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So i was in like the 6th grade, and had been going out with this girl
Christy for a long time, I dont' really remember how long though, and my
parents and her parents got together for religious reasons at some other
peoples parents, and somehow it came up that we had not kissed yet, so my
sister, in her infinite evilness, decided that we would be locked in a
closet that was about big enough for a couple of gnomes to fit in until we
had kissed.  Well after about 6 hours, we realized that we were going to
have to kiss (remember lying is out when your at a reliious gathering, plus
apparently we were bad at it, i really think i would have tried) so we
kissed and I thought it was good but when we got out of the closet, she
immediately said that it was horrible and that I was horrible and she wanted
to break up. 

Thanks a lot for the memories Todd!  -- Devin


My first kiss was with my husband. We were 13 and we were watching fireworks at our school from the playground tunnel. I of course told him I had already been kissed lots of times (I hadnt) and I was a pro (I wasnt). He being his pathologically honest self said he'd never been kissed. So we were sitting in the tunnel and I looked at him and said give me your tounge (line from a movie I cant remember) and he did! Jeez was it sloppy, really just everywhere! But I guess I liked it, we've been together ever sence. Hes gotten better over the years with my coaching, of course, Im a pro.
Love, Heather


Well, my first real kiss was pretty much a disaster. I
was in 8th grade, and had promised to go to the
Homecoming Dance with this guy I didn't really like,
but he was nice, and my prospects weren't so good, so
I said "Okay". When we got there, this other pretty
cute guy that I had been flirting with all year came
up and started talking to me-- so then I'm faced with
a decision, ditch the date that I don't really like,
or go for it with the cute guy? I ditched my date, but
don't get mad yet, because I paid for it! I started
slow dancing with this guy, and I knew it was coming,
my heart was pounding, and there it was, his tongue in
my mouth! I had no idea what to do, and I panicked!

So, in my incredibly smooth 8th grade demeanor, I said
"I've never done that before, you'll have to teach
me..." (I think I had seen one too many 80s b movies).
Well, after that, I went home, and I was so
embarassed.  I even got a call that night from a guy I
liked that was away at college, and I was still pretty
down. I told him what happened, and he laughed
hysterically, which I get now, but I didn't then! He
seemed to think that it was cute, and any guy would
think that was sexy-- oh, if only he was right!
To make matters worse, the boy told EVERYONE at school
what I'd said, and then ignored me. My MOM taught at
the school, so she knew about it after every student
in the school was passing notes about it. ~Sigh~ A
lesson learned: never dump a nice guy for a more
exciting prospect.
I'm cringing just writing this!!


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