June 16 2010

Fish Oil Suspicion (and a Daily Scan!)

So a week or so ago I went food shopping with a couple friends. We all loaded up our carts at the Fairway in Red Hook with the this and that etc. By the checkout registers there was a huge display of ‘Fish Oil Omega-3’ capsules. For whatever reason we all wanted the friggin fish oil capsules (even though none of us knew wtf with why– they were only $5.99 so whatever we all bought some).

I’ve heard about Omega-3 Fish Oil blah blah but never really paid attention to the dilly. I eat alot of fish so I’ve never been concerned extra. And I sort of rolled my eyes at the idea of buying this sort of thing because I don’t believe in vitamins or any of that stuff. In the past whenever I’ve bought some multivitamin on St. John’s Ginko or whatever the natural thing of the moment is– it’s always like totally whatever. And later proven to be bullsht. I think 95% of all supplements are unnecessary scams. (I once got a B- on a science test so I do have some experience here…)

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Anyway, I put the bottle of these fish oil capsules on my computer table and for a week or so I’ve been taking a few tablets a day just out of boredom and because the capsules look sort of like magical honey or something.

The weird thing is lately– I’ve been feeling weirdly good. I’ve just been kind of energized and I feel sorta sharper in conversation or whatever. Plus, I’ve been running up the stairs more. I didn’t really think much about it– but today I woke up feeling pretty good again and popped one of these things and was like, ‘Wait a sec… Fish oil? Are you actually not doing nothing?’

I realize it might be total crap and a coincidence or whatever. But for the first time ever in the world of taking some natural whatever for the hell-of-it-ness– I am honestly suspicious about the possibility that these things might actually be doing something good. (Yeah, it is sort of gross to think about ‘fish oil’ as a thing. Kind of brings up the image of smushing some flounder eyeballs or something. But whatever…)

So I don’t know. I’ve been googling around trying to read more about it but Omega-3 definitely hasn’t helped my ADD– because I can’t focus on all the info. It’s all sort of blah blah blah. I’m like what’s the difference anyway what it says–I guess it can’t hurt.

Sure, maybe I’m just in a good mood because the weather has been nice– but I keep looking over at this bottle with a raised eyebrow. I’ll let you know if/when this passing phase passes.

ok bye!

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R N says:

Happy that your energy levels are up Todd. And coolio designs from the network contact from Toomasooba.com.

My Butt Here says:

Fish oils like omega-3, 6 & 9 are good for the brain. The brain consists of 45% Glial cells which are made up by the fats in the food we eat. The brain will select a fish fat over any other animal fat to make up these cells. It may take up to a year of using these suppliments to see an overall change or difference. Eating fish three times a week would certainly be more beneficial than the pills. It’s also good for the liver.

Anonymous says:

Who wouldn’t consider information that came from My Butt Here to be fact filled and healthy?

helvetica font says:

If there was a crumb on the table and you cut it in half, would you have two crumbs or two halves of a crumb?

KrackaKrum says:

What a crummy query

Preacher says:

Love one another. Good vibes to all.

jo says:

Dr Oz goes on about Fish Oil all the time. His site would have info tOdd.

And he says Krill is the best choice for that. Although you will die from the taste of it, so uhhh guess it kinda cancels out the brain boost thing eh?

WTF!?!?! says:

The rest of the medical world considers Dr. Oz a wacko so probably not the best advice there.

Those fish pills aren’t doing anything. Look up “Placebo Effect”.

Angry Man says:

Just last week there was an international symposium (somewhere in Europe I think) about fish oil that discussed all the latest scientific research. In short, the recent good feelings you are having are not related to fish oil. However, if you take fish oil regularly (or more specifically the omega 3 component) you will have MUCH less chance of heart disease in the future and VERY MUCH less chance of developing dementia in your old age. Also the beneficial effects on other brain diseases such as schizophrenia, ADHD etc are now beyond doubt. However, other fatty acids found in vegetable fats actually reduce the effect of Omega 3, so supplements such as Flaxseed oil should be avoided. Also, frying fish in vegvetable oil, or fish tinned in vegetable oil are also not a good source of Omega 3. So, keep taking your fish oil.

This is actual science, not just rumours on the internet. Here are a few good links.







Yellowdog says:

Fish oil is good for your cardiac membranes. Helps heart health. Ain’t a miracle cure, but what does it hurt to take the pills (aside from your wallet)?


But if you already eat a lot of fish, you probably might not need to take supplements also.

WTF?!?!?!?!? says:

Now that you’re feeling all energetic and stuff HOW ABOUT NUMBER NINE ALREADY?!?!?!?!?

Spazo says:

“and VERY MUCH less chance of developing dementia ”

might be too late in this case (see “nice to meet you” post)

your body is pretty complicated and just sticking nutrients, vitamins, supplements into a pill isn’t the best way to go about things. it is a very inefficient process where more of the supplement ends up as waste than is used. its always better to get the stuff from a natural source whenever possible. if you weren’t getting all happy from eating fish then there is really no chance you are getting all happy from fish tablets, unless they are fish tablets with Ecstasy.

i laughed when whoever it was wrote “its actual science” like that means anything. (egos + corporate grant money) * a little knowledge is a dangerous thing = (subjective results)^(agenda*fools). actual science used to say eggs were bad bad bad. cholesterol evil! now actual science says eggs are good good good. egg cholesterol awesome! Eat eggs by the dozens.

WTF?!?!?!?!? says:

And these scientists are the guys we’re supposed to believe when it comes to such things as “global warming” and “evolution”????!?!?!?


Anonymous says:

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RaySan says:

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Anonymous says:

Total carp, Todd!

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