November 30 2011

Got Throat/Cold Situation Day 2 – Couch Time Day 2


I got like sick or something which sucks so I’m gonna stay on the couch today (again) and do nothing but drink tea-ay or whatever.

Thanks for all the suggestions on books and movays. I sort of ended up half doped on Tussin so wasn’t too productive entertainment-wise.

By the way, I may be contagious. I might not be contagious. How do I know? It’s always weird when people are like, ‘I’m sick but I’m not contagious anymore…‘ ? You don’t know!!

Anyway, I loaded up on Puffs Plus and extra Tussin and plan to be over this thing by tomorrow fo sho…

If you have any suggestions (TV or movays) please post below.

Thank you.

The Currently Under the Weather Guy Who Runs this Website Named tOdd

PS. Fixed the link to the Twilight review, added new Morning Coff-ay Video (below), and as always– updated Coolio FunLinks!


Arwen says:

Sorry you’re sick big guy. Feel better!

Anonymous says:

I have a suggestion. I suggest you shut off the fucking television and go fuck your woman right up her filthy fucking asshole !

Angry Man says:

Maybe seeing Twligiht made you sick idiot

Lorelei says:

I fell in LOVE with a Canadian thingy I found On Demand/ Free Movies/ Fear.Net—-

Todd and The Book of Pure Evil. Fucking FANTASTIC!

Done up like a completely dysfunctional Disney-style sitcom, but with lots of pleasantly lewd plots and pottymouth.

I guarantee you will laugh your Odd Ass off.

R$N says:

I agree. Last episode had Todd’s friends turned into cavemen after a girl used the book. This girl’s dream was to become one with nature.

As for books to read, I have a suggestion:


Written by ~ Haruki Murakami

Dave says:

I recommend The Postmortal by Drew Magary. Motherfucker stole my idea.

Anonymous says:

sound of music 5 is pretty good

Goats says: Free shows. If you google viptv Real Player, you will get more shows and abetter version of the site! You will be entered for hours. All of Hells Kitchen is up…for free. ENJOY!

Yellowdog says:

TV – Hoarders on Netflix. When you finally feel better, you will clean your apartment out like a whirlwind hit it.

Books – Have you ever read The Relic by Preston & Child? Fantastic.

the REAL weeze says:


Zucc says:

I suggest you get into Lee Child books. Start with the first one and work your way up. They’re currently 16 books. First one is Killing Floor. Give it a go. Official site here – Feel better!

Nicol says:

Watch Cooking shows on the Hallmark channel.

Anonymous says:

I think you would dig “Just Kids”, the Patti Smith book. Also, I think “Our Idiot Brother” is on Demand right now; I’m curious about that one. Don’t watch any daytime TV if you can help it. Feel better!

JB says:

Check out ‘Limitless”, if you havn’t watched it already. I am recently on a seasonal lay-off and digesting alot of good movies and books.

My Butt Here. says:

Watched a creepy quick movay called The Shrine on the NetFucks. oops NetFlix.

jimmy says:

Movies: Funny Games (1998) German version. You can adapt a few of the techniques into your cartoons.

Books: “The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow” by Jerome K. Jerome. Literally my favorite book and one I’m sure you’ll like, just look at the title.

R$N says:

Movie Suggestion:

Enthiran (The Robot).

This is a must see movie Todd. It’s an Indian (Tamil) movie that tells a story of the struggles of an android.

Think Terminator meets The Matrix. It’s that awesome!!

Goto YouTube if you want to watch it.

Anonymous Post says:

You’re contagious before you have symptoms until after your symptoms are gone. Also, there is no cure for a cold or the flu. There is nothing you can take to make it go away faster. The so-called cold cures just mask the symptoms which will make the illness last longer and you are still spreading it around to everyone else. If you get sick. Go to bed and wait it out.

Or do what I do and don’t get sick in the first place. I have immunities.

earp says:

One time I had a really bad flu, and watched The Stand series by Stephen King

Megan Z says:

Just watched the movie “Beginners” with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. Good flick.

R$N says:

tOdd, look up “Robocop: Prime Directives”.

It’s a 4 part mini series that’s set 10 years after the events of Robocop 3.

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