December 06 2021

Holidays Are Here! Merry Merry!

Flash is all donezo! I’ll try and get the old toons up on the youtubes if I can find the original files and all that!

Anyone know how to convert SWF? write me!!

But here’s a bunch of fun SANTA STORIES here!

And if you want to buy some ELF UP AND MEP MERCH it’s all HERE!

Get yer tree-o an ornamento!

Good vibes to y’all for a great 2023!


Bob in Peru says:

Merry Christmas one and all ! (even you , Weeze)

ren says:

Merry Christmas Todd!

Donny says:

Merry Christmas OddTodd!!!

goats says:

Merry christmas, happy hannukah, and all that good stuff to 99.9% of you. Weeze, burn in hell!

Weeze says:

I like boys.

Smarts says:

Showing the same old stuff.

You suck Todd.

Anonymous says:

What, no Kwanzaa?!?!?

You racist bastards.

nuge says:

phuck you rosenjew. phuck you and your tired ass old phucking lame toons. phuck you right up your stupid phucking azshole you ignorant phucking kunt hole

MsM says:

I miss “Draw on the Thing”

Goats says:

I miss the stories…..

OVERDUE: make a new Laid Off toon, maybe we'll come back says:

Wow… Even as far back as 2011 we were complaining:

“Smarts says:
December 28, 2011 at 8:11 pm

Showing the same old stuff.

You suck Todd.”

Suspect says:

Todd, bro, you mailed me an autographed book once, I still visit looking for more toons man, whats the deal?

duke of swirl says:

I watch all of todd’s tunes and play all his games all day every day. I haven’t left my grandma’s basement for 9 years.

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