December 08 2013

Here’s a Few Recent Emails that Came in

Subject: Link for “Kid Crimson and the Bearded Wonder”
From: Brent
CC: Decker

Hi Todd,

My name is Brent Boylen, and I am sending you a link to a low budget zombie
film I participated in, entitled “Kid Crimson and the Bearded Wonder”.
I have been to your page many times myself, going way back to when you were
actually unemployed, and I have very much enjoyed your cartoons. I have
also heard your commentaries on NPR a few times over the years. It looks
like you have an excellent film forum going, and we are very pleased and
grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. As far as the film, I
hope you enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun to make, and, all in all, I think
it turned out pretty well considering what we had to work with. I am
hopeful that the latest production I collaborated on with these guys will
be finished soon. You may have seen the trailer for it, a post apocalyptic
buddy movie, shot entirely on location in Detroit, called “Lion in the
Rubble”. I think it will surpass anything we’ve done to date.

Here is a synopsis, along with a link to the film. And once again, thank
you very much for your support!


Kid Crimson and the Bearded Wonder is a 2010 comedy-horror independent film
directed and written by Decker Slowey, starring Nicholas Giombi and Seth
Blackstone, and featuring Brent Boylen, Barney Slowey, and Raechel
Zarzynski. Made in Wisconsin for $6,000, Kid Crimson and the Bearded Wonder
marks Slowey’s first feature-length film
An assassin, Kid, is hired to kill a gun wielding priest, Breaker, who has
travelled to northern Wisconsin to try and subdue a sudden zombie outbreak.
Kid’s assignment takes a back seat when, meeting Breaker, he comes face to
face with infected zombies. Kid and Breaker decide to team up and try to
solve the outbreak together. They come across a scientist named Veronica
who explains the zombies are a greater type of zombie, ones with super
strength. She explains she may have a cure and instructs Kid and Breaker to
follow her to the lab. On their way to the lab they meet one of the head
zombies, Maestro, who explains that the cure is actually the disease. He
tells of another zombie like him that is back at the lab and accompanies
Kid and Breaker on their route. Meanwhile, Veronica has taken shelter back
at the lab where further experimenting is going on.
The head of the entire operation, General Deckard, becomes angry with his
troupe’s performances and demands they meet his expectations. When Kid,
Breaker, and Maestro arrive at the lab they discover the evil Maestro
strapped to a table. The two Maestros face off while Breaker finds Veronica
and Kid goes after the General. Veronica reveals she had been working on
the Generals side and Kid discovers he has had a previous experience with
the General.
The film ends with Breaker wheeling Kid off into the sunset.

I thought you might like to know that we have translated the gated fish trap cartoon that RARE/NGS commissioned into swahili. We also made a second practical movie on how to make a gated trap, which is also in swahili. They are posted at Youtube and links are below.

We will see if these are viewed and if it might be a possible way to communicate conservation and fisheries science outputs in East Africa in a practical way. We recently used them at our Fisher’s Forum as one of the presentations.

I imagine a swahili cartoon is a first for you?


Lema la kisasa (the modern trap cartoon) –

Gated trap movie (how to make one) –

Tim McClanahan, PhD
Senior Conservation Zoologist
Wildlife Conservation Society


From: tessmartin
Subject: Animated short films?
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 09:48:43 -0800

Hello Odd Tom,
My name is Tess Martin and I believe you featured my animation The Whale Story back in 2012.
I wanted to let you know about another film you may be interested in hosting, about human-pet relationships, called They Look Right Through You:

I’m also about to make public my newest film, a one minute animation the the Trayvon Martin shooting and George Zimmerman acquittal:

Let me know if you’re interested in hosting either.




Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 20:29:36 -0800
Subject: Jessica T

Hey, Todd you remember me I sent you the perler bead cook-ay from stony point, NC, My names Jessica Dishmond or was its Jessica Tilley now Im married now and I live in xxxxxxxxxx NC 28625 now.

I saw the news report online about you and the tip jar both the before abd after reports, I’m ok with the tip jar. And I always loved that show americas test kitchen and the other one they did and I knew it was you who did those little segments about the food as soon as I heard your voice, and I know its not your real voice I know I know, and well I’m Just one of your biggest fans since high school since I accidentally discovered your site in the library and I was born June 4th 1988 and well I was watching before the big lay offs in NC, and I have been watching every time I get a chance, I can only email I have no face book and etc.


Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 00:10:28 -0500
Subject: Thanks for the Recipe

I occasionally envision some weird recipe when I’m daydreaming and then go online to see if anyone else thought of it. When I find that some has (usually very, very few), I feel justified rather than put out. Such was the case with your Grape Nuts Chili. I haven’t made it yet but it’s on my list of things to do.

One good turn deserves another. Have you ever added hard-boiled eggs to your guacamole? Whip the yolk in with the avocado then the chopped whites.



pencil says:

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Canzite says:

So what do you actually DO now…also Im curious how much money you make.

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