June 03 2010

Ranty Rave-y Thing Bout BP


So last night I got home and wrote a babbily boycotty rant about BP and their douchebag CEO– so if you’re not in the mood for this kind of thing today– don’t click onwards.

Jon wrote the comments section didn’t like it at all. He said he’s never coming back to my site because he thinks I turned into preachy juvenile liberal narcissistic stupid unfun dick now 🙁

Sooo… if you wanna do something fun instead! Play in the FunLink archive!

BTW, new Time.com toon next week! About the oil spill! (Not preachy and narcissistic though…)

As Americans, (or any people… hi foreigners!) we should all make sure that BP as a company seriously goes out of business. The company is a disgrace. A disgrace to Earth. Screw those guys. Oil companies are bad. I get that. But over the years, BP has been the worst of all. By far…

In 2005 they had an ‘accident’ and in 2007 they had an ‘accident’. They’re the arrogant drunk drivers of the oil world. If a drunk driver gets in a bunch of accidents we take away their license. BP have drunk driving (Beefeater bottle in hand) on American soil for years. They had like 760 OSHA violations— where as company like ExxonMobil had only one. 760 to 1? They make Exxon look good?

BP execs are reckless frauds.

But let’s put that aside. After this rig blew up (their fault) and killed 11 people– the families never got a proper apology for their loss. Not even a card. Nor did BP give America a proper apology for this disaster. They immediately started lying to our faces. Lying about the amount of oil spilling. Lying about having it under control. Lying about the toxic dispersant spray they used all willy nilly. (Safe as dishwashing liquid? What kind of lie is that?)

But let’s put all that aside too. Then they start trying to control our media? Banning our reporters? Trying to keep us from seeing the damage? The rate of the spill? Shoving us around? Dissing our EPA? (yes our government super sucked in this crisis. that’s a whole other thing.) But then BP goes on to put more workers in harms way while cleaning up after their mess? Denying that breathing in this crap is actually bad for people? Denying the claims of newly sick people? Not providing masks?

But putting that aside as well. Now we’re gonna have to watch them dick over all the hard working people in the Gulf? Watch BP screw over the workers by bogging everything down in legal land instead of decently throwing lots of money at their problems. Watch them continue to lie about the long term damage it’s caused on our shores. Watch them sidestep responsibilities. Watch them walk away after putting on window dressing…

BUT the thing that really motivated me to type today was that friggin Dudley Moore idiot CEO who is such an arrogant douchebag that the fact he hasn’t been way fired is a sure sign that BP has no intention of making right by us. As an act of good will they should have pantsed that guy for our pleasure. A simple bone. A sign of respect and understanding.

For that CEO guy to come out and say, “Nobody wants this thing over more than I do. Y’know I’d like my life back.” His life back? His life of yachts and hookers and prime grade scumbag dedouchery. Life back? Away from the disgusting mess? He’d like his life back? People died because of him.

And he said that AFTER multiple stupid-ass statements and rose-colored lies! So he was on his toes when he said that! He was watching his words when he blurted he’d like his life back! Rest assured, this dickhead is talking smack about us behind our backs non-stop. Rolling his eyes because he probably thinks Louisiana isnt worthy of his presence. The spill is only 40-something days old. He’s already sick of it? A sure sign he’s not in this for the long haul…

The fact that he wasn’t fired THAT DAY is a sure sign that BP has no intention on ever making this right. They never will. These a-holes will never come clean. That’s what really got me going to type all this. They’re not gonna fire that guy? After saying that? He’s actually doing more damage with his dumb dumb words!

And if BP survives as company– by spinning some sort of massive PR campaign and logo change– the disgrace will be on us. The humiliation will be on us. Allowing BP to continue to do business with us will be a sure sign of consumer defeat. I have to hope we all care more than that. They need to be punished. Maybe we can’t punish Wall Street for wrecking stuff– but we can punish these guys…

We gotta run them out of town. No matter how ‘nice’ and ‘green’ they appear to be one year from now. Or whenever they decide to change their mask and fire that mega-douche CEO scumbag and try to make good. They can’t recover. It’s too late.

(but let’s milk em for all the cash we can get first… shhh….).

Never filling up at a BP station ever is the least we can do. And it should be a clear message to all other oil companies– that we now mean business.

ok bye!

