September 10 2012

Indiana Grandpa and the Quest for the Lost Diamond

So anyway, a couple weeks ago I headed out to Montauk with the family to spend a few days vacation style. Parents, my gff (girlfriend,fiance), bro wife and kids all that. Celebrate Mom’s bday. Parents wedding anniversary. All that..

We all got rooms at this motel-y place, checked in and immediately headed to this place called Gosman’s Dock to get steamers or whatever. Within ten minutes of being there my gff points to her finger and is like, ‘Ummm….!!!’

Her engagement ring diamond was gone. Not the ring. Just the stone. It fell out. The setting was empty. The ring looked like it had been robbed. It had been resized recently and apparently the jeweler sucked.

I look at the ground and I see we’re standing in an ocean of gravel and pebbles. Like a block long. I was like, ‘Holy frucking fruck!’ (This ring btw is a total family ring. Heirloom passed down way back all the way back to Poland. So it’s got big sentimental value and all that. I was totally like, ‘Oh friggin no…’)

We started looking on the ground. Picking up little pieces of glass searching for a friggin diamond. I didn’t know what to do. It’s not like this was a hunking J.Lo diamond you can trip over. It’s small compared to gravel stones. Vacation had just started an hour ago. It was my Mom’s actual birthday day. The gff was super devastated. I wondered if we should even bother saying anything at all…

But then of course the family noticed we had wandered away from lunch to walk in circles staring at the ground like malfunctioning robots. They came over and we told them what happened and the whole family joined in to look. Random nice strangers joined in too\. It must have been a weird scene for anyone coming to the area. Because all they’d see are random people walking around in serpentine patterns staring at the ground.

We looked everywhere. Around the car. Under stuff. In the car seats. By the garbage. Bathroom sink. No diamond. It was impossible. It was gone. I felt like we were being ridiculous. Even if we knew exactly where it was it would be hard to find. Plus, we didn’t even know when it fell out in the first place.

So we got in the car (checking between the seats and everywhere) and drove back to the motel in a weird silence. I’m not a big materialistic guy and stuff is just stuff– but this was kind of a big deal. Not only because it was a family ring from the old country. But because it felt like a loss. It was our special ring. I kept myself from wondering — if it was a sign?

Anyway, we get back to the motel parking lot and start looking around on the ground for the hell of it. That parking lot was also gravel. It seemed like we were just looking based on principle. Not actually thinking it would turn up. It sucked. This little stone was going to rain all over our vacation. And at the wedding the new ring would be the ‘replacement’ ring. New from some store. Not from family. It was a bummer.

Then I see my dad stoop down in this motel parking lot and pop up with something. My mom said, ‘It’s a piece of glass…’ But he looks at it and shows it to the gff. It was the friggin diamond! Plucked from the rubble of pebbles and blacktop. Everyone flipping freaked out. It really was kind of stunning. Just like that? Found? I much more comfortably wondering if this was a sign.

The kids were like going nuts and stuff and their Grandpa was a total hero. Saved the day! And the vacation!

I promptly put a stop to all that celebrating by piling all the kids in the rental car to get some ice cream and backing out of the parking space straight into a high bumper of a pickup truck smashing out the side panel and bumper. But that’s another story. For another day…

Actually, it’s not really another story. That’s pretty much the story there with that one…

ok bye!


papa zook says:

That is just amazing!!!

jarjarspanx says:

holy amazing gramps

Squid Boy says:

So glad you found the diamond. Lost sentimental stuff blows. Glad to hear you didn’t turn on each other.

How’d you not look when you were backing up though?

Satya says:

well, traditionaly a man dnoset wear a ring until he gets married but im sure you know that i really dont see a problem with you gettin yourself one just dont get anything fancy-get something simple. so when you guys do get married, she can still have the fun of picking out a really nice ring for you.congrats! ;p

Mariana says:

That is is too fussy and showy for my taste, but I could see why people would like it. I’d rehtar have a ring I like, a nice wedding, and a beautiful honeymoon with my new husband. A lifetime of happiness with the person you love is worth far more than a fancy ring and big wedding.

Angry Man says:

Shorten your blog posts and clean up your shit writing asshole

Guest says:

Buy the Cliff Notes and shut the hell up

Atsushi says:

What I meant was you see how the silver comes up the sides of the stone? Well when reeeivcd it did not look like this and the diamonds where not visible so I was a little disappointed. I did not say that the ring looked cheap or that it was ugly, just a little disappointed that to me it did not look like this picture. I enjoy buying at Amazon never a problem with any purchase that I have made, so sorry it I hurt your feelings it was not my intention to do that, You have a great day, JCintron Pretty ring.

