January 04 2011

Howdy! Welcome Back and Happy 20…11?

Hi Y’all!

Wow! It’s all like 2011 and stuff– which is kinda weird but whatever. I sort of procrastinated on my New Years Resolutions which maybe isn’t the best way to start the year. Also I posted something yesterday that said I would post something yesterday– and then I didn’t– so I kind of dropped the ball first thing. But hey! I’m counting that as my official my ‘Ball Drop‘! Starting the new year round these parts! 5…4… 3… 2… 1!

Anyway, 2011 looks like a weird year anyway so why not start it off sort of off-beat? I mean just look at it! 2011… uch.

‘2-0-1-1’? It’s already got an image problem! It doesn’t even look like an actual year! It just looks like a new model of Audi or something! The only thing it has going for it is 11/11/11! And that’s not til November!

And now that we’re officially are in the decade of the… tens? That sucks too because we all know there’s nothing to name this decade just like the nameless last decade. We got nuttin official until the 20’s (twenties)! Which I’m sure will be also called ‘The Roaring 20’s’ (but the roar will probably be mutated giant polar bears who are going to trojan horse attack us via some hollowed up iceberg. And the last thing most of us will see will be some green monster polar bears roaring bloody teeth. Roar. The end).

Hey! Just for FYI-ing here’s ‘Best of the 2010‘ stuff for me just so you know where I stood on stuff last year…

Best Movie: Intervention (it was the only one that I saw 2x in the theater so that’s that)
Best TV Show: Breaking Bad (if this show was meth my teeth would be all rotted out)
Best Album: Kanye West (I’ve been ipod looping it for months now. Love it. Can’t help it..)
Best Coffay: Guatemala SHB Huixoc (Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit!)
Best Reality Show: Jerseylicious (friggin girls fighting in the Sonic parking lot.)
Best Talk Show: Howard Stern on Sirius (been listening since like 1986 and ain’t stopping never)
Best Product: EARBUDi Clips (they clip on my iPhone headphones to hold em in my ears. use em everyday)
Best Dog Treat: Apparently rawhide Flossies (I cut them in half because they’re expensive)

I guess I could go on and on talking about what I like and don’t like but I think that’s pretty much all that stands out in my head right now.

And I’m guessing nobody cares anyway…


Anyway, back to 2011. I have only one New Year’s Resolution!

Here’s the story, years ago I was standing on line at a supermarket and there was a paperback book called ‘The Secret of Success’ staring out of me. I looked at the cover and it said something like, ‘Inside this book you will find one 3-word sentence that will guarantee you will be successful!’ So I’m like frantically flipping through as the line is moving along trying to find the 3-word sentence. Of course, there’s a bunch of other sentences in there about hard work or believing in yourself or whatever. But buried in there I find the 3-word sentence.

It’s ‘Keep your word.’

So that’s my resolution. If I announce I’m gonna exercise (in my head or otherwise) or hit a deadline for something or be better about this and that or not jerk around friends or believe in myself about something– this year I plan to keep my word– and apply that to everything. If I don’t plan on doing something– I simply won’t say it. So there’s that.


Anyway, what’s up with this website?

If you’re reading this right now you probably have known me for a while. It’s hard to believe that in this June will be the ten year anniversary of me being laid-off in the first place! That’s a little weird, huh? But I’m thinking this year will actually be way different. I’m feeling one of the ‘secret projects’ I’ve been talking about for years will finally stick and something will rise off the ground. So there’s that.

I’m also predicting I’m going to type too much about my dopey dog. I’ll do as many cartoons as I can. I’ll take lots of pictures. Write mov-ay reviews. Oh! And also I’ll finally start typing about what it’s like to be in a relationship with me! I’ve been a bit squirrely in the past about girl stuff. So I’m gonna write about it now. Not sure if the gf will be all that thrilled about this announcement but I simply have to blab. So there’s that too…

If you’re reading this I want to thank you for still being there. And showing up here. I know the website sort of dipped last year with the serious lack of toonages and type-y. I’m did my best. But this year I’m going to better that best. I know this would be a great time to really get the blue-robed wonder off the couch and I apologize to anyone unemployed who wants new toonage. You haven’t seen the last of those guys. I’m just doing what I need to do to keep all my balls in the air… (‘Uh huh huh balls in the air’).

Thank you for your patience with me.