PS. I’d like my life back?



lets boycot american cars as well says:

lets boycot american cars as well, after all there shit and waste fuel, as a brit you spout a load of crap, boycot gap for poluting india

Anonymous says:

do it.

mk says:

well put, todd.

Anonymous says:

The USA drew worldwide criticism for failing to adopt the greatest international agreement for the reduction of some greenhouse gases, The Kyoto Protocol, which has been accepted by nearly every other country. This is despite the fact that the USA is by a massive margin the world’s biggest polluter and very disproportionately so. President Bush has repeatedly stated that he will not adopt such protocols if they harm American economy. Commercialism and greed overcome all common sense and thought for the welfare of future generations. This failure causes hatred not only of the Bush administration, but of American commercialism in general.

The USA is the World’s Biggest Polluter
The world’s largest polluter, the USA, has recently not backed pollution treaties to reduce car emissions or petrol consumption. The US alone accounted for 36.1% of worldwide greenhouse emissions in 19901.

“The US contains 4% of the world’s population but produces about 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions. By comparison, Britain emits 3% – about the same as India which has 15 times as many people.”
BBC: The US and climate change (2002)2

Many environmentalists understand that developing countries do not have the technology or means to use the most modern or environmentally friendly industrial equipment. But when such a rich country as the USA fails to take responsibility for its own pollution it really annoys a lot of people worldwide. I have created this essay just to concentrate on the USA and President Bush’s effect on the Kyoto Protocol because I receive so many emails from people expressing a hatred of the USA because of these issues.

2.3. All Industrial Nations Except the USA Accept It
73 countries have become signatories to this pact1. Nearly all countries have ratified the pact including Japan and all 15 European Union states. In 2001 the United States provoked widespread international criticism by rejecting the Kyoto protocol2 as soon as President Bush was inaugurated.

President Bush on the Kyoto Protocol said that “this is the American position because it’s right for America” and, just to make the point clear, he added:

“We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America.”
Why do people hate America? by Sarder & Davies (2002)9

The attitude speaks for itself; America is a dangerous and irresponsible country as long it materialistically maintains that its own selfish wellbeing is more important than any long-term world wide problems, even where it is the USA itself that causes those problems! With 36% of the worlds’ greenhouse emissions and 25% of the whole world’s carbon dioxide’s emissions, the USA appears to take responsibility for 0% of the consequences as long their bank balance is not affected.

There are people in the US government who wish take measures to reduce US pollution. In 2003 October an amendment to an inactive US global warming bill was backed by Republican John McCain and Democrat Joe Lieberman, which would have required power stations to reduce their emissions to the same levels that they were in 2000, three years ago, by 2010. This would be woefully inadequate, and “Senator McCain told the Senate that it was “a very minimal proposal” that should be the first step”10. Despite it being way below the minimum required, it was still voted out 55-43. “However, opponents of the bill backed the White House view that it would increase household energy bills and hamper job creation”10.

The USA has the biggest cars and the biggest roads relative to all other countries. This is an incomprehensible phenomenon to the rest of the world, where car mass and petrol consumption are immediately equated with pollution and irresponsibility.

It is understandable that cars are a more relevant form of travel in North America, where public transport struggles to cover the larger distances, and there is frequently little other choice. But the world’s richest nation is not setting a good example. In Europe, awareness is raised by most governments of the pollution and side effects of combustion fuels, and heavy taxes are imposed on these in order to fund public transport, anti pollution solutions and alternative fuel methods such as LPG and electric powered cars. Can the USA’s government really continue to embrace its version of democracy and capitalism at the expensive of every human on the planet? The American Government under President G. Bush was almost put in power purely by money from large oil companies, but something needs to change.

The world sees our curbing of pollutant emissions essential and necessary that we do this. The USA seems to think that as it is impractical and costly it isn’t going to do it! We must curb pollution… it doesn’t matter how costly or expensive this is. It must be done. The world sees America’s reluctance with disgust and horror.

zzzzzzzzzz says:

If you are going to copy paste at least list the source………..


WTF?!?!?!? says:

Probably some liberal POS US-bashing Obama-ass-kissing rag.

