Internet-stalgia Friday

Do you have a story bout yer first experience with The Internet?


Well, I got my first personal computer in college in 1994: an Acer laptop that weighed about 20lbs or so with a B&W LCD screen and a trackball mouse with a 9600 modem!  It was state of the art!  I had to access my college email from home via the little telephone icon in Windows 3.1.  Text only!  ASCII!  I had my own webpage that I programmed myself using the most basic of html.  I ripped off other peopleís source code to find out how to get different colors.  ff00ff, baby!
But the computer also had AOL pre-installed, and I was introduced to the world of AOL chat rooms.  I stayed up every night when I was home for the summer until 4 a.m. or so, chatting away, being my effervescent, clever, witty, pithy self.  I owned those chat rooms.  Mostly "the Flirtís Nook," I think.  I had a posse of very clever, witty chat friends.  We would meet up at the same time every night and gang up on new people who tried to take over our chat room.  We shamed and ousted people who werenít smart enough for us.  There were chat fights, particularly when some guy was being a jerk to one of us girls, all the other guys would come to the rescue and the flame wars ensued.  When a new girl would enter the room, all my boys stayed loyal to me and she had to go to some other room to be the center of attention.  All the really clever boys would enter the room saying something like "Roses for all the ladies @>---',--- " or whatever.
I even ended up losing my virginity to a guy I met in a chat room.   Iím a totally normal, cute girl, too.  Itís the most horribly embarrassing fact of my life.
- Laura >:-)


it had to be 1992 or 93 when i was introduced to the internet care of a techie boyfriend and a local bulletin board system called Bitstream Underground.  spent time chatting one-on-one with people i'm still in contact with today.  people i met through the BBS.  there were discussion boards and i remember getting into huge fights with people over the stupidest stuff.  i was about 18 so i figured i was the smartest person on the face of the earth.  who doesn't at that age?  came to find out i really didn't know much.
i would get on the BBS from my old Mac "Pizza Box" Performa computer.  it was a pretty good set up.  they linked to the 'net and i discovered there were weird people in the world.  click after click i was more and more intrigued.  until i found myself inexplicably on a site where people had posted fiction and non-fiction stories about their sex life.  with animals, children, same sex... it was a bit horrifying to my sheltered mind.  this was back in the day well before they could regulate anything, so you could basically see anything.  it was bizzarre.
after that i mostly used it for free fonts and clip art and sounds. 
now i'm building a website for my work!


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