Bestest of good vibes to you for a great 2011. I’ll be here…


PS. If you have comments, suggestions or complaints. Please feel free to let me know. More of this or less of that etc…


Sophia says:

wish a good result with him

JV says:

Congrats on your 10 yr anniversary! That’s awesome!

Regarding your best of, I like Kayne West’s music, but his major douchiness makes me feel guilty for liking his music. It’s a feeling of “Oh this music is good, but I can’t support this douche.”

My Butt Here says:

I got some suggestions to name this new decade. Something sorta along the line of the 2000-2009 decade. I called that the Ands. Due to it being all like “And….?” I’m thinking the Teens for 2010-2019. Probably due to alot of growing pains we all will endure. Remember from our own teen years. I’m thinking this decade will be alot like that. Let’s just hope we’re not dorks that get stuffed into a locker and some bully steals our lunch monay.

Angry Man / Chilli Bob says:

Whoa! Nearly 10 years I’ve been coming here on a daily basis. Good on you Todd. Yeah, it’s been a bit slow this year, but it’s always interesting to see what you and Roscoe are up to.

Hope 2011 has big things for you project-wise, and GF-wise.

…and give Roscoe a pat for me. Good Dog!

Jean_Phx says:

Seriously? 10 yrs? I apparently really know how to kill some time – I have had 3 jobs – 2 bfs and lost some peeps along the way! Wow. Thanks for all the great reading – I wonder what ever happened to Mr. Deng? I also really like to see the pics of the week – sad how excited I get.

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Glad to see your “Global Warming Doomsday” scenarios are a LOT more entertaining, and about as realistic, as Al Gore’s. Even I know that, and I have, well, sh!t for bra!ns.

Here’s my suggestions:

MORE Roscoe Poop/Puke stories.

LESS “Draw Weiners and Balls on the Thing”. Like, Zero.

MORE cartoons. At this point, we’ll settle for anything.

LESS posts about being a procrastinator. We know, we know, already.

MORE Pictures of The Week as only you can take ’em.

LESS Weeze.

NO Mr. Hyimabus from Japan or his mom’s basement or whereever.

MORE Ginger and John Freaking Kennedy stuff.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

I guess we know who is making those stupid ass Ginger and JFK posts now.

NO “Draw on the thing at all” It’s worthless.

NO Weeze. Beyond stupid.

NO JFK / Ginger posts. Period.

NO Mr. Hyenabus, gunfever, or Sh!tForBra!ns.

NO more people coming here whining about what Todd did or didn’t do. Lazy asses need to start their own site if they don’t like the content here.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

For a guy who wants “NO more people coming here whining about what Todd did or didn’t do. Lazy asses need to start their own site if they don’t like the content here.”- there’s an awful lot of “NO” comments coming from your piehole.

Too bad you couldn’t balance it out with some positive-thinking constructive criticism. Not to mention being too lazy and unimaginative to even come up with your own monicker; you have to steal other people’s. Are you sure that YOU’RE not Ginger?

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, break your tailbone, and catapult you down six flights of steel stairs face-and-teeth first on your way out. We won’t miss you.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Hey retard. I had this name first. You seem to be the one in conflict. How many names are you using now? Four? More?

Seems you have some issues reading. Nothing from my “piehole” tells Todd what he should or should not do. Nor did I say I was leaving.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

Quoted from your piehole: “NO more people coming here whining about what Todd did or didn’t do. Lazy asses need to start their own site if they don’t like the content here.”

I’d ask you to identify the date you first posted as WTF?!?!?!?, but I already know you can’t. So sad. Goodbye.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Quoted for no apparent reason other than to show you can’t read.

I can understand why you would need a database of all your forum names and dates of use but you are pretty much on your own there.

Good bye? You leaving?

Anonymous says:

Will you SHUT THE FUCK UP already? Everybody knows you’re the fake. And guess what- nobody cares.

I can’t decide which is more pathetic- a troll stealing a name, or a troll name-stealer actually fighting for it. Don’t bother responding- just get a clue and a life.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

The worst has to be the troll that steals the name and then continues to post with several different other names declaring their outrage over how the original name-user is not giving in to their nonsense.