Methyl Bromide says:

Methyl Bromide
An agricultural pesticide, this chemical is agreed to be completely eliminated in accordance with international agreement on account of its dangerous affects on the Ozone layer which protects us from the sun’s radiation. But, despite the success that both underdeveloped and the most advanced countries have had in eliminating its use, the USA wants to increase its own usage of it for commercial farming:

“The US team at the Nairobi conference said its farmers needed methyl bromide, but other delegates disagreed.
Developed nations have already cut their use of the chemical by 70%, pledging to phase it out by 2005. […] But the US asked to be allowed to increase methyl bromide use in 2005 rather than eliminating it. […] US farmers argue there is no effective alternative.

But David Doniger of the environmental group the Natural Resources Defence Council, who was at the talks, said the US government gave in to the demands of business. “The Bush administration is tilted way over towards the polluters and caters to their wish-list of regulatory weakenings,” Mr Doniger said. […]

US negotiators said they remained committed to the protocol. But the head of their delegation admitted there would now be pressure inside the US simply to ignore its obligations on methyl bromide. Environmental groups are concerned that if the US does not abide by the Montreal Protocol, some poorer countries will also decide to ignore it.

Although the damage to the ozone layer is continuing, scientists say the protocol is having an effect and should eventually return the atmospheric layer to health later this century – but only if nations stay committed to the cause.”

BBC News (2003)11

The scientific community and the responsible educated world all agree that short term economic interests are not as important as maintaining the viability of life on Earth. The USA commercialist government, however, disagrees, and appears to think that as long as the US economy is bolstered at all costs, the Ozone layer won’t matter. Agriculture in other developed countries get around the use of this chemical by using cleaner ones and better practices, and the USA government should be pressurizing its own agriculture to do the same.

Anonymous says:

Deceiving the American Public: How the Oil Lobby Manipulates the Press
Many of the large oil companies are related, and together they have conspired (in history) to avoid legal pronouncements of their practices. Since oil and petrol industries have become under fire from environmentalists, moralists and activists the world over, they have fought back with well-funded public relations campaigns. These go as far as to supply their own scientists to argue against scientific truths and who appear on radio and news reports.

“Within months of the UN producing its first report endorsing the idea of man-made climate change, in 1989, Exxon and other big corporations started setting up pseudo-groups. The first and biggest was the Global Climate Coalition which was soon lobbying in the corridors of power […]. As a single example of its activities, the coalition made a classic appeal to the subconscious feelings of its American audience before the Kyoto conference in December 1997, when it spent $13 million on TV advertising, aimed at reining in the Clinton administration. It pitched the whole issue as a matter of freedom and patriotism. ‘America has signed many treaties… but never a treaty of surrender,’ was the key line in one advertisement, over a photograph of the Japanese surrender at the end of the Second World War.

When Kyoto nevertheless produced an agreement to cut emissions, Exxon, in early 1998, helped to set up a new front group, the Global Climate Science Team. […] Between 1998 and 2005, ExxonMobil alone spent $15.8 million on forty-three different front groups, according to research published in January 2007 by the Union of Concerned Scientists, who described this as ‘the most sophisticated and successful disinformation campaign since Big Tobacco misled the public.


A columnist at the Daily Mail […] Melanie Phillips [wrote] a series of outspoken columns denouncing the whole concept of man-made climate change. ‘Global warming is a scam,’ she wrote in February 2002. ‘The latest evidence is provided in a report published today by the European Science and Environment Forum, in which a group of the most eminent scientists from Britain and America shred the theory.’ However, the forum whose work she was quoting was, in truth, yet another pseudo-group, created with the help of two PR agencies (APCO Worldwide and Burson-Marsteller) with the specific intent of campaigning against restrictions on corporate activity; and the report to which Phillips referred in such glowing terms was recycled work which had been funded by Exxon.”

“Flat Earth News” by Nick Davies (2008)12

My page which criticizes the mass media explains why such lobby groups find it so easy to insert content into the news:

“Modern journalists work at breakneck speed to process stories as fast as possible. Therefore most news services rely heavily on public relations (PR) material in order to rapidly produce the stream of news. Much of this news comes from trusted wire agencies, but these also rely on PR input. Because of these pressures, public relations firms and commercial companies are having a heyday and find it easy to insert material into news media. In general, over half of all news stories are mostly PR or contain substantial PR-sourced material. Journalists themselves do not check the facts or figures of such inputs, nor admit in the articles themselves that PR material is the true source of the information, so the news often appears unbiased. Powerful commercial lobbies use this weakness to pervert public opinion.

