July 19 2011

Emails to read! Including Achilles progress, guest movay review, promos and stuff!

Hello Everyone!

The above link is for an NEW Magazine my dear Friend, Louis Jacinto
created called onodream Magazine.
It is an magazine that focus on the Artist and the stories behind their
art work. If you have an chance, please purchase an copy while you are
there…You will make Louis SO Happy!

Also, By August my First Photobook will be available to buy – The Bags
at Hollywood Cemetery 1978 – that’s right every shot from that photo
shoot will be in an book….I hope you will buy an copy when it is


Thanks SO Much!


Subject: oops – wrong link
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 07:32:55 -0400
From: Jill M

I did it! I am now an official seller on Etsy. If you like what you see, please mark it as such so it won’t look like nobody likes anything.


Also, just clicking on the above link will increase my page views from a very sad zero.

Please send feedback, suggestions, whatevers, by my regular email.


p.s. I can’t figure out why I seem to accept credit cards – I don’t!
p.p.s. An act of shameful promotion here. If you have any friends you’d think would like to see my shop, please pass it on.


Hi again, Todd,

Thank you for the good vibes, and for posting my e-mail on your site. I’d like to provide you with an update on Achilles’ progress….
My husband and I took him to a different vet today, and he was very knowledgable and helpful. He showed us an illustration in a book that showed the problem in Achilles’ back. A disc is pressing into the spinal cord. This would likely not have shown up on an x-ray unless it had become calcified, which is apparently rare.

Then the vet did what I had hoped he would, which was to provide an anti-inflammatory, and pain medication, plus a shot-on-the-spot for his discomfort. He did say that surgery might be necessary, but we can try the crate rest and medicine first. Also, to “hope and pray”. It’s funny how many people in my life are saying that they are praying for Achilles already.

And here’s something else, Todd…

I had said in my last e-mail that we couldn’t do the surgery, but as it turns out, it seems that this might be feasible after all. I have been out of work for some time due to illness, so my husband is the sole breadwinner, and I don’t generally dictate major purchases. But my husband came home this afternoon, and before we took him to the new vet, he said that if Ach’s surgery was really necessary, we would get it for him. Our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and even after all these years, I still get blown away by how caring he is towards all the members of our family; how capable and strong he is as a family man, and as a human being. I could start crying again….

I am a non-professional artist, (I’m hoping to get back to my career as a PSW) and my current medium is embroidery, and lots of it since the arthritis medicine started working. Here is the piece I am working on to commemorate our upcoming anniversary (not totally finished yet). Each leaf represents the number of years we’ve been married, and I will add another leaf each August. The flowers represent our two children. It will hang above our bedroom curtains. Thought you might like a look.

Oh, and here’s Achilles at the vet today – sorry for the blurriness; he was moving a bit to see the other dog by the reception desk…
I’m going to go lay down and watch over him again while watching Tudors on DVD. It’s a rockin’ series.
Thanks again for the good vibes, and keep ’em comin! Vibes for Achilles!!

Best regards,

Hi Todd…here’s a review for Horrible Bosses. Please give a quick check for typos….

also..the actual cookies you use on the lading page fopr guest reviews are incorrect for Transformer’s3….I gave 3.75 , you show 4.25 I think.

Anyway, here goes on the new review

“Horrible Bosses”
This movie made me laugh, and let me have fun for just over an hour and a half. It features a great ensemble cast, and you get to see some high profile actors take smaller roles; or roles you’d never expect them to pull off so effectively.

It starts out pretty simply: three friends have horrible bosses. Horrrible enough to consider killing them, and while the trio’s total ineptness makes for more comedy than murderous mayhem, you could feel the audience enjoying seeing bosses put under the microscope for a change. While few of us will ever actually have employers this outrageous, most of us probably have had a crappy supervisor or two and it creates an instant connection with the storyline. Haven’t we all thought about blowing up at a complete d*#khead of a boss, yet kept quiet to save our skins and our paychecks? That’s what makes this an easy film to escape into despite the nasty plotline.