Todd's Landlord says:

You seem to be a very angry person. Have ever you thought that people actual enjoy the banter on comments board? I sure do. I love reading the sh!t of ‘Mr. Hyabusa from Japan’ and ‘The Shadow’ exposing the evil that is within him. The Ginger/JFK posts are awesome reads. And the realism of the Real WTF!?!?! posts are a breath of fresh air. I agree that The Weeze is annoying. How is saying “FIRST BITCHES” annoying. You need to lighten up my friend. Calm down and relax for once in your life.

mepball says:

yeah yeah bla bla.. fuck you OT you are a flake. You read Keep your word.. thats a fucking joke don’t promise things you wont deliver. Thats all you do flake and lie. So after YEARS of reading your broken promises, lies and flake statements. Worst part is you actually believe your own bulshit. You will never provide content for your site and you will lose your following like you have. I for 1 am sick of the bullshit and i am done with your site. My newyear res is simple…no longer support anyone that cant keep their word. You are a fool to write the fucking bullshit you wrote. Keep your word.. just the thought of that being a flakes new years res just pisses me off. If you were one of my friends i would punch you in the nose for saying this shit.

ALL OT followers you want to make an impact.. wanna help someones life? Never log in to this page again.. year after year its updates making excuses for not following up with the “New update this afternoon” posts. Promises of entertainment with literally nothing to show for it. Daily checking for a new word or the will post later today bullshit…after a few years of this bullshit from some pussy whipped, balding fuck head in Brooklyn that’s never had a GF before and was bent to her superior will about 3 minute after glimpsing her vag..

Truth Be Told says:

Hey mepball. Why don’t you try writing a response that doesn’t resort to childish rantings. That would do a world of good. Thank you.


Jayslickbalt says:

Haha…..mepbal, your a complete douche bag for writing that mess of a rant. Todd owes you nothing……it’s a free site, if you don’t like it then don’t stop by. If Todd has bigger and better things to do in life than update his site then godless him. Hopefully you can find something to do with your pathetic life in 2011

Odd Todd says:


whoa! says:

todd’s a ladies man. who knew?

oh, and fuck that mepball person. angry like he’s paid something. wtf? bizarre.

the REAL weeze says:


Amy says:

Does anyone still expect Layed Off cartoons here? It has been years but still heart u Odd tOdd!!

Skinny P says:

Do what you gots to do mayannnn

R$N says:

I am glad that my friend referred me to your website Todd. I love your writings. You are real and down-to-earth. It would be a treat to see what you’ll accomplish for your 10 Year Anniversary.

To add to your New Year’s resolution, I think you should include ‘being realistic’ when doing anything. If you have to walk Roscoe and work on projects, work on the project that you know you are able to finish within a given time.

Also I’m in agreement with Sh!t for Brains. I want to see more Ginger and John Freaking Kennedy stuff. Also more ‘The Shadow’.

Thank you for making me smile.

Kudos says:

Sounds like you’re growing up!! FINALLY?

Rod Hardmann says:

As a well-endowed black man who earned his way through Harvard Law School starring in adult films, and, as a classmate of Mr. Obama, showed him a few things on how to screw the American people, I just wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Oh, and VOTE GINGER 2012.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Oh, and NO more of this asshat.

Rod Hardmann says:

Bear in mind that as well-endowed as I am, as with most black porn stars, I could knock your ass unconscious with my member without even thinking about it.

Just like I did with your wife last night. Jealous? You should be, little white man.

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

Words alone couldn’t describe how stupid your posts are.

What the??! says:

There was a movie called Intervention? I’m guessing you meant Inception.

gunfever says:

we are behind you

Truth Be Told says:

No more ‘gunfever’. You have been warned.

jon says:

Obviously not the real gunfever unless he grew a brain and evolved opposable thumbs.


Jenna in Jerz says:

Todd, its normal to be too busy to post constantly, and any decent person should be understanding. Good job with your resolution. I’m resolving to just keep doing whatever I do, and so success will be guaranteed. Best of luck to you in 2011 (and beyond, why not?) and keep up the good vibes! I look forward to more pics of the week and movie reviews! Jenna

Krankor says:

YES!!! Breaking Bad is as addictive as real meth. Can’t wait for the new season to start.


Dumpster Dave says:

Maybe if he didnt totally fuck up that show with comedy central he wouldnt be still desperate for shit

Anonymous says:

I came across this quote yesterday. I’m hoping it might inspire me in the coming year. Maybe you’ll find it helpful.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”

Happy 10 Years! And Happy New Year!

(p.s. I’ve never minded any “slacking” on this site. Whatever you can do is always great to see. So no apologies ever needed here! 🙂

Mike Anthony says:

Todd I love your sense of humour enough to put up with confusion, delays etc. But I can understand a bit of mepball’s frustration in his angry earlier post. Let me give you an example (sort of like your treading water analagy from several months back). Here’s my version: A man finds a great donut store. Visits lots. Loves the flavours etc. Now, if you go to what you think is the donut store and they have less donuts everyday; then start selling sandwhiches; then become a catering company….you may get upset if you keep checking in to what you think is supposed to be a plain old donut shop!!