For example in the 1950s the smoking lobby created a waft of innocent-sounding and scientific-sounding groups in order to discredit government information about the dangers of smoking. Oil and petrol lobbies have spent fortunes on the same PR tricks, as have food industry lobbies. They produce scientific reports engineered by their own scientists, which serve to boost their own industries by deceiving the public. In short, don’t trust the news media directly even when they are reporting on scientific-sounding research groups. Always check facts with long-standing scientific bodies such as the Royal Society. Rich and activist commercialist lobby groups have a set of well-practised and efficient methods for manipulating the news and public opinion. The scientists and welfare groups who wish to get real scientific worries about certain industries out into the open are not funded or equipped to run public relations campaigns. Only multinational information campaigns, legal agreements and inter-national political bodies such as the EU have the oomph to be able to fight back against such powerful industries.”

“Modern Mass Media: The Bane of Human Cultural Evolution” by Vexen Crabtree (2009)

This situation of large-scale misinformation can only be rectified by a strong government that is willing to stand up to the commercial-media free for all, but, during the period covered by this article the USA has had its politics dictated by commerce rather than by long-term good sense.

Anonymous says:

+1 todd 🙂

hebba says:

all excellent points. I just wanted to say: great use of the word “feckless”. I haven’t heard such good use of that word since the Clash!

Pissed off dude says:

I want a bill in congress that will allow the government to take over all the assets of any company that creates harm such as BP has. The problem that comes into play is where you draw the line. I say just like they have done with obscenity it would be up to community standards. Assets could be sold off to pay for cost above other penalties and fines.

naisy says:

like the government doesnt have enough control over everything? cause they are doing SUCH A GREAT JOB with everything else…right? theyd prolly take the money and keep it for the congress assholes….

retodd says:

Preach it, brother t0dd!

R N says:

It’s late. I’ll read these comments later. Right on Todd! BP is going to do whatever it takes to dodge the bullet. In my honest opinion, I believe that the Tony Hayward and his exec buddies should be charged and brought to justice by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Anonymous says:

Sorry Todd. Im done.

I have finally had the last straw with your site. I was unemployed for a time and used to come to your site for inspiration, a laugh, or just a momentary distraction while I planned my next move for bringing some money into the house. I cant do it anymore.

Your site has changed so much in the past year that if I were to stumble upon it today I would stumble right off immediately as just another Narcissistic, juvinile blog from someone with nothing better to do with their time. You went from light hearted and funny to preachy and almost ULTRA Liberal over night. There hasnt been a cartoon in months and the stuff you were supposed to wrap up has pretty much disappeared after several unkept promises of finishing it. And now a rant about BP. If I want to listen to a spewing, uneducated rant lumping BP in with ALL oil companies being evil (Really?) I can talk to my nearest 10 year old who is being so indoctrinated by that kind of crap that I fear and weep for the future. Yeah, BP just had a horrendous accident that probably could have been avoided. Lets lay blame later. Lets fix it now and quit worrying about kicking the crap out of whoever we think might be responsible in our uneducated, uninformed opinion. In your writing today you have officially turned into one of those idiot actors and other famous people who speak before congress and the senate with conviction and authority about the dangers of nut sack cancer in gerbils because they played an animal surgeon in a movie.

I wish you luck, OddTodd. I really do. But for now I’ll be heading elsewhere. Im sure there will be plenty of responses to this email. Flame away. I’ll be out enjoying life and trying to improve mine, not ranting and raving and coming up with punitive, knee jerk solutions for things I know very little about.


Anonymous says:

oh shut up.

Jizzed Pants says:

I like to rub BP’s oil all over my weiner. Right before I jizz in my pants.

Anonymous says:

You’re talking about 10 year olds being “indoctrinated” and bashing tOdd for having an OPINION on a disaster clearly caused by BP? Sir, you are just drinking a different brand of koolaid.

Anonymous says:

You’re talking about 10 year olds being “indoctrinated” and bashing tOdd for having an OPINION on a disaster clearly caused by BP? Sir, you are just drinking a different brand of koolaid.


