Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng talkto you now. How is your life with that dog and that goat? Is the sun very very hot in your place USA? I
backed from DPRK North Koree now. That boss did not pay the money to my boss for the shoe. So my boss is very anger to that man. I do not want to go back to that place becase the bad man take my mobile phone and say I can not have that becase it has the camera inside of that. So the police man take that but did not give it back to me when I leaving that place. I will buy a new mobile phone becase now those are very cheaper.
Hi tell you that you are tooo yellow in that movie becase you show your ball!

I buy this 2 English books for you from DPRK and will send those to you. Please wait for that!


Here are some photo for you of Suzhou. Please look to that!

This is the cousin of me. He is the boy. He is very funny and smart.

Near to Suzhou park you can get the man to cut the hair from your head. It is very cumpterful when it is so hot and no efford to do that outside becase the old hair can go into the ground for the insecks to eat that.

The mother of the baby help the baby to spray the feces onto the rode. The plant will be more happy to that!

This is the house of my cousin that live near to Yangcheng lake. He sell the crab to the rich Shanghai peoples that visit to his restaurant. The crab is very delishus. You should eat that !

The bicycle of my sister . She like collect the recircle paper and glass in that to get the money of that. When you come to China you can use this bicycle becase it is more safe for the VIP to ride that becase you can not fall down when the car is hitting you.

You should not thinking all the house in China is so old. Some new apartments is here also so you can buy that! These day the price of the apartment is
going down so you should buy that now!

This is Maomao the new cat!. He live in our house but he is always so terribl. He only want to sleeping and eating the old rice.

Maomao the cat is here again outside of the house. He is very sly and can catch many rat so he often is good also.

These days my salary upped to 1100 RMB month! My brother in Shanghai salary also upped to 1300 RMB month! He is so rich but he must pay 400 RMB for the apartment in Shanghai but in Suzhou I must pay only 250 RMB so it is cheaper here. You should come to China to teach the USA English to people! Everyone want to have the forgeiner do that to them becase the forgeiner is the best to teaching the English. Who knows that? Everyone knows that! !!

Please continue your happy life in USA! You can chatting to me also

-Mr. Deng