July 16 2012

Happy Mondaze! Mov-ay Review!


I saw a movay over the weekend and even typed up a review and stuff if you wanna read!

Anyway, my friend shows up and he checks out my new place then tells me he has to use my bathroom…

Click THRU here if you wanna read on…


Fudge Dried Cookays says:

WOO HOO! Movay Review!

Ryan Raddons a.k.a. KASKADE says:

The Summer movie season isn’t firing all cylinders this year.

goats says:

I’ll take the pseudo whats happening—the poop part of the movie review–and love it!
pooping at other people’s homes is NOT cool! My brother fucks up my bathroom when he comes over and it pisses me off! I love pooing at work—since I get paid to poo—but I don’t poo at other people’s houses unless they are GOOD friends! And I usually ask first! Your friend should apologize profusely! He SHOULD feel shame!!!! People think I am ridiculous too. And yeah, I’m closer to 40 than 30, and still feel that way!!!!!

Anonymous says:

Pooping at other people’s houses is 100% percent normal.

Carrie says:

I agree with anonymous. Todd and others probably aren’t eating enough fiber.

Threetits says:

I can’t tell if Todd is serious in that

stef says:

yes todd! keep them coming!

Concerned Parent says:

I for one and happy to see you post blogs here again tODD; HOWEVER body functions especially bowel movements are particulary LOW humor. I hope to see you rise above the TOILET BOWL for future inspiration. Just tossing in MY two cents!

Truth Master says:

You’ve been to this site for YEARS and KNOW Todd is like this. Do you honestly think he’s going to change now?

Skickitty Doo says:

That’s why I never go ever peoples houses anymore. Everything is normal unitl your the one that forget to splungenard the rectinguflator and didn’t take the spingedidgeuwad to the flapdaculatron. It’s always some stoopid thing like that and they never tell you and look at you like you should know these things. Stay away from other peoples houses period.

flowy dress waitress says:

the only reviews i trust or indeed read in the entire interwebs are yours.

Goats says:

Don’t you dare rise above toilet bowl humor, or penis flying out at the gym humor! That is what made this site GREAT! None this pc, I’m a parent, I want wholesome BS!

Concerned Parent says:

I sincerely DISAGREE. I think tODD is actually some what GOOD WRITER and he doesn’t need to STOOP to the level of a twelve year old boy for his material! Thank you!

Concerned Pervert says:

I smashed all over Concerned Parent last night.

And she loved it.

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