Think first, then write. says:

Putting BP out of business won’t pay for the clean up! Think a bit first, please! W

karmacomedian says:

no, but paying for the clean up should put BP out of business!

whynot says:

i’m sure the 11 people who died would like their lives back, too. BP’s PR people must have had a stroke when he said that.

Krankor says:

Our own government is to blame for most of this mess. Lack of regulation, lack of enforcement, lack of oversight, and incompetent government employees have sent a message to companies like BP that “anything goes”. Do whatever you think is in your best interest as a company and it will be OK as far as the government is concerned.

In a capitalist society, companies always do whatever they think they can get away with. It’s the governments job to keep this in check and be the advocate of the people who elected them. This is not a democrat/repiblican issue, as each administration does pretty much the same thing.

Ultimately, this is OUR fault for allowing our government to get away with this! It’s time to stand up for our interests as a people and turn the bastards out!

Anonymous says:

Wait, krankor, are you a republican for more regulation? awesome.

scroticus kahn says:


Andrew says:

I live on the Gulf in Florida. I’m looking out my window right now. There’s isn’t oil here yet but they say it’s just 4 miles off. I’m so angry at these jerks at BP for not having a contingency plan. I knew this would happen some day. Isn’t oil dependence fun! Wars and eco-disaster!

whynot says:

…and when did getting angry at the CEO of a foreign company that has trashed – sorry, is trashing, since it’s still happening – part of the US, both environmentally and economically, become an ultra liberal thing? that doesn’t make any sense.

Off Topic says:

Todd you are human like everybody else. People change. People grow and you are no different. You ARE a slacker, and are allowed to express an opinion. So Jon has left. BOO HOO!!! Continue what you are doing. Later.

— Andrew

Goats says:

Jon–in the word’s of the immortal Ocho Cinco, Chad Johnson, “CHILD PLEASE!” (according to Chad, that is the nice way of saying FU if you didn’t know).

I am with you OT! F**K BP! They should be forced into bankruptcy! And that CEO should be prosecuted criminally, along with any other responsible parties! Accident my ass! This REEKS of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE! This should have been fixed in a week!!!!! I love NOLA and its food! Now I won’t be going there or eating it for like 10 yrs! FU BP!!!!

Nicol says:

If we stop filling up at BP stations, doesn’t that hurt the people that work at those places? Just asking. Maybe I’m too uninformed to figure this one out. Don’t yell at me and call me stupid okay people. I’m just asking.

Also I have been officicaly laid off and I need number nine please.

Rina says:

A+ post Todd!!!

Ham Gravy says:

Where is Deng!

YouR NAME says:

I miss that deng…

the REAL weeze says:


Jessica says:

I stopped using BP once I realized they were the company wanting the oil in Burma (no..am not gonna call it Myanmar) and thereby causing the government to enslave tribes to work on the pipelines. The people don’t have a choice.

I have used Pilot/Speedway stations because they are the least likely to have oil obtained in immoral ways. However, I will admit my research is based on pretty much anything I can find on the internet and with the way the system works (kinda like with diamonds) its hard to keep your hands clean when buying gas.

Btw, is your site, you rant however you want.

Z says:

Hi tOdd,

Well, regardless of whatever that guy said to put you down about your post, I happened to like it. It made a lot of sense. I like your style, tOdd.

Love, Z

Katie says:

Thanks for posting this Todd, I’m totally sickened by this shit too. And their CEO is a fucking douche.

stef says:

I loved the rant, todd! keep them coming.

sarah palin says:


West Milly E Dubbs says:

I am not a liberal tree hugger by any means, but BP has ruined a whole fucking ocean and their CEO’s cavalier attitude is nauseating. Todd, I agree with you 100%!!!!!

L. says:

I’d be all for “BOYCOTT BP!” if it would actually hurt BP. But it won’t. It will hurt the people who bought the franchises from BP. The BP stations will close, which means families losing their investments and their business. The little guy. BUT British Petroleum will still have plenty of oil/gas to sell, and they’ll sell it to other oil companies to sell in their gas stations. We’ll still be buying BP’s product, it will just be under a different name.