So here’s my point: You are in my opinion) no longer unemployed with zero dollars. YOU’VE CHANGED. So Should the site. I mean it’s been a decade….if you hadn’t changed you really WOULD be in your parent’s place with your old sports banners and stuff…..

To me, this site has become more of a slice of life/work/love/movies from the interesting viewpoint of this cat we call OddTodd.

Maybe you can stick with what you’re doing but reduce the chance for upset longtimers by making the site VERY CLEAR:
it’s NOT an unemployment site; but more of a fun site with pop-culture, your diary & writings, humour and movie stuff. You WERE unemployed, so that should be here. You USED TO DO LOTSA FREE TOONS HERE, so they still be here. But you’ve also gone beyond that.

I think you could ease a lot of the confusion with that adjustment. There should be a section not for all toons….but a section for “My Unemployed files”; and “My movie files” and “Semi-daily ramblings/what’s happening”; and maybe “My peeps(family, Roscoe, girlfriend etc); and “My Current projects” (freelance stuff etc)…

Anyway…just trying to help if I can. I love your viewpoints and that keeps me coming back.

Mike A

Jayslickbalt says:

He owes you nothing…..it’s his site and he can run it however he wants. Get a life of your own and you wouldn’t be so upset with Todd. Your pathetic.

Odd Todd says:

thanks mike a! appareciated totally

Preacher says:

Thanks for the site. Peace! for the new year.

I Love God

Creatures from Dimension X says:

Piss in your hat Preacher.

Medusa says:

Me too, I want to be counted for just saying thank you for the site! Love the humor, love Roscoe, love the pic’s of my home town, miss the NY way of thinking about stuff..
Good luck on everything you have planned for the future.

hebba says:

What its like to be in a relationship with OddTodd? WOW! That should be entertaining!!
And yeah…the cartoons are great, but everything else on this site is great too.
(Best site on the web, baby!)

bark says:

Really its been ten years????!!! Started follwing the site about eight years ago. Happy 2011, and congrats on the g.f. thing. Maybe new toons this year?

naisy says:

tl;dr lol happy new year todd!

the REAL weeze says:


Andrew says:

Happy Ten Todd.
Been coming here for 9 of them.
I’d keep the gf out of it. too many wierdos on the net.

JmacZ says:

Happy (early) Anniversary Todd!

Been enjoying the site since 2001. Best of luck to you.

stef says:

awww todd, this was cute. I can’t wait for all the new awesomeness you’re going to type up!
p.s. been coming here forever, ever since I saw “laid off” on albinoblacksheep like 9 years ago. and I still love you!!!!!

MsM says:

Wait! I Like the draw on thing. I just don’t come here all the time. I can’t think of any Kanye West songs that I could sing along to, or even name. Never watch “Breaking Bad”, and have no idea about what it’s about. But then I never have watched “Mad Men” either. Never watch Jersey Shore, but I saw “The Situation” on DWTS. Is he mentally challenged?
I gave my Ipod away. I don’t agree with many of the movie reviews, but I wait until most movies come out on video anyway since Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea since Alfred Hitchcock.
I hate Howard Stern.
Congrats on 10 years. I think I have been coming here 9. I remember when you were still making the “Laid off” cartoons.

Z says:

Hey tOdd,

I agree with Mike A to an extent. Just make this your home, wherever you are at. Maybe you don’t do the blue robed toons as much anymore, but you do awesome work for various actual clients and maybe you should just start featuring that!

I like your blog and reading what is on your mind. I look forward to hearing about this girlfriend! That is great news.

I don’t think your P.O. Box works because my Christmas letter was returned this year.

I am upset that you never called or wrote back this past Friday when I was actually in NYC at a time when you were likely up without anything else to do. I’ve tried prearranging visits with you, I’ve tried the driveby.

It is a bit of a bummer to me to know someone who is such a good person and who has even supported me, but refuses to meet with me.

But, whatever, you are the celebrity. I stand by you. You are awesome, Odd tOdd and I pray God delivers all the goods you want in 2011. I, too, am not pleased with the name of the year.

I pray that God deliver you from all the chaff in this world and keep your commitment to community alive.


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