September 13 2010

Heading West Again!


I’m heading to LA at the end of the week (and stopping by Iowa on the way back) so it might be a bit slow round these parts this week because I gotta like get my act together and stuff including getting my driver’s license renewed and all sorts of mayhem so there’s that.

Here’s some things I would like for my trip:

– A new book to read. (A good book. Not one all long and sucky and stuff.)
– New music (want a couple good albums new or old)
– New shoes. (I’d like to get some new shoes. Not too dressy but not all sneakers and stuff.)
– Things to do in Iowa. (I’ll be around Des Moines and I have one free day. So any sites to see.)
– Reminder of things not to yell out at the airport nor bring on my person.

I’ll splain all about the trip later and hopefully I’ll be back with goodies to report and I’ll take lots of photos and stuff. LA is for movie and tv longshots (I hope to announce something new soon. Man, stuff just takes so longggg). And Iowa is a coolio freelance toon job and I probably shouldn’t talk about yet but it’ll be coolio I thinks fo sho…

Also I’m gonna try and twitter from yonder (although last time that lasted like 2 days before I got lazy about it). But if you wanna see how it goes with that you can follow me on the Twitter here…

I’ll type up a story later too before I leave and stuff. Please feel free to post suggestions below.

ok bye!


Middle Class Guy says:

Another week of job hunting! *sigh*

I’m in the process of writing a cover letter and going through company research.

Anonymous says:

Doesn’t that cock sucker Mr. Deng make shoes ?

Z says:

Iowa? What are you going to do in Iowa? Just curious. I think I know only one person from Iowa, but I can’t really remember if that is where she is from.

Have a good trip, tOdd! May God bring you lots of adventures and good times!

Love, Z

mk says:

TOMS shoes will solve all of your problems. i promise.

mk says:

and for music, you might like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros… their album Up From Below is really good. have fun in Ioway!

becky in tejas says:

Pick up one of Studs Terkel’s oral history collections. I finished “Working” a month ago and am reading “The Good War” now. Easy reads.

plainwater says:

1. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray
2. Dark Night of the Soul by Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch (!)
3. Maybe some boat shoes?
4. Never been to Iowa
5. Have you ever seen the travel episode of Louie on FX? Don’t take personal gel-type substances….

Ash-lay says:

Good pickup and put down book: I am neurotic (and so are you) by Lianna Kong. It has pictures. And it’s weird how many neuroses I had in common with other people.

Dante Bean says:

Any Local H record. They’re one of those “whatever happened to…” one hit wonders, but they kept putting out amazing albums one after the other, and still do today. Snag one. “Here Comes the Zoo” is my personal favorite.

Anonymous says:

The Water Method Man by John Irving

Anonymous says:

License renewal? Someone has a birthday coming up!

the REAL weeze says:


Tr00! says:

Read The Hunger Games. Awesome book, and not too long.

Bob in Peru says:

“A Walk in the Woods” (hiking the Applachian Trail) or “In a Sunburned Country” (Australia) or any book by Bill Bryson. He’s from Des Moines. A guaranteed good read.

Anthoney says:

DANKO JONES!!! Great rockin flight music.

Krankor says:

For a great book, pick up “Maximum Bob” by Elmore Leonard. It’s the funniest book I ever read.

It’s been out a number of years, so the used book store is the best place to look.


Anne says:

New Shoes – Vibrams!
New Book – The Gift of Rain

Anonymous says:

Archie Comics always work for me.

Jean_Phx says:

Never let me go – for the book, great ethics question. Or, Life of Christ according to his best friend, Biff – Christopher Moore. Laugh out loud funny.

JoshPerson says:

I’m from Iowa and there really isn’t anything to do here. Dive bars, store places, chain restaurants, the usual.

Rainy says:

Be careful man!

Anny says:

Hi tOdd! In Des Moines, visit the Living History Farms (google it, pretty cool) or head out to the Prarie Meadows Racetrack and Casino.

have fun!

MrAmbulanceDriver says:

– The Third Policemen by Flann O’Brian. It’s hilarious, short and thought provoking
– The Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi. or Stars Five Ghost
– Polo makes some coolio shoes that are awesome
– Iowa? Sorry.
– tell the guard that you “have some drugs and bombs up my ass, be cool.”

Katherine says:

Have a great trip!
Book suggestions:
– Collections of short stories are good for travel. Pick an author you like already and see if they have one published, or if their work is included in an anthology. (I like Dahl, Bourdain, Mary McCarthy.)
– A good piece of advice I got about choosing books once: “Go to the M section of any bookstore or library and find the Mcs. The Irish tell the best stories.” This was my late (Irish) gramma.
Don’t know anything about Iowa. If you don’t meet anyone interesting there to ask (doubtful), rely on the three Bs: busboys, bellhops, and bartenders. They generally can point you in the direction of anything worth traveling to see.
Have fun!

stef says:

books: anything by bret easton ellis or haruki murakami

music: beastie boys, duran duran, why?, dj shadow

cb1 says:

check out the new Walkmen album called Lisbon, it’s awesome.

Magicshell says:

Based on your movie preferences, get World War Z by Max Brooks for your new book. It is a very smart, geo- political analysis on what would happen to world politics if zombies took over the earth. I think you would love it. Happy reading!

Guy who knows stuff says:

A book… read In Defense of Food, a good book by Michael Pollan

Some music… check out the new album, Mines, by Portland-based Menomena. They’re playing a show at the El Rey Theater in LA tomorrow (thursday) night… you should check it out.

Some awesome BBQ while you’re in LA… check out Mr. Cecil’s on the westside. Go on a weekday between 4-6pm for their food happy hr. Everything is half off. And its delicious.


Preacher says:

Book: The Bible. I like The Gospels. Jesus is great, healing, outsmarting the scribes and pharasies.

Peace and Grace

Ayn Rand says:

Atlas Shrugged. My best book. Will change your life. Coming soon to a theatre near you. Only took 53 years.

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