February 11 2017

Happy 12th Birthday to Roscoe!! 12!#mansbestfriend

from Instagram
Happy 12th Birthday to Roscoe!! 12!#mansbestfriend


Say it isn't true! says:

How’d you turn twelve buddy! Lookin good, and happy b-day!

Josh says:

Wow, really have been following you for a long time. Happy Birthday, Roscoe!

Goats says:

He looks great for 84!

vince says:

The good old days, when Todd was begging his landlord to allow him to get a puppy, I was in my 20’s, and the light shown just a bit brighter out.. Happy birthday Roscoe old boy.

Moomatz says:

I remember when you posted the first photo of him as a puppy, and you were right. His cuteness was over-the-top. Still a great lookin’ dog.

Anonymous says:

Happy birthday !

8hjftkl says:

todd has been buggering that poor dog for over a decade ! burn in hell you monster !

Slavin says:

Roscoe, so glad you’re still around buddy! It’s been awhile. tOdd obviously doesn’t over-vaccinate or heartworm-prevent you to death.

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