March 26 2015

Hi – years later, I’ve finally finally donated

hi t0dd,
I should start with a sincere apology, for my loooongg overdue donation: I’ve been a fan of yours since the Dawn of the Internet, back in the early 2000’s – or was it the 90’s? – when people actually emailed video files to each other. Yeah, when that “email” thing that was just catching on, and YouTube was still years away. (And I think you were one of the pioneers of the Flash video thingies. Well done, Sir.)

Back in the day, I remember on your web site you asked people to mail you $1 if we liked your stuff. I.e. snail mail, before PayPal existed too if my now-dim memory serves. Well I’m afraid to admit that I helped myself to all your videos that I could download, and enjoyed them all. But I never quite got around to dropping that Buck into the the good ol’ US Mail to you. And time moved on.

Well after nearly 10 years since last checking in at your web site, something recently reminded me to go try again. I have to say I was utterly amazed to find it still in existence. I think 15 (or more?) years in Internet Time is on the order of Geologic epochs in human/technology time. I congratulate you on your ability to keep the place running for so long! You’ve probably outlasted 90% of all the blogs by now that were ever created.

So, I hope my long belated Paypal donation will be of some use now and might help to express how incredibly thankful I was, and still am to this day, for the laughs you gave me with your videos & your web site. (MEPball was a fave even though I was awful at it.) Your irreverent, humorous & always enjoyable works helped ease some dark times of my own back in those post-Dotcom Crash days.

Side story: All fun for me but, I did learn by accident that your stuff was maaayybe not for everyone – had a rather awkward moment when I tried sharing your 1st Laid Off video with a relative, who was… approaching his 40’s, balding, unemployed, and looking at maybe having to move back in with his parents.. I’m not kidding. Let’s just say he wasn’t able to appreciate the humor.)

Anyway I’ve rambled enough and should send this already. Thanks again for all you do. Keep up the great work, and I wish all the best for you in the future.

Best regards,
Mike B.
(AKA “Mike from CA” in certain rare appearances around the Internet)


DOC says:

Funny how some folks don’t “get it”!! LOL Keep smilin!!

Goats says:

IS this supposed to be a what’s happening? Come on man!!!! It’s been 2 yrs! This site is dead!!!!! DEAD! BOOOOO! Todd sold out–and left ny! BOOOOO!!!!!!!

Nicol says:


GirlUWant says:

I remember you Mike! Those were good times!

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