This is Mr. Deng again to you from Suzhou China.

How is your life? The Mother and sister of me want to helloing to you and say you are so lovely.!

Hi tell you one thing that is happen here…These day many Farmer come to Suzhou to get the job. Everyone hate the Farmer becase they are so dirty and smellsome and so stoupid.

They are always so poor and try to stell the money from the rich man! Now the police man is try to capture the bad Farmer and take them back to the rice field so they can not take all the job in the city. So everyone hate the Farmer.

Do the people in USA place also hate the Farmer? I think the USA Farmer must be very rich becase they can have the horse animal and can wearing the hotdog hat!

Please look to the photo from me. They are of this place but only so simple.

This bus is conched so the people must push the bus forward onto the rode.

The old woman that collect the garbage is eating the ice water food. This photo is in Suzhou New District it is more modern! Only the foreinger and rich man can go to that place!

The police man is cleaning the nose. He can also clean the ear with that.

My uncle is more richer and he can drying the animal food outside of his house. His wife can make the sop with that.

The Farmer can do the decoration in your house and he will sleep in that place until all the decoration work is finished.
It is very cheaper to get the Farmer to do that work .
If you have any job to do then you can get a Farmer to do that!

When you coming to China we can eating in the VIP restaurant! this one is very delishus and the woman beauty will open the door to you.

You can see the old man to fix the bicycle everywhere. It is very cheaper to use this man becase he is so simple.

This is also for the bicycle. When you come to China I can take you to the Tomorrow Coffee Language place becase the forgeiner always like to drink that kind.

This man wear the USA hotdog Farmer hat.

This is the end of the photo of me. Waiting for me and I will send more of that to you soon!

Hi, tell you my friend at my factory named Mr. Wu want to meet the USA woman becase he think those are so beauty! He is age 23 .He is the Engineer at my factory. He a hansome man and like to collecting stamp and to solve the sum problem. If you know a woman in USA then you should tell her to Dating to him becase he is so good! Please tell that USA woman to e mailing to me and I will give to her his photo! Tell that woman to do that!
We should always try to help the lonely people so they will not be so lonely! Then everyone will be so happy.
That is the say of me.!!

-Mr. Deng