Papo says:

usually, a green mark is left if the silver is fake, low qutialy, or coated with something. it usually happens when you mix the ring with water or moisture (ie perspiration). wash your hands a few times and it should go away. try putting clear nail polish on the inside or some kind of sealant

Tharindu says:

some people are prblbaoy making you feel like an idiot for asking. but don’t. my husband bought his own ring when he bought my set. prblbaoy for a couple reasons. one of them being he knew i didn’t have much $ either. i wasn’t offended he bought his own. and he cheated and wore his before we were married. i thought it was sweet. there is always something she can do to make it special from her, have something engraved on it. this is not the traditional way of doing things, but there is nothing wrong with it either. i think it is really sweet. i think it shows your excitement to be with her. which is awesome.

Elsa says:

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the REAL weeze says:


Jean_Phx says:


ur nephew jp says:

Todd, i remember it vividly

me says:

Why not just call her your fiance? The girlfriend/fiance thing is dumb. She’s past gf now, I’m sure some women would be insulted by that actually.

Odd Todd says:

Better yet lets think of a new word for fiance…

Guest says:

or you could just come to big boy land where you refer to your future wife as your fiance and maybe if you are really lucky she won’t ditch you before the wedding day.

Lalmani says:

Do yourself and your soon to be wife a favor and buy a ring with cash. The last thing you want to do is start off a mrairage in debt. You don’t need a fancy expensive ring to get married and later when you have more time to save money and you are making more money you can always go buy the fancy ring.

Arpit says:

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Anonymous says:

How about “Gutter Slut”? No offense.

oldskoolposer says:

How ’bout “fbc” (future ball and chain)

Gabrielly says:

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Dawid says:

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Michelle says:

Some local jewelers may buy it but your best bet is to get it apasriped and then try to sell it on ebay or craigslist. Make sure if you sell it on craigslist you take cash only and buy one of those special markers to make sure the money isn’t fake.

Ulrike says:

I got my ideal ring! I’ve always like just the smpile, classic solitaire, and my husband coupled that with a wedding band slightly wider with channel diamonds set in. I love my ring, and it didn’t break the bank. Our wedding also didn’t cost a ton, and neither did our honeymoon. In my area, not a lot of people put on very flashy weddings, so that wasn’t hugely important to me. If I lived a different life, however, I would say the ring can be out of a box of Cracker Jacks and my wedding guests can have punch and some cookies, but I want a month-long honeymoon!

Zubboo Zubboo says:

I would take it as a sign. It seems that something bad was going to happen. Not meaning that getting married to you fiance is bad. Just that finding the diamond meant that you had to get into the accident. Lay low for awhile, try to make your next couple of day differnt than you normally do. Ssomething is out to get you. Life has a way of doing that, over and over and over and over again until you die.

Priya says:

Anyone you ask is going to give you a different aeswnr. I think you should really think about your girlfriend and what she would especially like. Look at the jewelry she already wears and has to get a sense of her style. Pay attention to any hints she may leave or whatever she is naturally attracted to. I’m sure she would like any piece of jewelry you buy her if it is her style. Personally, I would like necklaces or a ring. Rings can be expensive, but cubic zirconia rings will be much more affordable and will still look beautiful. I have placed a website in the source box that has amazing jewelry of all kinds for good prices. Good luck finding something for your girl! =]

Mahesh says:

Super sharp edges. My wife was in fear every time i went to hold her hand or do anything in graeenl. It scratched her so badly. Super thin not like picture. you get what you pay for. Spent a few hundred more and went to Gordon Jewelers and got one the was way better.

Arwen says:

WOW! That is incredible! So lucky!

Lala says:

OR you could use the correct spelling – fiancée. With the extra “e” at the end to indicate that your fiancée is female. Fiancé means you’re marrying a dude.

This was a great story. I imagine your dad being lifted onto the shoulders of all the grandkids, holding the diamond, sparkling like a beacon, high above his head, and being carried through the streets of Montauk in triumph.

Amy says:

Get insurance!!!

Jimmy the Juicer says:

Girl friend schmurlfriend just get married for petes sake!
Oh yeah, I guess that is already the plan. So Just say she’s the wife and everyone else can get a life and quit making such a big dealio about the gff thing or what ever(what a bunch of whinners). Best wishes and an amazing story tOdd!

Guest says:

LOL. Jimmy, you are funny in a clueless brain dead sort of way.

Krankor says:

Evil Gramps had it all the time. He’s probably hitting it with the GFF too.

