February 10 2012

Few Emails and Stuff!


When I saw this less than 4 minute video I immediately thought of you and Rosco.

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park

I hope this video gives you some ideas tOdd.

Jim M



Friends and Family,

Though many of you may have already seen this on Facebook, I wanted to send something a bit more personal to those of you receiving this.

Back in November I finished the first draft of a novel I have been working on for the past three years. As part of the process of making the manuscript as appealing to potential agents and publishers as possible, I have been working on publishing some shorter pieces so that the polished manuscript can stand beside a compelling list of credits.

I have completed 140 submissions in the last six weeks. I received one acceptance letter back in December and, remarkably, three more today. My piece, ‘Glass,’ was accepted by The Avalon Literary Review in December, and I found out today when I received my contributors copies of the magazine that one of the other pieces, ‘Worms,’ was also selected at the last minute. Additionally, Epiphany Magazine has picked up ‘The Abstract’ and ‘Tepid’ for their June issue.

When I began working in the financial industry, I promised myself that I would not abandon my passion just because I had taken a job doing something else. Finding the time to write and edit has required some sacrifices, but the fruits of my labor have been well worth the cost. I am so glad I have stuck with this, and very proud of what I have done so far, as well as what I have just begun to do.

Attached are the four pieces that have currently been accepted, as well as two others that I feel confident will find a home with one of the open publications. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Thanks to each of you for all of the support and encouragement throughout the years. I wrote my first short story in the first grade, and if it hadn’t been for you all kvelling over it, it might very well have been my last.

With love,


I lost my mind the other day.
I sold all of my brilliance
all of my insanity
for a quarter.

I sold it for a quarter,
on eBay,
and spent it on five gummy worms.

Five gummy worms –
for a quarter.
For all that I’m worth!
And all that I’ve ever had!

They were delicious.
I made them last –
I slowly sucked them all until
they were so soft that when I
bit down on them my tongue
was showered with goo.

Food coloring. Gelatin.
My tongue was showered
with the bones of a cow.
Twenty five cents for five
gummy worms. All that I’m worth.

I’m broke,
a broken man with
nothing to spend!
I don’t even have money
for sun block.

My skin will turn
red. I’ll be the color
of a gummy worm.
Will someone buy me?
Put me in their mouth?
Suck on me until I turn to… goo?

The anticipation is killing me.
It will be Darwinism at its very best –
and I will be Lemark.

Todd, I know we haven’t met F2F, but I think you’re someone who won’t mind me asking a favor.

We’re in the final few days on our Kickstarter goal. I figure you know how important this project is to me. I think that I’ve written excellent stories and want to share them with the world–with high production values.

I hope you had a chance to watch the silly video we did at http://kck.st/xS5OSh. We had fun and think others will get a chuckle. If you enjoyed it or saw the pilot video and like it, I hope you’ll consider making a pledge before Sat. Even $5 or $10 helps, because it shows support. More than 100 people, mostly friends, have pledged something, and I really, really appreciate it.

Even if you can’t do the money thing, just posting the link and asking your friends to check it out is helpful.

And, either way, drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled NPR show. ;^)


Re: Odd Todd Studios website

Just a tip for the site: When someone clicks on the video thumbnails it would be nice to have a title and/or a short description without having to watch some of the video. Thanks and great stuff!


The anon on our bored who’s always complaining about our friend Bider
went a little too far this morning…

I just saw this post where he/she said in response to her question of
“Who are you?? They said, “Your worst nightmare, if you don’t stop
over posting.”

I love our bored friends and hate to see so much hate! I hope you can help.


You’re the the REAL weeze aren’t you? I’m onto you. Very clever. Well played Mr. O.T.

Hi Todd.

Congratulations on getting engaged. I know you will make your girlfriend happy.

I haven’t received any weird viruses or updates for the past couple of days from your site.

Although I’m not qualified to help you with your malware issue, you may want to ask around for someone with server experience. I suggest speaking with your Webmaster to get all the details.


Hi Todd!
hey Todd! We are almost done w/updating episode 12 of Corpse O’Clocknews…until it finishes uploading, here is the previous episode, Ryan Fenton’s interview with Robert Lucas- (writer/director “One for the Fire: The Legacy of ‘Night of the Living Dead” (2008) We need awesomely creative people like you to help spread the word about what’s going on with the chapel! I figured since you love Evil Dead, you probably love NOTLD as well. This is important to me, and I thought you may feel the same. You can go to http://www.fixthechapel.com/ to see George Romero’s endorsement…

I haven’t said hello in awhile and then this! hahaa! Sorry! Trying to help with all of this has kept Gordon and I very busy! Which I can’t say is a bad thing. I hope yu have have had a good time with things!


Angry Man says:

WTF with that video

Anonymous says:

Hey todd. Howz about a toon or pictures of the week or a daily fact from tv or a mr deng post or something other than these shitty posts you make every once in a while?

Anonymous says:

Hey douchebag. Howz about you you find another site to hang out at while you wait for your welfare check to arrive instead of making another shitty posts bitching about everything Todd isn’t giving you for free. All the time and energy you have spent here whining could have been used to learn how to make your own god damned cartoons.

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