January 18 2012

Happy 7th Birthday to Roscoe! (one day late)

Roscoe turned 7 yesterday and I forgot until the end of the day and felt guilty about it. January 18th! Duh! Of course! Don’t worry he got an emergency big hunk of cheese and a piece of tuna roll as a late gift.

It might seem weird to acknowledge a dog’s birthday because dogs are somewhat unaware of things like “birthdays” and “time” and somewhat with “self”– but he’s a nice guy so I figure it’s time for a bit of Roscoe post with….

Fifteen Quick Facts About Roscoe!

15. Roscoe is currently on a diet. Last checkup he was 5lbs overweight so we’ve cut back on biscuits and treats (he used to get them all day long every day just for being good) — now he gets carrots instead. At first he was all wtf with the carrots– but now he seems to like the carrots as long as they’re fresh. (he doesn’t like those mini-carrots though– he thinks they smell weird.)

14. Lately Roscoe doesn’t like it when a dog sniffs his privates for too long. If a dog goes long with an oversniff at his crotch — Roscoe will freeze up then throw a flag on the field and will start fighting with the oversniffy dog. It’s a problem at dog park 🙁

13. Sometimes I play one on one with Roscoe in this open field near our apartment. But because he doesn’t like to chase balls around (he won’t chase one friggin throw)– the only way for us to play is for me to chase him around yelling how I’m gonna get him and grabbing at his butt. Once I noticed some teenagers watching me chase my dog around and it was embarrassing.

12. Roscoe really likes having Lola as a roommate and they’re BFF (even though she’s a thief) but the bed is crowded now. I’m like all tetris in the bed all night trying to navigate my legs around the dogs and stuff.

11. Roscoe doesn’t like anything with citrus and he doesn’t like anything with peppers.

10. He pleads with his eyes to have the window open when we’re driving places because he likes the breeze in his snout. I feel it is the way of dogs washing out their olfactory smeller. I imagine it gets gunked up with all the city smells and this is the way to flush all that out and sniff clean again.

9. Every night around 7pm Roscoe asks to bark at me for like 10-15 minutes. I don’t know what this is about because he doesn’t want anything except to bark at me and give me sideways looks. So we get in the bed and he barks and barks (the neighbors know all about it). I think it’s just his form of conversating.

8. Roscoe has neighborhood arch enemies. These two black poodles. They can be literally a block away and start hating on each other. Those dogs give off a bad vibe to all dogs it seems. They’re like the Voldemorts or something. Roscoe hatttttesss them….

7. I’m still amazed Roscoe doesn’t like watching TV even if Dogs 101 or It’s Me or The Dog is on. I figure he’d be into that stuff but he barely cares about TV. It’s interesting though that sometimes barks on TV are ‘legit’ and he’ll go nuts and other times he’ll know they’re fake.

6. Once every three months or so Roscoe will sit at the window and howl high pitched like a wolf.

5. Roscoe can’t swim. (We tried to take Roscoe and Lola swimming at this place called Water4Dogs here in NYC last year. It’s like an indoor pool/tank. We strapped lifejackets on the dogs and brought them in with us. They both were absolutely petrified and panicked. They kept trying to crawl up on us. After ten minutes and dozens of scratches all over us– we gave up on teaching the dogs to swim).

4. He’s the greatest boy dog in the world and he totally changed my life. I originally met the gf because of him at dog park and now look what happened all engaged and stuff! So much has happened because of a dopey dog.

3. He farts up a storm if he has too much cheese and the other day he had to go outside bad and he made diarrhea all over place in front of a couple kids who went ‘eewww…’ because it was all farty and stuff.

2. He’s definitely pissed that it hasn’t snowed properly in NYC all winter as snow might be his favorite nature thing. I’m sort of pissed about it too…

1. I wish him the happiest of happy birthdays. And I’m floored by how much I love him. Because of him I met my girl (and got Lola too) I do believe you can love a dog as much as a kid. Seven is a lucky number to me. Here’s my first Roscoe post if you wanna revisit….


Nick says:

I’m a total animal nut and my pets are spoiled beyond belief. Last fall my first kid was born. I can tell you, as strongly as you feel for pets it doesn’t compare to how you will feel for your new baby. If you guys are heading that way, you’ll see.

Mr. Dad X says:

As a proud father of 2 I will be the first to say that children are fairly over rated and I believe most parents will agree.

Nick says:

Most parents would probably agree you are failing as a parent. Proud father? My ass.

Berzel says:

I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I am a good mom but I love my dogs more than I love my kids, and I am not the only person who feels this way.

Nick says:

If you love your dogs more than your kids you are not a good mom. You married to Dad X?

Oversniffy says:

Could be something wrong wiff roscoe. If other dogs be oversniffin just him it might be a sign of something. :-/

Comet says:

Happy birthday Roscoe. You are a ggod boy!

Arwen says:

Stevie says “Happy birthday Roscoe.” You are a good boy 🙂

ren says:

Happy belated birthday Roscoe.

inner monologue says:

Is he circumcised? if not it’s not too late.

SS says:

Happy Birthday Dear Roscoe,
Happy Birthday to You!

Sassy Starshine

Jean_Phx says:

I remember when Roscoe came home with you – Happy, Happy Birthday Roscoe! Many, Many more. They do bring joy.

jo says:

lol @ “the voldemorts”

you I’m slipping if even I forgot it was his birfday.

Happy belated Mister, bark and tell daddy you need scrambled eggs

WTF?!?!?!? says:

Engaged?!?!? When the F did this happen?!?!? Congratulations…. and stuff.

Did I miss an episode? says:

Yeahzers, I second that questioning line.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

I know, right. I think I was sitting on the toilet giving birth to a giant mud baby when the announcement was made.

jim says:

Hey Todd,
How long have you had him?
I remember when you got him but it sure doesn’t seem like
seven years ago.
Time goes by fast!
Happy Birthday Roscoe!

Greg says:

happy birthday roscoe! hard to believe it’s been this long, i remember you first posting about getting him. glad he’s been such a good friend to you todd!

Lorelei says:


Marlee says:

we had a wheaten for 12.2 years…they’re the best

JB says:

Those baby carrots in the bags ARE funky, I agree with Roscoe. My german shepard (R.I.P) used to lie up against me on her back, paws up each nite, and proceed to murmur and yap and talk for a few minutes too! I think it is their way to converse and maybe let out some doggy stress and get some one on one that they need. Happy Birthday little guy!!

Sad Clown says:

Will there be no more OddTodd after tOdd ties the knot?

Nicol says:

Am I the only one that feels like Roscoe is our dog too? Happy Birthday Roscoe. I like how Todd just slipped in the engagement all casually. LOL! Congrats Todd.

Anonymous says:

Congrats on the engagement Todd! 🙂 happy birthday fur face!!

Mr. Son X says:

Congrats on the Engagement! Also, I’m someones child and let me just say that yes, dogs are better than kids.

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