Business executive Jason Bateman’s character is tortutred, harassed, and belittled by a brilliantly evil boss played by Kevin Spacy. Spacey basically reprises the cruelty of one of his breakout performances from the ’90’s in a classic little film called “Swimming with the Sharks”. The nice guy Dental Assistant played to the limit by Charlie Day (we’ll be seeing a LOT more from him soon, I believe) suffers through non-stop sexual assualt form his Dentist-Boss played deliciously and delightfully by Jennifer Anistion. She gives us not only a nympho, but breaks out of her usual good-girl slot as the deranged manipulative never-sexed-enough bully who pushes her employee to the point of blackmailing him. The ongoing joke that his buddies would LOVE to be chased relentlessly by someone who looks like Aniston is handled well. This is because Day brings believability to his playing a nice guy who just wants to be faithful to his sweet and innocent fiance. Colin Farrel drops his leading role requirement, and transforms himself into as creepy a cokehead narcissist you could imagine, donning a fake comb-over wig and dressing like a color-blind lounge lizard. His character employs the salesman played by Saturday Night Live All-Star Jason Sudeikis. Sudeikis is assigned to play a good guy but sometimes is the least dependable of the trio, especially when he gets a chance to chase a pretty girl. But he gets into enough funny situations that we forgive him.

Jamie Foxx’s small but sweet bit as the ex-con who guides the trio’s disastrous efforts is a highlight of the film. Again, a great example of a a leading-role type actor taking a smaller job that must have been fun to play. Blue collar comedy king Ron White also has a brief appearance, and plays it serious for once. Even the now-infamous Old-Spice guy from those great commercials pops in as a law enforcement officer….but without using his sexy-cheezy baritone from the Old Spice character, you might have trouble convincing a female movie goer it is indeed him.

One of the smartest things the movie does is make fun of itself. It poinst out that it copies the “you kill my enemy, I’ll kill yours” device that’s been done before, and more than once. The script makes reference to the ’80’s version of this plotline (also done with humour) “Throw Mama From The Train”, and goes even further to pay homage to the original film that incorportaed this plotline (with no humour at all, just sinister chills), the Hitchcock classic “Strangers on a Train.” Once the movie lets you know that the movie-makers know they are copying and updating a well-worn storyline, there’s nothing for the naysayers to pick on.

The film is kind of simplistic in it’s neatly wrapped up “solution-style” ending, almost with the feel of sitcom resolution. But with a movie that is pure escapism and fun, never claiming to be based on plausibility, it works okay here.

Simple fun, but not written for the lowest common denominator yet not too serious, “Horrible Bosses” is worth seeing if you like smart & silly, sweet & sour kind of movies. And worth seeing just for the Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell role-reversals they do so well. Plus worth seeing just because you will have dreams of Jennifer afterward, probably whether you are male or female, gay or straight or anything in between. I never really understood her status as sex-symbol before….but I do now. Boy do I ever.

Warning for those who need it: be ready for raunchy comedy, some effective use of filth and profanity. If you can handle that, you can definitely enjoy this. We left smiling, so that tells me the movie did it’s job.

Rating 3.75 out of 5

3 good things about “Horrible Bosses”
-The three lead buddy roles, all done well
-Jennifer Aniston
-Ummm….Jennifer Anistion

3 Bad things about this movie:
-Sudeikis’ character actually made me a little angry in the final scenes, but the conclusion handles this so it evens out
-Spacey’s character gets to be just a little bit much by the end of the film, but not enough to ruin it
-Not enough Jennifer Aniston
Dear friends of Bizarro,

I think today’s cartoon and blog post are pretty funny. I hope you will, too.




NashvilleBill says:


Anonymous says:


Guest says:

You are an asshole. How’s that for an answer?

Krankor says:

Mmmmmm…… Nooner…..

Long Time Fan From Day One says:

Better watch out Todd. If there’s no “full site update by noon”, a bunch of crybabys will whine about how you broke your promise, this site used to be better, wahhh wahhhh wahhhhhh.

Crybaby losers. Fuck ’em.

Goats says:

Some books should just stay books…

Guest says:

I agree. Francis Ford Coppola’s version of Horton Hears A Who was dreadful. Billy Bob Thornton as Horton? Really?!?

Odd Todd Fan Boy says:

Don’t worry Todd. Do what do gotta do.

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