Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Maomao, Mungmung and Wawa are also helloing to you. They are the animal of this place. How is that USA dog? Here it is rain season so it rain every day now. I am only working and sleeping these day so only so ordinary .

You should put that musics onto your webbing again. What is the USA musics that you like? In China everyone like the KTV singer. I like the funny Koree song man named Epaksa! He is the most good for the catch Love song.

The Franchman at my company is backed from Franch before today so he help me to put this Video here so you can see Epaksa dancering. Tell to me if you can see that in USA place .

I do not have photo to show you so the Franchman get these photo to show you. He say they are so funny but I think they are only so simple. hi, tell you his stomick is more big these day. You will want to vomit if you see that!
Everyone at my factory think that.

I wish you are happy in your house and you are not so lonely! Hi, remember to try to come to China when you want to do that!

-Mr. Deng