January 06 2011

Finally typed up a mov-ay review for Black Swan!

Hey! Here’s a review for Black Swan if you wanna read it up!

Also if you’ve seen a mov-ay (old or new) and want to contribute a guest review… Send it on in! oddtodd7@hotmail.com!


Anonymous says:

We need a gf update. How long has this been going on?

hyip monitor says:

What benefit is there to toasting bread instead of just eating it untoasted? If there is no benefit, how much electric energy is wasted on toasting in the U.S. of A., do you think?

Todd Spy says:

I know Todd and I think he has been seeing this girl for a month or so. Knowing Todd I’m betting on a break-up blog post within a couple of months!

Todd's Landlord says:

I think Todd doesn’t want to jinx his relationship by posting about it on the interwebs.

Ali says:

I think we need more than a casual gf mention. GF?

Ginger Campaign says:

Natalie Portman had all the moves in that movie. I will have all the moves when I take the White House.



sex tube says:

that was really funny! Make some more up!

bark says:

Todd’s too busy with his girlfriend’s boobies in face to post stuff. Speaking of boobies, went to the porn convention in vegas! Boooooooobies! But unfortunately Ron Jeremy was there.

Alpha Male says:

I like boobies!


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