Balti says:

My husband lost his wedding ring a few years ago. He had played a gig in a large public park and then went to eat crabs. He noticed it was missing when he was having the crabs. He, his friend, and the wait staff all dug through the trash, but no ring. The next morning, he went back to the park. And HE FOUND IT. It was just a normal ring from a jewelry store, not a family heirloom like yours, but it was still the ring I put on his finger on our wedding day. So glad you found the diamond!

SS says:

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles! A story to be passed from generation to generation…


Anon says:

I’m sad but happy that tODD is getting hitched

Deb says:

Congrats on the find and on your engagement! Best wishes!

David says:

It Doesn’t matter if that ring came out of a bulbbe gum machine. The ring does not pick the length of the relationship, the wedding, the marriage, or anything else. Its materialized and its meant to show that you are married to someone that you are in love with. No more or less. Personally I think its insane to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding band/ring I don’t understand it they can get lost or messed up. Girl you should be proud to show EVERYONE that ring because you are getting married to your prince and you are in love and no one else has any say about it. Haters are always going to hate. The more haters you have the more popular you are.

me says:

Lady I know lost her ring one winter. Couldn’t find it and had it replaced through insurance. Next winter she puts on her winter glove and it’s in the finger part of the glove.

Goats says:

WOw…real lucky! Glad you found the diamond! Just gotta remember to keep the jubilation in check behind the wheel!

Anne says:

You mean you didn’t go to Jared?

The Real Angry Man says:

Sod off, fake angry man, you wish you were me, loser.

Guest says:

One of the funniest things online is when one retard has to point out the another retard was using their fake name. Do they think anyone actually cares? LOL. I almost feel guilty because you aren’t supposed to laugh at “special” people.

Wassil says:

I don’t know how much it would cost, but you would have to get the stones reset in a white gold or planitum setting. Sometimes jewelers will run resetting specials. You can always trade in the metal on the price of the new settings. Just find a reliable jeweler. A friend of mine is a goldsmith, and he always allows the customer to watch when he sets their stones so they know the stones weren’t switched.Your wife will love such a wonderful gift!

elmo says:

Karma`s a good thing… all those “Good Vibes”, you`ve been posting to us over the years, brought yer ring back to ya… Cooli-o!!

JennainJerz says:

Your ring has extra history now! How cool!

JT says:

Nice! Glad it had a happy ending (well sorta…but in the grand scheme, the fender bender is small potatos).

When I lose something, I usually have to go buy a replacement item and then, as soon as I get home, I find the original.

Did this with my house key. Thought I lost it, changed all my locks and then bam, found the key.

Glad that didn’t happen to you!
Mazeltoff (sp?….I’m not jewish)

Lydia says:

Working at a non profit does not allow for the puhracse of an amazing engagement ring. I work everyday to help women in need learn skills to become self sufficient and everyday I leave work knowing that I have changed lives, unfortunately this work makes it impossible for my boyfriend and I to afford many extras in life . We want a ring and wedding that truly expresses our love and faith in one another!

Wagner says:

El anillo paecre de juguete, no lo compren, la foto no refleja lo que vas a recibir, es sumamente delgado, aunque los diamantes se ven muy bien y por el preio entiendo recibes lo justo, lo cierto es que la foto no obedece a la realidad.

S TX dude says:

Your Dad is a mitzvah, but Todd…not so much. Perhaps it’s the fiancee that should be looking for signs (JK, how bad can Todd be, you can get a 10 year background check just perusing this site)…it was YOUR family ring (perhaps smuggled out of Poland in a non-specific orifice–yech) adn your car. If I were her I would make sure you carry a lot of insurance and buy cars with lots of air-bags. Stick close to the father-in-law sweetheart.

Khaled says:

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Android Fan Boy says:

Awesome story Todd. Happy that you found GFF diamond.

As an heirloom ring owner says:

Get ring insurance! I have an heirloom ring with a new stone because the old stone feel out before I ended up getting it. It’s really the band that sat on all your ancestors fingers not the diamond.

If you haven’t already have the jeweler check the prongs to make sure they are okay. And make sure you have insurance so if this happens again they can replace the stone. That’s great that she found it and congrats on the engagement.

Oh and I hate the word fiancee too. I refused to call my guy my fiance when we were engaged, I called him my boyfriend and there was one bitch that I worked with who would always say fiance you have to get used to that. Bitch please! Her now husband hated the word too and he just called his fiancee his wife.

Serhat says:

What I meant was you see how the silver comes up the sides of the stone? Well when reecived it did not look like this and the diamonds where not visible so I was a little disappointed. I did not say that the ring looked cheap or that it was ugly, just a little disappointed that to me it did not look like this picture. I enjoy buying at Amazon never a problem with any purchase that I have made, so sorry it I hurt your feelings it was not my intention to do that, You have a great day, JCintron Pretty ring.

Rosandri says:

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