brings the new one (most likely on a hand truck) to take the old one down for you.

apples says:

Freon hasn’t deen in use since the early ’90s. I say let it fly.

SakuraHimeccs says:

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oddtodd7 says:

Can’t really have the guy take it down because it’s coming UPS… Got a good deal on one via amazon..

Z says:

I say, go for it tOdd! Just be really, really careful. And also, don’t just launch it out the window or it might fly horizontally and hit the fence. Try to hold it upwards outside the window and drop it straight down.

The Tuesday show was great, but I must voice my displeasure that you continue to show men’s genitals in your cartoons. That is a career no no.


WTF?!?!?!?! says:

Since you asked me, I’m not in favor of you doing a Keith Moon and chucking it out your window.

However… nobody can blame you if, while trying to remove it, you “accidentally” drop it. While a half dozen people film it from various angles and make sure no pedestrians or Vespa scooters get hit.

Ah, hell, go for the scooter- you have insurance, right?

Mr. Landlord says:

As a landlord of a very similar type of building, I cringe at the thought.

iLLBiLL says:

PUSH IT!! I threw an old waterbed headboard out a second story window once… very cool crash!!

KOOOL says:

This makes me think OF your ( Tuesday Morning Kauffeee SHOW ! ) The SUMMER TOON ONE ! LOL…YEAaaaaaaa! πŸ˜€

KOOOL says:

P S …I wish there would be a NEW TMCS TOON ! .. NOW That I am not working now ! …Long story ! BUT my LIFE gos on !

anonymous says:

I don’t see this ending happily. . .

stefxcore says:

todd, every time something in my house breaks down (microwaves, boomboxes…), I throw it off my balcony. I totally support your idea. f all these naysayers, they’re probably the types that don’t step on cracks on the sidewalks due to the assumption that it would break their mother’s back.

hebba says:

C’mon Todd! Don’t you have any friends who would help you carry it downstairs? Or…WTF?? I carried and air conditioner up 3 flights of stairs for my friend, who is pregnant. I’m 5’0″ and 110!!! I mean, I know you’re clumsy and there’s a good chance you’ll fall down the stairs with it, but really? Really? Carry the damn thing down!!

Science says:

In my name, you must proceed with this badassery! Aye!

gtpjerry says:

Being an HVAC tech I can tell you that technically it’s not Freon in there, but it IS illegal to just let it go into the atmosphere. And it won’t lighten the load much, so you’ll still have a heavy compressor to clean up amongst all the plastic shrapnel.
However, this is way too coolio for those things to be a deterrent, so let er rip!

Clevegal42 says:

Nay – why don’t you just wrap a long rope around it and lower from the window to the ground. You can still live the dream of watching it go to the ground without the messy cleanup.

Concerned Parent says:

I hope you are joking with this post! We really need are children doing MORE idiotic stuff? This sets a bad example FYI!

Moomatz says:

I think you should, taking all precautions for safety of course. Being a parent, I can honestly say that it would teach children to do eccentric stuff, while still instilling the fact that you CAN do crazy things, AND do them responsibly and safely at the same time. Example: Mythbusters. They do crazy stuff all the time with bigger ramifications and they handle it as safe as possible. I’m confident you would as well.

Smashie smash!!!!

Concerned Pervert says:

” We really need are children doing MORE idiotic stuff? This sets a bad example FYI! ”

No, what we REALLY need are PARENTS setting a better example for their kids. You can start by using better grammar in a public forum where people like me can make cruel comments about it.

Of course, you can follow that up by using good judgement in what you allow your underage children to be exposed to, or are you still screwing that up by expecting the nanny state to do your job for you? I don’t want to be reading here a week from now how Odd Todd suggested dropping an AC unit from the window and now little Johnny or Janey did the same and you’re going to sue him and everybody who posted here.

You’re probably the same type of “parent” who’s suing McDonald’s for putting toys in the happy meals in order to turn your little brats into lardasses. Here’s a hint: DON’T FREAKING GO THERE if you don’t have the willpower to say “no” to your kids. Who’s the parent here? Who’s your daddy?

