December 11 2012

Friday’s Boss From Hell *New*

Not sure why but got a few new Friday’s Boss From Hell stories this week. Posting em here. Honeymoon story to resume on Monday! Day Two!

Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 14:11:50 -0500
Subject: Boss From Hell

My boss from hell hired me to spy on my coworkers. I am a nurse with 10 years experience in various settings and she has never worked a cart in her life. She promised me a full time position when she hired me and then hired a brand new 22 year old kid and gave her the spot when I figured out how she was using me and quit reporting to her. She listens to gossip and judges her employees based on what she hears. Writes me up for things other nurses do all the time and they don’t get written up. She even came in to write me up on Christmas eve. I worked Christmas and Christmas eve for her what a grinch. I have worked every Saturday and Sunday for her for a year and 1/2 but I am seriously considering telling her to shove it. I have another job. I had to get because my husband had surgery. I like my patients and work the weekends to avoid her. the company is good to work for and good benefits if I could get them.

I feel she wants me to look inept in the eyes of corporate when she is the stupid one. oh yeah she could care less about our patients they are moving out two by two and complain about her daily. she has moved her schizophrenic mother into our facility and her staff has to take care of her she shits her pants daily. Not to mention the conflict of interest here. Do I win the contest for the worst boss ever?


Subject: Friday Boss From Hell
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 02:32:31 +1100

I sent this to in response to another invitation last year, but they changed the sex of the managing director for some reason.

As a consultant to corporate firms undergoing growth and change, I have plenty of war stories when it comes to bad bosses. I don’t get annoyed; after all I’m here to address business problems.

My usual reaction is quiet amazement at how some people can rise to senior positions, despite obvious negative character traits, and how businesses achieve success even with these leadership eccentricities.
Here’s just one such story.

I once supported a CFO of a newly-listed corporate in establishing the finance function. However, he quit just two weeks after I started work, and a month before the first quarterly reporting deadline.

With relevant CFO experience, I was asked by the managing director to fill in for the position, with the potential of taking on the role permanently if I was interested.

With only an inkling of the issues, I said I would need a day to assess the situation and develop plans so we could agree on targets.

The next day, on hearing what was obviously not good news, and before plans could even be raised, her response, however, was a screaming tirade – both personally and professionally directed at me – to which the whole office was “treated” to.

I reacted calmly and asked: “Is this not a good time?”, but the question merely served to inflame the MD’s anger, and so it went on. A staff member observing the situation later said such antagonistic behaviour was not uncommon, but most employees and suppliers reacted by being either submissive or confrontational.
Needless to say, despite meeting the quarterly deadline, I did not express an interest in the role.

I later learned the MD has a whole suite of other reactions to stressful situations, at one point sobbing on her hands and knees in front of employees. Last I heard she has left the company.


Zalgats Gidzuw says:

What really burns me is how you take a job because you need a job knowing full well if the economy was better you would be in a kick ass position somewhere. It’s the same with the rest of my coworkers, we are all there working happy to have a job and know we will get something better soon. But then they try to manipulate you by suggesting that your as dumb as the job is and undercut your true skills ,education and experience all the time. Bunch of dicks.

you make me sick says:

Where has that cock sucker Mr. Deng been ?

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