What's your deal?

I was laid off from a company called AtomFilms. There were 75% layoffs in June 2001 and that was that. I was doing Business Development for them. Before that I worked at Barnes & Noble.com for two years doing B2B stuff. I live in Brooklyn. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in New Rochelle, NY. Single guy. I like cookays and coffay.

Are you really unemployed with no-monay?

Sort of kind of but not really. I make a living off being unemployed from my tip jar, cafe press sales, animation freelance jobs, and money I got for the book and from comedy central. With all that I am still pretty friggin broke believe it or not. Put it this way, you don't get paid alot of money until you start making alot of money for other people. Right now I'm working on paying off credit card debt. After that I hope to start a savings account.

What's the story with The Odd Todd Handbook?

It's currently sold out and out of stock. I guess they're waiting on more orders before they reprint. I'll keep ya posted.

What is the deal with Comedy Central?

It's a no go now- fortunately and unfortunately. Here's info.

How did you get traffic going to your site at first?

The first cartoon was superpopular on the net and people forwarded around from place to place to place. Then I got some press for being unemployed with the site and all that.

How did you get started with cartooning?

I've been working on cartoons for a long time. I have a big ol stack of rejection letters. I tried to get a comic strip in newspapers and I did a line of greeting cards called 'Odd Todd Greetings'. They became ecards for egreetings.com for a while. All along I had jobs as sales guy and biz dev and stuff like that to pay the bills. This is the first time I've been able to make a living off drawing pictures and stuff.

What program did you use to make the cartoons?

I use Flash MX (although I like Flash 5 more). I'm not an expert in it by any means so unfortunately I can't be used for tech support.

Did you do the voice? What program did you use?

Yes I do the voice. I used a program called Sound Forge and the mic that came with my computer..

How do you do the games?

I work closely with a friend of mine who runs the site ae4rv.com. We collaborate on them.

What else did you use?

I used this book called Flash 5 Cartooning (it might be dated as there are new versions of flash out now) and this graphic tablet thing. There's some great tips here.

 Here's some stuff by people New To Flash.

What songs are in the cartoons?

Here's a list of credits.

How do you get the rights to the music in the cartoons and the Song for Thursday?

I don't have the rights. 

How do you afford to keep the site up and running? Isn't a website expensive?

Thanks to the generosity of Peak Webhosting the site stays up.

How much have you made in tips?

Over $30,000 so far. Holy macaroni!

What's the story with the Department of Labor?

I was collecting tips and unemployment at the same time. They wanted me to pay back 7 weeks of unemployment checks I received. Here's the outcome!

Do you like Cafe Press?

Yes. Cafe Press is most excellent. It costs $0.00 to you to get started with them. Check em out.

Do you read the email you get?

Yes. I read all the email. Unfortunately I can't get back to everyone but I try. I apologize if you're waiting to hear back. I'm working on it.

How can I advertise on your site?

The easiest way is for you to send me free stuff. Then you become 'Official' and I'll put a link up. If the thing you're sending is worth alot I'll put up a banner on the homepage for a while. If you want to buy advertising space send me an email. I'm not really sure how it all works. I won't do rev share deals.

Are you looking for freelance work?

Always sort of. Feel free to write in. The character in the cartoon is not available for commercials. Neither are Elf Up or Mep. :-) Lobster is hireable.

How can I send you something thru the mail?

Odd Todd  - PO BOX 187 NEW YORK, NY 10014

When is the next cartoon coming out?


When is the next game coming out


What is Mep?

Mep is a mep.

Did you get a dog yet?



Got a