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Links for the Weekend

I've been posting alot of random stuff the last few days so I'll like compile it up for the weekend.

-- Don't let any dog anywhere need Four Paws PimpleBall with Bell. Here's why. Warning: No fun to read!

-- Coolio art by filthylurker.

-- Props to C-Span for convention non-coverage. Instead of the crappy crazy biased networks. You get to see Barney Smith instead of them newsdouches yapping about their own egos.

-- Here's a mental new search engine for mentals.

-- Wacky Polish film posters are here.

-- Nature is scary and gross video is here.

-- Dog jumping on trampoline is here.

-- Happy Katrina Day. Here's some portraits.

-- And if you feel like drawing-- this is still here.

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The Split Second of Snub

So anyway, every morning I have the same routine. I get up. Make coffay. Do whatever whatever. Then some time between 8:30-9:30 I head out to walk Roscoe.

And every day there's a old lady a few doors down who is always out in front of her place. Either sitting on the stoop or standing behind her gate. Every day. (There's alot of stoop sitters in Brooklyn. Old school style). And every time I pass her with Roscoe by I say hello. And every time I say hello she doesn't say hello back. Never once. I either get a unimpressed look of acknowledgment, or a slight nod, but sometimes she just ignores me totally.

We walk by. I wave and say hello. I keep going. She stays silent. For years now. I've seen her talking to other people so I know she actually talks-- but for whatever reason she just never wants to say hello back to me! If I got a nod that's the furthest she's ever taken it! And every single day I feel slightly snubbed by this old lady. Like, WTF with the no hello back!?

So this morning I was in a mood or whatever and saw her out front and we made eye contact--- and I didn't say hello like usual. Today, I resented her never saying hello back to me for some reason. So I decided to snub her. I looked her right in the face-- didn't hello. I thought maybe I'd even force a hello out of her first time! How bout that?! No hello for you!

And I saw her expression change. I could see she knew I was doing a hello snub. And she looked scared and a little hurt. Like eyebrows down toward her ears puppy style. Heart break. I immediately said a big hello and she looked instantly relieved. She smiled and nodded like, 'There it is. There's my hello...' (She didn't say anything of course).

I could see in that split second of snub that my hellos were actually important to her. Important to her day and her morning routine. And even though she apparently has no interest in taking our friendship beyond me simply saying hello and her seemingly ignoring it-- I appreciate now knowing that my hellos mean something to her. It makes me feel less snubbed too.

And frankly, am completely comfortable in our hello/no hello back friendship of sorts...

ok bye!


The Usual Gay Suspect

So I'm into my 30's. Single. Seemingly incapable or uninterested in maintaining a long-term relationship. "Artsy". Not too good at or too into sports. I guess some of my mannerisms could be unique-ish. I talk with my hands alot. I'm lanky. I admit I like Justin Timberlake. I dig gossip. Read Us. I have a dog that needs haircuts. I have an "alternative" lifestyle. Etc. So I'm not surprised if some people now and then suspect that I might be top secretly gay.

I guess I would have suspicions about me if I didn't know me that well. (It only bothers me if some random girl thinks that-- and it's a girl I want to be un-gay with). But now and then someone sort of implies that it would be "ok" for me to finally come out of the closet. They let me know that they'd be totally cool with it if I outted myself. That I shouldn't worry what they think.

Like recently, a married friend who I haven't seen in a good while hung out. And at some point he started saying stuff like, "I went to a gay wedding recently and it was totally cool, man." And, "I think they're great you know... Gay people." I could tell the conversation was tiptoeing around, "Dude, if you're gay-- I'm comfortable with it. You don't have to hide and stuff."

Umm... It's like, 'Thanks?'

Sure, there's a defensiveness that goes up when someone accuses me of being secretly gay-- but it's the same sort of defensiveness that goes up whenever anyone assumes that I'm something that I'm not.

I'm really not insulted when people might be suspicious of my unmarried often-single 30-something well-mannered self. (It probably throws them off extra because I'm so friggin handsome and smart). And I guess it's ok for people to let me know that they'd be comfortable with it. That's nice. But I guess what I do find insulting is the idea that at this point in my life, they think I'd still be hiding in some closet secretly sneaking around and too embarrassed to admit who I am. Maintaining some social charade by dating girls and talking about boobs every other sentence-- to guard my top secret secret?

At the very least I think they'd know that I simply don't have the energy or motivation to run any kind of double life. I barely pull it together to run one.

Yadda, I'm sure people will read into this and assume I'm totally gay just for mentioning not being gay or talking about gay stuff all gay. Or people may even think I'm super subconsciously unaware of my own gaydom. Uh huh. That would have to run pretty deep because my private time all-alone top fantasy involves a harem of girls dressed up in little Jeannie outfits and me wearing nothing but a crown on my head and a whistle around my neck.

But whatever! It actually feels kinda coolio to finally out myself as not gay instead of just ignoring the questionable rainbow colored elephant in the room. Two snaps up and fierce!

ok bye!

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