Anonymous says:

judgment not judgement

Anonymous says:

I have the exact same AC unit and mine has lasted a life time too. One of the biggest standard 110’s I could find and not too pricey. Anyhow, two wheeler. Scoot it out of the window and onto your floor. Strap it to the dolly. Scoot it down stair by stair. Easy. David Letterman would approve of the buidling drop but that’s just the last trend you’d want to start.

Man says:

Do it. It will entertain me and the masses.

Ms Laissez-Faire says:

I vote no:

1) your landlord won’t appreciate it
2) air-con is not rock and roll
3) an air-con unit is so heavy that it will inevitably cause some additional damage to the floor below, which might mean you get in trouble with the local counil… who are the worst sort of people to pee off
4) Roscoe probably won’t like the noise; absolutely not at all with the doggy liking of it
5) You may wake babies, give random strangers heart-attacks, etc.

Just get/make a sledge and drag it down the stairs. Or, as someone else suggested, tip the delivery people and have them take away the old one. Before that, though, why not take it apart and have a good look inside, if you’re interested (I do this with almost every electronic/mechanical device that dies in my house!).

Anonymous says:

I think if the AC is that old it might contain freon vs puron. If you throw the air conditioner out the window there is a very good chance that you will release freon into the atmosphere and could face a fine from the EPA. If it is the freakin heavy you would at a minimum crack the concrete and more likely leave a small crater. I also see you breaking a lot of windows as those pieces fly around. A few years ago I accidentally dropped a unit out of my second story window and it held together remarkably well. With that said….let if fly man!!!!

ali says:

this idea reminds me of when my father-in-law wanted to get rid of is computer. He was afrad that someone would get his private information from his hard drive. So his plan was to take it in his boat and drop it into the Gulf of Mexico. Now, considering the oil spill, I guess it wouldn’t have made a huge difference, but we convinced him to get rid of it responsibly. IMO, so should you.

!@#$%&*^! says:

The “boom” is more like a thud. I did it once by accident. It wasn’t even remotely fun. Also you will probably crack the concrete or spill some hazardous substance or something so don’t do it.

retodd says:

Aren’t those things full of toxic chemicals that would leak out if you smashed it like that? If you’re worries about your back, why not secure it by a rope and lower it down

Chi-town says:

Once upon a time, the windowframe my AC unit was screwed into broke off and everything tumbled out my 4th story window. When it hit the ground, apparently a big piece of the casing broke off and shattered my first floor neighbor’s window. My landlord was NOT happy. Plus, it took a big chunk out of the concrete courtyard. Oops. If you aren’t worried about those things, I say GO FOR IT!

Billy Bob says:

Seriously. Shove it out the window

Martin says:

Aye! People live in fear. Your fear isn’t totally unjustified, but it’s building up in your head too much. So a couple of your neighbors will be like, “Holy crap, wtf?!” And some bozos will say it’s a bad idea; who are they? Just drop it out the window dude! It’s as simple as that!

Natasha says:


Concerned Pirate says:


Whheezer says:


P.S. Vuvuzela!

newb says:

Go for it tOdd!

Refflection says:

DO IT!!!

Anonymous says:

Use a handtruck to get it down the stairs. You don’t need to carry it.

goats says:

Don’t do it. It’s bordering on criminal negligence. If someone calls the cops, you will be in some shit.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

But will it be deep?!?!?!

Nami says:

Don’t do it. If there’s freon in there not only will it be spilled into the environment (And weren’t you just bitching about BP’s negligence? YOU want to do something unpleasant on purpose!) But besides that, it will be leaking while you have to clean it up! And it will also be a LOT harder to clean up 250+ peices of sharp plasticy crap up off the ground than to make one manly effort to take the thing down.

