April 06 2014

Here's my daughter. Finally arrived! Alice Ruth Rosenberg– Born April 2nd! 8lbs 11oz. She's a cheeky monkey.

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Here's my daughter. Finally arrived! Alice Ruth Rosenberg-- Born April 2nd! 8lbs 11oz. She's a cheeky monkey.


Long Time Laid Off Fan says:

Congrats! She’s a cutie!!

jetstar says:

Congrats to you and the misses on the arrival of Alice. May she bring you joy and happiness all the days of your life.

Arwen says:


Laurie says:

Wow look at all that hair! She is beautiful!

Becky says:

She’s so cute! Look at all that hair!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bobbi Jo Woods says:

Wow, congratulations! Been following you since the 1st Odd Todd toon and was telling my sister about the Mep character and came here & saw this!

jo says:

so adorable

Anonymous says:

Congrats Todd!!

Professor Sawyer says:

Congrats! L’chaim!

FButt says:


Momo says:

Congratulations!! Very sweet. Love the name.

Turkay Hand Guy says:

She’s beautiful, man. Congratulations!

AnnyBoo says:

Perfection <3

Rtvoll says:

You had a kid? Congrats. Haven’t visited this site in a few years. I got some catching up to do.

Nicol says:


Whitey D says:

Congratz Todd!

John "Freakin' " Kennedy says:

Congratulations from myself, Jackie, John-John, Caroline, and the rest of my White House staff, my Fellow American!

John “Freakin’ ” Kennedy
The Oval Office

Joe says:

Congratulations, Todd!

Yay Todd! says:


Jim says:


The Rain King says:

Congratulations! Good vibes to your new family!

Loki says:

Congrats, Man! Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Top Gun says:

Congratulations Todd.

Erica says:

OMG! She’s beautiful and you are all grown up now!

Andrew says:

Congratulations Todd! She’s perfect. You’ll be a great dad.

larry slote says:

So Proud!

Clevegal42 says:


Anonymous says:

Congratulations on the bay-bay!

Anonymous says:

That’s awesome…

Goats says:


That still does NOT count as a what’s happening though!Let’s focus now!

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


lana says:

Congratulations! And all the best for your sweet monkey and the proud parents ๐Ÿ™‚

JT says:

Awesome, OT! Bestest Vibes to you and your new family!!:-)

TJ says:

Congrats to new beginnings Todd.

treefp says:

Congratulations Todd! Enjoy your family! :):):)

Rosco's Gimp Leg says:

Wow! She looks just like the UPS guy!

tish says:

She is beautiful! Remember, the three rules for parenting are: be kind, be kind, be kind. God bless you and your special angel.

Rocket says:

I have been following your website since your first cartoon and it has been a great story. Congratulations!

Jack says:

Her wedding day is right around the corner and YOU have to pay for it. Break out that 401k jar and start saving.

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