October 05 2022

Boooo! Halloween Reruns!

Boooooo! Watch all SEVEN Odd Todd HALLOWEEN TOONS HERE!

Also the ghosts of pumpkin contests of the past live here!

And take a cand-ay poll here!


r3t0dd says:

Ooooh, I can’t stay mad at you.

Anonymous says:

This site went to shit when Mr. Deng disappeared. Fuck this. I’m outta here.

Where has that cock sucker been ?

the REAL weeze says:


New Toon says:

YO win some you lose some……………….

Z says:

Great job landing the movie deal, tOdd! I don’t mind totally whatever about how much you post cartoons and what not and I understand ya gotta make ends meet. I just enjoy your daily blog.

Love, Z

whynot says:

Todd, you always make us proud.

marsbar says:

Yay, Todd! Supreme awesomeness! YOU. DA. MAN.

Lovebird Lisa says:

I am SO proud of you, tOdd! Stay focused now! This is way cooler than any Halloween thang!

WTF?!?!?!?!?! says:

Coming SOON (in 3-D!) to a theater near you!!!

Anonymous says:

do what you gotta do,todd….we`ll be here!

Anonymous says:

Really awesome news. Sucks we have to grow up eventually, don’t it??

Jbone says:

Last month or so? For the most part you have abandoned this site. You don’t do site toons anymore and you barely update anything else.

Congratulations on the job and hope you get a movie made but I sure do miss the old site.

Anonymous says:

Way to poop in the popcorn, buddy. Exciting things are happening in Todd’s life, and it would be nice if we could be supportive of him since he’s been entertaining us all these years… Love your site, Todd! Can’t wait to see your movie!

oddtodd7 says:

Exciting times are ahead for you Todd! Thanks for the great post keeping all of us in the loop.


Rae says:

So happy for you tOdd! And very proud too. I’ve been a fan (and a daily visitor) of this site for years. I’m glad you are doing so well!

Thomas says:

Congrats, Todd! This is well deserved!

Allie says:

CONGRATS! I hope Mep will have a cameo in the new movie. You deserve some major good luck! 🙂

Lorelei says:

Go balls out, man. More power to ya! BTW- me and mine NEVER, EVER get sick of your holiday toons. My peeples never tire of referencing your stuff.

Nicol says:

Good vibes to you Todd. We can always go back to the beginning and watch toons from the old days.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Kinda how we used to watch old “Honeymooners” when they were thirty years old, or how I still watch Seinfeld reruns.

Amy says:

Mep had a tv show?

tainted says:

something to think about: will you pirate your own movie?

JV says:

Yah! That’s so exciting! No worries. Writing a whole script sounds like crazy amounts of work. Remember when you included that in one of your toons and then you reminisced about your college days 🙂 Good vibes!

R N says:

Congrats tOdd for getting the movie deal. I love your toons and always felt it rude poking you asking what’s going on. I think everyone has the feeling of not knowing what they want to be when they grow up. I have a general idea, but I feel now I need to reflect on what I want in life.

stef says:

that sounds sweet, todd! don’t forget about us when you become like, totally hollywood famous kewl. not a comedy though? don’t make it cheesey melodramatic “bucket list”/”pursuit of happyness” lameness. add some explosions! some boobies!

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

‘Fess up Todd; you wrote the screenplay for “Skyline”.

Either that or “Cloverfield II”.

R N says:

Todd, did you say that you wanted to write a Drama?

Becky in Tejas says:

Congratulations Todd! We’ve all been pulling for each other for years and I’m happy to see you getting closer to a dream. Tell Roscoe that my doggies are pulling for yall as well!

Angry Man says:

Way awesome news Todd. Can’t wait to see what it is about, Seems like a whole new direction.

Preacher says:


I love God

potato says:

Todd, even your reruns are *still* the best Halloween toons out there. Anywhere. Congrats on the new developments and best wishes on all the potential future stuff.
And stuff.

Turkay hand #1 says:

I still have that first box of mystery. You’re like the guy I could have been if I was born in a different dimension. We’d be best friends in that dimension too. Anyway, get really famous (like Steven Spielberg, not Paris Hilton) so I can sell the box on e-bay for a new house, or my son’s education, whichever comes first. Oh, and good luck or break a leg, whichever is better. Don’t forget how it all started, you made me feel like even though I didn’t have a job, I still wasn’t a loser, and not alone.

cb1 says:

sad that there will be no hallow-wiener toon, but glad you are making good things happen for yourself!

bee positive!

Trick Magnet says:

A movie that takes place in the future!? Will it have crazy aliens and lasers and stuff?

Anonymous says:

Sorry to get off topic, but why is Halloween Special IV an Apple Quicktime movie (.MOV) and not a standard HTML page with Flash embedded in it?

Jane says:

You lost me at “not a comedy.” Please God don’t let it be like that lost at sea drivel you posted a while back and everyone loved. You know I still want to marry you, but try to get a real critique before production, okay?

Stoner McDope says:

Wait… um… you mean these toons aren’t new, like, um, every day, man?

bd says:

When your movie comes out I guess you’ll have to have a guest reviewer.

ttbyjy says:


Ms Laissez-Faire says:

Todd, fuck the rest of us and do what’s best for you. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. Best of luck with whatever path you follow!

me says:

Todd, that is so effing cool! I can’t wait to see a movie written by you; take your time and make it awesome for us!

Odd Todd says:

i’m such a stupid phucking khunt

Jeff says:

Best…”The file is really big (5mb)so modem users might want to download….” there is a lot funny about all that! The times…they are a changin!

Odd Todd says:

You suckers keep coming back to watch these OLD ‘toons. HaHa! I need some Pringles to go with this coffee.

Odd Todd says:

leave me alone. i’m trying to still be relevant

Anonymous says:

It never fails to amaze and/or amuse me when I see lazy people with no imagination “borrow” various internet personas I’ve used on this site. Many of them in this very post.

You know who you are. I’d ask you to go fuck yourself, but really… would you even know how?

Anonymous says:

… and since you’re probably too stupid to understand sarcasm, I’ll answer that for you: No.

hehe says:

Hey! I got an idea… Go fuck yourself.

Fomeopinsesee says:

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