Jack and Earl

Earl the cat: ok... here's the deal.. .just keep acting like we're just eating. shut up and listen. i think i figured out the door thing but i'm too small to reach it. so it's gonna be up to you. I'll throw up a distraction by knocking over a lamp or something. Then you get up on the hind legs by the door and put your paws around the round shiny thing and try and turn it to the left...it twists, see? Then pull. Yank it wide open and we're both make a break for it. Freedom! You hear me, Jack? What do ya think?

Jack: Food smells funny. Don't you think food smells funny, earl?

Earl: Did you hear what I just said? Did you catch a single word of it?

Jack: Yes Earl. And I agree with you. Food do smells funny! I said dat!

Earl: I ain't never getting outta here...