Brandon says:


Raymond says:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” β€” Mark Twain


the best answer says:


MsM says:

I am also voting for using a hand truck. OR You could borrow a Radio Flyer wagon, bungee cord strap it to the wagon, sit on top, and ride it down the stairs screaming like a little girl, and smashing into the walls at the end of each staircase! Or not.

Medusa says:

Too many posts, so sorry if I missed this one, just get a long rope and lower it down all pully style. Just be sure you wear gloves and have the rope looped around something sturdy.
And yes to everyone who wants weeze under it when you drop it to fast, by mistake of coarse.

Preacher says:

Fix it or give it away. Maybe someone can fix it and use it. If we are concerned about saving the planet we need to be good stewards. Instead of throwing stuff away we need to use and not over consume. Freecycle it. I’m sure you have it NY city. Yes, you have it, I googled it. The goal of freecycle is to keep garbage out of landfills, dumps, and i’m sure oceans. If your are finished with something that may be of use to others give it away.

Todd, Thanks for your site.

Peace, Good Vibes, and I Love God.

Ginger says:

Just do it!!!!! I did that with couch off the 3rd floor balcony, then lit it on fire!!!! It was awesome, my landlord didn’t, then I had to move. I did love that place.

Anonymous says:

I’ve thrown couches and televisions off fifth floor rooftops. It’s very satisfying.

Angry Man says:

Absolutely you SHOULD do this. Why not? As long as there are no people or Vespas below, and you clean up the mess.

Sure, it will leak environmentally unfriendly gas out, but guess what? They aint gonna bother to remove them at the recycling place, it costs too much to do that. They are just gonna drop it in a shredder and it will gush out anyway.

Listen to your heart, Todd. SMASH IT!!!!

Futurama Robot Elders says:

Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! [from the episode Fear of a Bot Planet – 1ACV05]

Mohammad says:

I’m on the fence, but Jesus and Satan are keen to see it happen. We’ll ask Buddha when he gets back from his ‘higher plain’ whenever that is.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

Ummm… that’s higher “plane”. As in “plane of reality”. Unless Buddha’s out harvesting wheat again in Kansas.

Mohammad says:

Making Mohammad look bad pretty much settles your fate. Pack for hot weather.

WTF!?!?!? says:

Remind me to show you those cartoons I drew of you humping a camel, Towel-head.

Also, WTF is the deal with all the pirates posting? Did everybody just get back from their summer trip to Disney World? Arrr..

Mohammad says:

Mohammads camel sometimes needs a push, that’s all… totally innocent, I swear. Damn stubborn camel.

WTF?!?!?!?! says:

Sure, now you’ll have to explain those photos I saw of you with those “70 virgins”- too bad all of them are pimply-faced teenaged Arab boys from the Computer Science geek squad.

We never knew you swung that way, Mo. I wonder if those terrorists would have blown themselves up if they knew the truth?

Binary Galaxy Computer says:

tOdd, mankind have always been keen on the mysteries of the universe. My advice to you is to follow your heart and destroy that AC with full force.

Crumbles says:

The last thing I remember I was walking down the street in Brooklyn and as I passed this Vespa scooter on the sidewa WHAMMMMMM

Yuri Gal says:

Ah Crumbles. A much welcome additional to the crew of tOdd.

Crumbles says:

Thank you for the honor of being part of the WHAM

AmySue says:

We live in a 3 story, reverse living house down the shore and every New Years we just chuck our Christmas tree over the balcony onto our yard. It doesn’t explode like some things might, but it’s still awesome to chuck large things off of high places.

-DJ- says:

If you set up a whole bunch of cameras and stuff, you’ll have a much harder time convincing the cop it was an “accident.”

Kristy says:

Futurama Elders dude! I love that episode! One of my favorites! What do you think of the new ones on Comedy Central?

Julio says:

Totally AYE!

Sure it will take some organization to do it safely and record it, but that will still be much easier than carrying it down the stairs!

Don’t listen to all those naysayers, what do they know? Everyone who says don’t do it, has subscribed to the pussification of America.

Plus… I really wanna see it too!

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