December 20 2010

Holiday Cards Bouncing! (+ video to watch)

Hi Todd!

Attached is a picture of my St Bernard, Jake, in the first of 29 tries to get a good picture of him with the PetSmart Santa.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year’s!



My PO Box has been bouncing holiday cards and today I figured out why!

See, I had a payment due on my PO Box a few weeks ago– so I went online to do it but the stupid USPS kept konking out when it tried to process my credit card. It kept resetting to the ‘pay’ page and I was like clicking “Process” over and over again. (It’s kind of a wonky website as is). Finally it just brought up a broken link. And I got paranoid it charged my card like 10x– and made a mental note to double check my bill to make sure I don’t get charged a whole bunch of times.

But in my head somehow I thought I had definitely renewed the payment. I assumed it had to have gone through at least once. And in the sad few days recently I’ve been going back to my PO Box and only seeing a card or two in there I’ve been all WTF! Until the other day when I got a bill in there saying I had a payment due and I was all, ‘Oh no! And this morning I went on line to triple check I paid the bill but it said PAYMENT DUE! And I was all, ‘Oh no!’ That konked out situation never processed once!

So if anyone out there has a bounced holiday card. PLEASE RESEND IT! (Didn’t this happen last year?) I’d like to have it if you sent one. I hang em all up in my house over my mirror thing. And apologies for the inconvenience.

And WATCH Matt’s video (Dollar Store Christmas) after the jump. Friend of this website!—

Subject: It’s a dollar store Christmas miracle!!!
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 20:20:47 -0800


3 days ago it looked like we wouldn’t finish the “Dollar Store Christmas” video in
time for Christmas. As the song says, “I was out of luck”, and we were going to have
to wait until November 2011 to get the video and song out there. However, our luck
changed for the better and we finished the project this afternoon. The video is up on
youtube and rarin’ to go. Here is the link to the video.

Enjoy! Please post the link when you have the chance, and have yourself a very merry dollar store Christmas!



Angry Man says:

Fist, dagnabbit!

Angry Man says:

I mean, FIRST, unless you want a fist?!?!

wink says:

I used to shop the dollar stores in queens for extra christmas presents, it was the best way to fill up a stocking!

Amy says:

I liked the dollar video

Dollar Store Christmas says:

Thanks, Amy! It was a lot of fun to shoot.

mepball says:

hey dollar store xmas guy.. eat a bag of shit you suck

Dollar Store Christmas says:

Awwww. Thanks, mepball. That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. May Santa fill your stocking with dollar store goodness and have a merry Christmas!

M-S P says:

I thought the song was pretty good at least theres something NEW to watch on this site.

Stoner McDope says:

I think I boinked the Mom about eight or nine years ago. Hmmm… I wonder…

Medusa says:

come on tOdd you make plenty enough dough pay your po box fees!

bark says:

Yep, my xmas card got returned. I was WTF!? I know I wrote Odd Todd’s address correctly. Mystery solved.

Joey Joe-Joe Shabadoo says:

I want some shaving cream for Christmas.

MsM says:

We have the Dollar Tree, instead if the Dollar Store ( Get it? Dollars grow on… Oh nevermind) Cold bottle of Diet coke, One dollar. Bag of chocolate covered raisins, one dollar. Best roll of paper towels ever, one dollar!(Items are not related.)

Anonymous says:


Dollar Store Christmas says:

Awww, thanks Anonymous. I hope you had a merry Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you wanted.

Kevin Haddock says:

I paid my P.O. Box on time this year, but I understand what you mean about the moronic way the government workers set up the U.S.P.S. website. It won’t let you pay the P.O. Box early, but God forbid you pay it late or not do it correctly. p.s. My friend Todd in a State out west here likes you site and sends you green wishes.

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