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Hey Todd, love the site, can't wait for more cartoons and all of that stuff.

I know this might not be the exciting story that some other stories are, but here it goes......

Well, my first kiss story starts a few years back when I was in about 4th grade. I have two older brothers that were in 6th and 8th grade and lived in a suburban neighborhood (still live there actually). Well, 1 summer day, a bunch of kids from around the neighborhood decided to play a big game of Truth or Dare. Well, the usual happens when you play with a bunch of hormonal teenagers, they want to see the little kids kiss each other. So, being the naive little kid I was, I chose dare from the oldest kid there and was dared to kiss this girl that was about my age, just a little younger. Well, to show I wasn't a chicken, I kissed her, a quick peck, and that was that. After that, nothing really happened between me and her, it was awkward to be around her, but mostly everyone that was there has forgot that day, except me of course. She still lives by me actually and I see her every once in a while, but have never really talked about it since.

I still haven't had a real kiss and the future isn't looking too great, but it will come eventually I know.

Well, thanks for letting me tell my story and tell Roscoe I said hi.

RDogg, age 13.


My first kiss was with a boy named Mike. We were both freshmen in high school. We had been dating for about a week when we went on our first "offical" date. After dinner we ended up at the park and he kissed me. I have to admit, for the first few seconds, I was a little grossed out with someone else's tongue in my month. But I quickly got very into it. The park become our weekend make out spot, until a cop caught us one night and told us to leave. Fast forward 13 years later, Mike and I got married, in a park.


I went to a convention this year (japanese animation), and i had LOTS OF FUN!!

Well, there was a group of ppl posing and taking pictures so i went over there with my camera cuz i wanted some pictures. So i got some here, got some there, but there were thesr two chicks in costume (the characters they were dressed up as were guys, and these guysare very flirty and are tehre to make woman feel good), and tehy had a chair between them and they were getting girls to sit there while they kiss there hands and get pictures. Well i got my friend in there to get a picture and i thought that was cute, suddenly i felt a hnad on my shoulder and it was one of the girls. So i threw the cramera to my friend, and she got a shout of them kissing my hand, then they desided to kiss me cheek, THEN one of the girls asked me if she could give me a peck on the mouth....it was sort like "I'm not a lez...but hey, this is a ones in a life time you get kissed my a girl, and plus...THIS IS THE ANIME CONVENTION, YOU GOTTA HAVE FUN!" So i said why not, and we kissed. My friend got a picture of it, but she got the picture of the girl moving away and it looks like the girls moving in for an open mouth kiss, hahaha!!

Ahh well, it was fun anyways.


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