March 23 2010

Hey! New Homepage! WTF!

Howdy y’all!

Hey! I decided to kind of simplify this page because stuff was getting all cluttered and nobody could find stuff and stuff. Hopefully this makes things better! All new goodies will be posted here front and center! New What’s Happenings or Daily Stuff or whatever! And if I see something coolio I’ll post it here too blog stylee!

Also, I’ve separated out my freelance stuff to be like a real business and stuff. That’s a very temporary site but if you know people who want animation work– write me there too! New site will be done over there soon too!

As for Daily Stuff in general (annoyances, recipes, or randoms) keep sending stuff in to and I’ll post it front and center right here! Coolio FunLinks, Daily Good News, Daily Fact I Learned From the TV and other stuff will keep going as they always go! All listed over there in like permanent places and updated daily!

I’m gonna poke around at stuff and get used to what’s going on here but if you have any suggestions or complaint or whatever just let me know.

Good vibes to y’all! And thanks for hanging in there with me as I figure stuff out…


PS> Yes I know this all looks a little weird… I’m still tweaking stuff up to make it normalized and stuff.


oddtodd7 says:

I am testing this out and this is the test I am testing

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

Testicles one two and three.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

Oh, and weeze, that was just a test- people can still jump ahead of you, like it matters, and you’re still a waste of space in your mother’s basement.

weeze says:

die in a fire, the REAL weeze

Hello says:

Am I supposed to post here ?

Future Guy says:

According to the timestamp on this post. I am writing from the future… 4 hours ahead to be precise. Cool.

oddtodd7 says:


Guess? says:

*angry smile* Change makes me ANGRY! But I like this. Mostly the top of the page. Hated the top before. *angry smile*

Andy says:

When you link to a ‘What’s Happening’ you should link to the specific post, not to the ‘messages.html’ page. Also, style=”cursor:pointer;” over clickable items, such as ‘Post Comment!” buttons!

Goats says:

New site looks alright–but I think if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…I like the look and feel of the Original site.

the REAL weeze says:


Pee Jay says:

This was all my idea 😉

General Audience says:

YAHdOOD Way more gooder-er now. Youre right, the old “new” layout was too distracting and we don’t have the attention span to go diggin for stuff when its all complex complicatedy.

doucheweeze says:

weeze, please kill yourself

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? says:

“Hey! New Homepage! WTF!”

Thank you, thank you very much.

KOOOL says:

TOdd ! …YOU need to do More on the Brick out side To make it look like it is BRICK RED to make it look more real !!! …And I LOVE Bird out side the window ! Classic! It make me Think of your T M Cuffeee… SHOW !!!:P ! HaYeeee TOdd ! JUST do what you do !!! Because ! T H A T S ! ….Y…. we LOVE ! YOU ! 😀

Amy says:


rn says:

Now that I have a chance, I want to say that I love the new layout of the site. Very clean and organized.

jeff k. says:

looks great todd!

Medusa says:

This is cool just the way it is, nice to see a lighter background any way. And the new header is cuty patuty.
I want screen tape, tell me how, the posty notes I use now get in the way, and Sorry old pun coming, white out is hard to remove.

oddtodd7 says:

It all comes together today! Great job T.

Ruth Alan

T$ says:

It’s a bit hard to see the boxses in this comment box, but obv I figured it out…

I think the new website is GREAT! Much easier!

Sarah says:

I love the new page!! =] The only problem I have with this site is the trollyolls. Weeze is the perfect example. And all you people who post pretending to be weeze, stop encouraging this guy!!! There are days where I cannot even view your site because I can’t stand looking at all the “where is mr. deng?” “I’m the REAL Weeze” “I suck weeze cock blah blah blah” Yuck.

the REAL weeze says:

I didn’t think you cared….I mean….YOU CAN’T STOP THE REAL WEEZE!!! LOVE ME!!!!


Filthyike says:

Looks great! I’m having trouble with the new fun links page though. It only loads the most recent link and then it says something in html. Something about a fatal error er whatever.

Anyway keep up the good work!

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