Anonymous says:

I agree with Jon, I’ll be back when you want to write about Roscoe and post pictures.

I bet your not even unemployed anymore.


Legion357 says:

The Person way up there on the comments was right. All Bp gas stations are franchised, that means that a local person in your city owns and operates them. BP might suffer a little, but the local franchise holder and his/her employees will suffer a lot.

Bob says:

To be fair working for a gas station isnt a highly skilled job, if the franchise were to close the lower workers would get new jobs elsewhere. The franchisee may suffer but such as life and that’ll teach them for getting a crappy franchise.

Peter says:

@ Bob – Wow. So people who have saved for 20 years to be able to afford a franchise should just lose everything to “teach them a lesson”? And we’ll all still be using BP’s oil anyway. Nice.

Anonymous says:

Have you see how bad the job market is latley???? Its not thier fault the company they work for messed up

MsM says:

The gas stations are not owned by BP. They sell the gas under the BP name, but since all the refined gas comes out of the refineries lumped together the gas you are buying may have come from Shell or some other company. There is no way to isolate the gasoline that is just from BP operations. If you try to boycott a gas station, all you are doing is hurting the American who work there. Our government plans to fine them big bucks. That is a much more direct punishment.

Anonymous says:

At least someone agrees with me. Someone needs to spred the word that boycotting BP stations only hurts the gas station owners and employees

JV says:

So what if this came off as all preachy. Some of Todd’s rants come off as just that–a rant. We don’t come here for political commentary, but if it just so happens to be there, don’t read it. Honestly, I’m a liberal all the way and I quickly scanned this rant. I don’t get my political opinion from Todd, I get my entertainment from him (and his readers like Nicol).

Which BTW, it’s obvious that Todd does not fall into the “unemployed” category anymore, so give him a frickin’ break. Who cares if he’s unemployed, employed, or rich as f***. Not me my friend. (I would, however, love an original OT cartoon. Not a toon for Time, or any other agency, but the old school toons like what you did for Halloween or April Fools.)

roo says:

as a native of florida. I can tell you this is absolutely devastating. we wait in horror for it to wash up on our shores. I can barely watch the news and see my ocean roll up on the beach dead in LA. It is heart breaking todd I totally agree. 🙁 BP you suck!

Lois says:

BP = Big Pricks

Bob says:

@Peter – do the people that saved for 20 years also have 12 starving children and be good god fearing people? Owning a business is a risk regardless of circumstance. Maybe ‘teaching them a lesson’ is a bit harsh, but so is life.

Peter says:

@Bob – not at all about the “12 starving children and good god fearing people”. But my point was that us boycotting BP gas stations is not going to do a bit of harm to BP. They’ll still be getting paid, and we’ll be fucking over our neighbors. And you’re an ass.

Ms. 72 says:

The BP oil spill has caused an absolute furor, driving all of the tree-hugging environmentalists into a frenetic frenzy. It’s possibly even given actor Ed Begley Jr. an aneurysm. Personally, I couldn’t be more disinterested in the matter, but I can totally see why everyone’s pissed off at BP. They’re a bunch of greedy corporate pigs who are only out to fill their pockets. As for looking into renewable sources of energy- I can’t even touch on that. It’s way too polemical. But if I absolutely had to choose sides- I guess I’d side with the Hollywood liberals and the smelly hippies.

Stoner McDope says:

Smelly hippies? Dude, that’s not cool.

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luap says:

BP used to be the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company google that and say, 1954…..chilling.

WTF?!?!?!? says:

Great. A company that lies about a tragic oil spill will be socialized by a Presidential Administration that lies about everything.

SkipJack says:

Dang… I got the best milage from BP gas. Oh well… up yours, BP!

Kudos for speaking your mind, Todd…. even if a couple of your readers apparently don’t have the stomach for a little oppinion on current events.

Although.. I’ll admit, these things always degrade into an outlet for political bashing and generally revert to “you’re a tree hugging, socialist liberal” and “you’re an oil-loving, greedy conservative”.

So, until then… good on ya.

Anon says:

Wait…Oil companies are bad?? You mean, we’ve been fighting in the middle east all these years for bad people? Man, do I feel silly or what ?!

Kicker says:

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Anonymous says:

I must disagree. Boycotting BP only hurts the station owners and employees

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